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GagaJo Tue 21-Mar-23 18:59:30

This is sort of a reverse of the 'Doing things for the last time' thread.

I'm 58. Been a teacher for a long time but have now moved over into online tutoring to enable me to be full-time childcare for my only grandchild.

I'm good at what I do. I was a good teacher too. BUT, here's the rub. I thrive on change and challenge. And other than the sheer number of hours I have to work, I'm not particularly challenged now.

I'm ready for a new opportunity, I just don't know what it is. I know that a few years ago, I would have been almost at retirement age, but professionally, I've got a lot more 'Go' in me.

Anyone else?

nipsmum Thu 23-Mar-23 13:53:20

When I retired aged 68 like you I was at a bit of a loose end. I joined WRVS that operated on our area and helped out taking people to hospital appointments and clinics. I also took a very elderly lady shopping on the Supermarket every Monday morning until she passed away. I loved my volunteering work. I also taught 7year olds in the primary school to knit and do simple crafting for a little while. When I stopped these things I adopted a rescue West Highland Terrier. And a few years later adopted another one. There are so many things you can do if you look hard enough.

Gundy Thu 23-Mar-23 15:32:47

Think, focus on your personal interests, hobbies, culinary, desires - and find something that is totally OPPOSITE of your past career. Try doing that for part time pleasure, income.

You’d be learning something new, meeting new friends, going different places. You want a new challenge and to expand your mind. I see FUN ahead!
Volunteering is another rewarding avenue.
USA Gundy

queenofsaanich69 Thu 23-Mar-23 15:37:28

My SIL,at teacher started marking exams.

lixy Thu 23-Mar-23 16:13:45

My lockdown challenge was do do a TEFL course online. It was excellent and I was horrified by how much grammar I didn't know about.
TEFL is very flexible - anything from volunteering to work with refugees to online teaching for business students.

GagaJo Thu 23-Mar-23 20:51:12


My SIL,at teacher started marking exams.

Yes, I do this. I'm signed up for 6 different exams with 2 exam boards. One British and one international. It's both very tedious and also really interesting!

I'm also about to become a school Governor and if I can arrange my timetable next year, want to volunteer as a tutor in a state school. It's all very well tutoring, but I enjoy working with challenging 'regular' students.

Forsythia Thu 23-Mar-23 21:39:29

If you like working with challenging students volunteer in an inner city school in a deprived area maybe or a pupil referral unit? If they take volunteers. Sometimes a voluntary role can become a paid role. But, I’m sure you know that anyway.

mumofmadboys Thu 23-Mar-23 21:48:20

Bridge is a great game and challenging intellectually. Always more to learn. But no good for earning a living!

Chocolatelovinggran Thu 23-Mar-23 21:52:24

In addition to earning, it can be good to think about yourself- body and mind. I mix up body - yoga, learning to swim, and mind- learning a new language plus revisiting my piano lessons of 60 years ago. I also volunteer in a school and at a foodbank. Rumour has it that this mixture helps us to keep well as we age.

Forsythia Sun 26-Mar-23 10:33:05

I was talking to a friend yesterday and this person recommended a site called where you can get jobs proof reading apparently. This might be of interest to OP.

GagaJo Sun 26-Mar-23 13:42:20


I was talking to a friend yesterday and this person recommended a site called where you can get jobs proof reading apparently. This might be of interest to OP.

That's helpful Forsythia, thank you!