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Can't find my favourite toilet rolls

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ExDancer Fri 15-Sep-23 13:47:04

I've always bought Cushelle quilted toilet rolls, and as far as I know I still buy Cushelle quilted toilet rolls. But either they've changed or I'm picking up the wrong ones.
I hope this photo illustrates what I mean.
The sheet on the right has what I call 'quilting' - criss/cross pockets of air(?) and quite thick and strong.
The ones I keep getting seem to be in the same wrapper with a tiny picture of 'cross/cross' quilts, but when I open them they are thin poor quality - and quite different.
(thank goodness I only got a pack of 9 this time.
What have I missed?

Ali08 Mon 18-Sep-23 13:46:49


Does anyone really want their bottom to smell of rhubarb and raspberry?

Even if the core is delicately scented?🤔

A rhubarb and raspberry smelling bottom has tickled me pink!
Whoever came up with scented loo rolls?
These can irritate some people's skin, fortunately I seem to be ok so I might have to look out for the rhubarb and raspberry ones, if oy to make nice smells in my bathroom! 🤣🤣

M0nica Mon 18-Sep-23 19:35:50

Who, other than dogs, goes around sniffing other people's bottoms?

Foxygloves Mon 18-Sep-23 20:09:31


Who, other than dogs, goes around sniffing other people's bottoms?

Answers on a postcard?

ExDancer Wed 20-Sep-23 11:22:19

Seriously M0nica? err cats?
I feel a real numpty for failing to notice the missing word 'quilted' from the ones I bought.
But amazed such a stupid mistake could lead to 2 pages of chatter!
I'm going to look a bigger numpty now - where does rhubarb and raspberry come into this?

Grannynannywanny Wed 20-Sep-23 11:33:04

Is this variety a new take on blowing raspberries? 😃

Esmay Wed 20-Sep-23 14:48:35

This made me laugh .

I thought of cute , furry koala bears wiping my bottom with soft , quilted lavvie paper perfumed with raspberry and rhubarb .

Fleurpepper Wed 20-Sep-23 15:21:20

Asking for a friend, is this what is called 'a first world problem?'

Fleurpepper Wed 20-Sep-23 15:32:23


The rolls are also getting smaller, but not costing less.

The inner cardboard tube is getting bigger and bigger, to give the impression loo roll not smaller. And the sheets are wound very loose too.

Callistemon21 Wed 20-Sep-23 16:13:36


This made me laugh .

I thought of cute , furry koala bears wiping my bottom with soft , quilted lavvie paper perfumed with raspberry and rhubarb .

Ive remembered that Koalas have long, scary claws!!
Designed for climbing trees.

And they'd probably use eucalyptus scented lavender paper 😁

Callistemon21 Wed 20-Sep-23 16:14:03

Not lavender paper - autocorrect!

Lav paper

Esmay Wed 20-Sep-23 17:37:41

Those claws are something - I wouldn't really want them near my nether regions !

I once asked my grandma, "how does the Queen go to the toilet?"
"Just like us."
Of course , I wanted details .
"Well ," said all knowing twinkly eyed Grandma ," she has a special mechanical arm covered in fur to clean her ."
"What sort of fur ?"
" Ermine ."

Fleurpepper Wed 20-Sep-23 18:01:20


Just wondering, is most wood pulp imported?

Callistemon21 Wed 20-Sep-23 18:05:20



Just wondering, is most wood pulp imported?

Recycled paper or wood pulp.

Many brands are imported into the UK.

hollysteers Wed 20-Sep-23 18:12:08

Recycled loo paper has already wiped someone else’s bum. True!

Fleurpepper Wed 20-Sep-23 18:18:03

NO it has NOT.

But there is a worldwide wood pulp shortage, and Covid caused a shortage in office paper waste, combined with more on-line 'paperwork'.

''Hoarding during the Covid-19 pandemic underlined just how important loo roll is to the British public. But working from home had another unexpected effect: less waste paper from offices, which means less recycled material to make toilet roll.

New research by Ethical Consumer magazine shows that the three main toilet brands have cut the amount of recycled paper in their tissues. It said the use of virgin wood pulp was fuelling deforestation, although paper-industry advocates dispute this.

The consumer organisation recommended that people avoid buying Andrex, Velvet, Cushelle, Regina and Nicky because more material used to make them is taken from felled trees.

It found that Kimberly-Clark, which makes Andrex, cut the amount of recycled fibre it uses for tissue and personalcare products to 19.3% in 2021, down from 29.7% in 2011.

It used less fibre, down from 3.53m tonnes to 2.85m, but almost all the reduction was in recycled fibres, while virgin-pulp use fell only slightly.

Sofidel, maker of Regina and Nicky, cut recycled fibres from 8.9% in 2019 to 7.3% in 2021.

And Essity, which makes Velvet and Cushelle, cut the amount of recycled paper in its products from 2.1m tonnes in 2018 (40%) to 1.9m tonnes in 2022 (36%) while it increased slightly the amount of fibre taken from pulp.

Shanta Bhavnani, a researcher at Ethical Consumer and the author of the report, said: “There’s so much awareness now of the importance of trees in addressing climate change so it’s really disappointing to see the big toilet paper companies cutting their use of recycled fibres.

“But it’s encouraging to see the growth in the number of alternative toilet paper products, as it means consumers now have many more sustainable options.”

Fleurpepper Wed 20-Sep-23 18:20:12

Link here

So many reasons combine to cause UK shortage- incl. war in Ukraine, Covid and Brexit and loss of Sterling value- same as for many other products.