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Charlie2468 Mon 02-Oct-23 03:13:47

Are there any grandparents on this site who would like to meet up?

Aldom Mon 02-Oct-23 06:09:59

Hello Charlie2468. If you are hoping to meet up with Gransneters you will be more successful if you change your OP. It needs to read *Are there any grans who would like to meet up in the............ area?
For instance I meet with people from the Oxfordshire area.
Good luck.

Allsorts Mon 02-Oct-23 06:12:39

I’ve tried for ages, I live in the Midlands but couldn't get the interest I’m afraid, perhaps in your area you might, it’s worth trying. Post on Meet ups.

Georgesgran Mon 02-Oct-23 10:20:22

I hope you get some response Charlie2468. Sorry, if your name doesn’t ring a bell - are you new, as that could pose a problem?

I think quite a few here want to remain anonymous (hence the daft usernames) and don’t want to meet face to face.

I’ve got to add, there are some GNs I’d gladly meet, but some could make me run a mile. 😂

Charleygirl5 Mon 02-Oct-23 10:31:55

I agree you must add the town/city you want to meet. I live in London and have been meeting 4 GNs for over 5 years very locally and before Covid around 8 of us met at Debenhams Oxford Street until that store closed down.

I have made some good friends so it is well worth the effort.

Urmstongran Mon 02-Oct-23 11:00:20

I think quite a few here want to remain anonymous (hence the daft usernames) and don’t want to meet face to face

I’m one of them. 😊

Elegran Mon 02-Oct-23 11:42:16

You will reach more people if you post on the "meetups" section at It helps if you say what area you are in - it is a bit difficult to meet up for a coffee if you are in, say, Penzance and the other person is in Thurso.

annsixty Mon 02-Oct-23 11:56:02

I have always said that there are many Grans I should like to live close by and form a friendship with but some I don’t think I could ever really gel with.
Until recently I met up with a gran very regularly for coffee and the occasional meal but she moved to be nearer her family so I don’t see her now but I know she is very happy and I am so pleased for her.