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Do you tip your hairdresser?

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SuzieHi Wed 23-Aug-23 22:31:06

Just about to change to a new hairdresser & wondering whether to start tipping again or not? Is it still expected?
For 20 odd years- used to tip the young trainee hair washer , and also the colourist & then the stylist. 10% roughly of whatever it cost- which was a lot! Retired, moved house & changed hairdresser, then decided not to tip every visit, but to buy them all Xmas presents instead.
What do other Grans do?

25Avalon Wed 23-Aug-23 22:35:31

I haven’t been to the hairdresser since lock down. Then I was paying £50 for a cut and blow dry so instead of regular tips like you I gave a bonus or present at Christmas. No doubt it would be more than £50 now but he did cut hair well. I’ve saved £400 a year on that reckoning.

merlotgran Wed 23-Aug-23 22:35:48

I tip my hairdresser 10%. I only have a cut and blow dry every six weeks as my hair no longer needs colouring so it’s only an extra four pounds.

dragonfly46 Wed 23-Aug-23 22:41:04

No never tip mine as he owns the salon.

M0nica Wed 23-Aug-23 22:49:33

Tip stylist and shampooist, total of 10% of the bill.

Wyllow3 Wed 23-Aug-23 22:55:44

No. It's not cheap already - not OTT either, but fair pay for her skills. - and been with her for years. She does washing of hair and the lot and they are all "Self employed".

I think it dates from the days of very low wages for women hairdresser? Perhaps I would if this were the situation? I'd tip waiters/waitresses still.

Allsorts Wed 23-Aug-23 22:56:04

Just have dry cuts don't tip, is that mean? Everyone gets a minimum wage, I tip taxi drivers, good service in a restaurant and thats about it. If I had shopping delivered and the driver pleasant I would tip them.

Redrobin51 Wed 23-Aug-23 22:56:30

I have the owner of the salon and she washes, cuts and colours my hair. I tend to add an extra £5 and then give her more at Xmas. She has only just bought it from the previous owner and she was one of the stylists before and I tipped her then so it would seem strange to stop now especially as she has spent quite a bit of money refurbishing the place and making it a pleasenter experience.

Georgesgran Thu 24-Aug-23 00:26:37

I’ve been going to the same place for years. It’s a L’Oréal salon and I’ve had the same stylist for 20 years - she’s part time now, coming up to retirement age, but intends to work on. She sees me through my whole appointment, from putting on the robe to shampooing, cutting, blow drying and takes me to the reception desk afterwards while I pay. I tip her 10% but I only go 3 or 4 times a year.

Redhead56 Thu 24-Aug-23 00:50:26

I tip everyone who serves me be it food service taxi hairdresser post or delivery drivers especially at Christmas etc I appreciate what they do.

rafichagran Thu 24-Aug-23 00:52:38

Yes I always tip. My hairdresser is self employed, she comes to my house, is always pleasant, she cuts snd colours my hair, I like to blow dry it myself. She charges less than a salon.

nanna8 Thu 24-Aug-23 01:13:37

No, but this is Australia and not many of us do ! Especially now it is all on cards. Before that I would round up the cost which involved small tips. Sometimes at restaurants we do but only if it is extra special service.

CocoPops Thu 24-Aug-23 01:50:19

Here in BC Canada tipping is the norm.
I tip my hairstylist 15%.

MercuryQueen Thu 24-Aug-23 06:08:17

I’m in Canada, and my daughter is a hairstylist. Tips make a HUGE difference to her, as at her salon, they make about a dollar more than minimum wage. It’s why she’s attending school pt to change careers.

Ailidh Thu 24-Aug-23 06:10:49

I roundup tip my hairdresser. He's recently retired and comes every 3 weeks to the flats complex where I live.

When a dry cut was £15, I gave him £15.
When he did the best cut and colour I've ever had for £40, I was so delighted I gave him £50.
Now my cut involves him wetting it and scrunch drying it ( I have very fine and sparse hair) it is £18, and I give him £20.

Greyduster Thu 24-Aug-23 06:43:07

My hairdresser owns her business so usually don’t tip, but recently I’ve had a couple of cuts where my hair has been really long and thick - once because I couldn’t get to her, and once because she had surgery and wasn’t working so I waited until she was. On both occasions the cutting took longer than usual so I rounded up 10%. She works hard and is the best cutter I’ve ever had.

kittylester Thu 24-Aug-23 07:23:06

My hairdresser is a friend and owns the salon so I don't tip. I do, however, tip the girl who shampoos.

Maggiemaybe Thu 24-Aug-23 08:09:56

I used to. But the prices have gone up so much since my new hairdresser took over the salon that I’m now paying twice what I did 3 years ago for my usual cut and blow dry. He’s good, but I now go for the principle of not tipping the salon owner!

sodapop Thu 24-Aug-23 08:18:13

No, as ever when this subject comes up, I only tip someone if they have gone over and above what is expected of them.

Serendipity22 Thu 24-Aug-23 08:22:00

I don't get all this tipping. I don't say that in a nasty tone. Everyone gets a wage, no one tipped me when I worked, I wouldn't want to be tipped, sometimes when I am due change from my bill at the hairdressers I will say to keep it but its only occasionally. I sometimes give my hairdresser items I have sewn ( I love crafts ) etc but no, I don't tip. 😃

M0nica Thu 24-Aug-23 08:36:19

Untill quite recently, last decade or so, workers in professions where tipping was normal were often paid less on the basis that tips brought their wages up to an acceptable level.

That is no longer legal, but I am sure there is an implicit assumption behind how relatively poorly paid hairdressers and those waiting on table are that any income above the living wage comes from tips.

Daddima Thu 24-Aug-23 08:45:09


My hairdresser is a friend and owns the salon so I don't tip. I do, however, tip the girl who shampoos.

Same here, though my mother always said she would never tip the owner of a business.
I tip in a restaurant ( depending on the service), taxis and shopping deliveries, again, depending on service. Last week the young fellow delivering my shopping stood with arms folded watching me struggle to unpack at the door. No tip for him!

I’ve just remembered I also tip the ‘Special Assistance’ people at the airport, whom I have always found to be most helpful.

Daddima Thu 24-Aug-23 08:45:54

Sorry, I’ve digressed from the hairdresser question!

Grammaretto Thu 24-Aug-23 09:10:59

I was brought up in NZ where nobody tips. It was considered patronising.

My American cousin, is incredibly generous and tips everyone 20%. Taxi drivers love her.

My hairdresser owns his salon and doesn't employ anyone. He charges plenty! I pay by card and it's all very impersonal.
10% is the usual tip in restaurants added to the bill or left on the table

eazybee Thu 24-Aug-23 09:39:01

Why these personal questions?
Is it an attempt to build up a profile of a GN user so more advertising space -stupid adverts- can be targeted?

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