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Do you believe everything you are told?

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Calmlocket Sun 07-Nov-21 08:37:43

Do you believe something because some people have told you it’s true, even though by simple research on your own you would find it is not, so you just believe them instead of doing the research, why?

Lucca Sun 07-Nov-21 08:50:54

Well I don’t go off and fact check every single thing people tell me…… could I ?

Lincslass Sun 07-Nov-21 09:02:41

Depends what it is really. Can’t double check everything though.

MissAdventure Sun 07-Nov-21 09:04:17

Unless it is something potentially harmful to others, I choose to believe people are truthful (even though I may be suspicious)

Baggs Sun 07-Nov-21 09:06:57

Let's just say I'm naturally sceptical thanks to my philosopher father teaching us to "Question everything; nothing is sacred." Which coming from him, a religious man of faith was quite something, but does suggest that we can all be biased sometimes. So long as one's aware of that and always willing to listen to other perspectives I don't think it matters much.

nanna8 Sun 07-Nov-21 09:19:08

I believe my friends but I don’t always believe strangers. I don’t believe most politicians these days , they seem to have more than an average number of liars and cheats amongst them. I rarely believe what is reported in newspapers, either.

Oldwoman70 Sun 07-Nov-21 09:21:25

Depends - if it is someone telling me something they have done, why would I not believe them? If it is something which could affect me or my family then I would check it out for myself.

Of course it does also depend on the research sources - some rely on Facebook, some rely on something more reliable!

CafeAuLait Sun 07-Nov-21 09:26:34

That's a very broad question. I don't believe everything I'm told but I don't worry about researching trivial things.

Maggiemaybe Sun 07-Nov-21 09:34:10

Nobody with any sense would believe everything they’re told, but of course you can’t fact check every single thing. I do always consider the source.

Jackiest Sun 07-Nov-21 09:37:21

Very much depends on who is saying it. Brian Cox then probably yes, Boris then I am afraid not.

Chestnut Sun 07-Nov-21 09:37:57

I think we tend to believe people. If it's about themselves completely, if it's about someone we know then with caution, if about people neither of us know then with even more caution. I consider it possible but not confirmed, and if I passed it on I would make it very clear it was hearsay, not fact. I'm very careful to only relay the truth.
If I discover someone is a compulsive liar or fantasist then I can never believe anything they say ever again.

Germanshepherdsmum Sun 07-Nov-21 09:39:15

It entirely depends on who has said it and what ‘it’ is. Some people are always honest and truthful, some are fantasists, some believe and repeat as gospel everything they hear or read and some are plain liars. If something was important I would research it for myself if I had doubts about the source but frankly life’s too short and a policy of not believing everything you hear is healthy.

Alegrias1 Sun 07-Nov-21 09:39:35

Nullius in verba.

But then I also believe that googling things isn't research.

Blondiescot Sun 07-Nov-21 09:44:43

I'm a sceptic. I tend not to believe until I've checked something myself.

Curlywhirly Sun 07-Nov-21 09:47:46

I think I am quite gullible; my husband, on the other hand, is the complete opposite and very cynical, so I suppose we balance each other out!

Kate1949 Sun 07-Nov-21 09:47:58

Believe none of what you hear and half of what you see so the saying goes.

Kali2 Sun 07-Nov-21 09:52:46


Very much depends on who is saying it. Brian Cox then probably yes, Boris then I am afraid not.

Same here- depends who.

Boris and the Daily Mail - nope.

Katie59 Sun 07-Nov-21 09:52:49

I’m pretty sceptical about many things, it doesn’t bother me, let others think what they want. I would hate to be a police or customs officer where most of what you are told is lies, that would get to me quickly.

AGAA4 Sun 07-Nov-21 09:54:39

I will believe people I trust.
People who gossip maliciously I don't believe.

Calmlocket Sun 07-Nov-21 09:59:06

I forgot to say about myself, I dont trust gossip which we all know is like chinese whispers! I do check things out if I am unsure about what Ive read or been told albeit from politicians, doctors etc. There is so much information that we have access to now that we are not being told but there if we search.

Americanpie Sun 07-Nov-21 10:07:01

I question most things and do lots of research into important things like vaccine claims and climate change. There are two sides to many so called "facts" however I feel, at times that millions of us are being manipulated and brainwashed by people with very little real knowledge. There are a lot of nations and powerful businesses with hidden agendas. I am a self confessed cynic and sceptic and too old to change my ways.

Peasblossom Sun 07-Nov-21 10:08:59


Well, I’ve been doing my nut in on another thread 2here at least 99% of posters read the first post and then proceeded to comment on that basis.

It didn’t matter how many times I posted it wasn’t correct and what had actually happened.

Almost everybody just believed the first thing they had been told 🙄

It was very interesting though to see the power of social media.

CafeAuLait Sun 07-Nov-21 10:09:33


^Nullius in verba.^

But then I also believe that googling things isn't research.

I can be, depending on what you are researching. Google is good research if I'm trying to find information on when to plant my radishes or how to fix something (or find a professional to fix it for me). Or find reviews before using a service.

Maybe not so much if I'm looking for something better found in a medical journal.

Missedout Sun 07-Nov-21 10:28:12

There is no such thing as simple research - it takes tenacity, verification of your sources and allowing the data to inform your conclusions. A quick 'Google' and quoting the first 'hit' is not research.

GillT57 Sun 07-Nov-21 10:51:56

It depends upon where I have read or heard the item. If it is something posted on FB, claiming that someone's auntie's sister's cleaner knows someone who cuts the lawn for a research scientist and he told her that covid19 is all a conspiracy......then I usually disregard it due to the source. I have friends who post this rubbish and make themselves look rather silly in consequence. Anything political, I check the political slant of the author or publication, as we all know, one event can be very different from two interpretations. On a personal basis, I assume that the people I like, socialise with, are honest and truthful.