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Anyone been outside yet?

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Riverwalk Sun 04-Dec-22 09:57:46

It's 4C in London - I'm trying to convince myself that an energetic trot would do me good!

I'm still slobbing around in my fleecy dressing gown but have high hopes I'll soon stagger up off the chair, without ageing noises, and get a move on smile👟👟

Then again... it's gloomy and cold!

joannapiano Sun 04-Dec-22 10:03:23

I’m North of London and have been out to feed the birds. It’s a bit gloomy out but the cold wind from yesterday has eased. Will go to feed the ducks later.

Oldbat1 Sun 04-Dec-22 10:04:46

Yes as dogs go out every morning by 8am. I live in the borders and it is 4degrees with no wind and feels mild to me! No hat or scarf required.

nanna8 Sun 04-Dec-22 10:06:17

For once it is hot here. Around 30C today. At last.

Lovetopaint037 Sun 04-Dec-22 10:07:05

It getting darker here by the minute. Really off putting. Would like to snuggle down after Wordle, news and Gransnet but someone is coming and I have to shower etc.

Oreo Sun 04-Dec-22 10:07:54

nanna8 envy
You have a cruel streak grin

FannyCornforth Sun 04-Dec-22 10:27:18

nanna8 you can keep it as far as I’m concerned! smile
I’m still in bed blush
It’s 4 degrees here in Derby

Georgesgran Sun 04-Dec-22 10:34:41

Raining in Durham and I don’t feel waterproof today!

Zoejory Sun 04-Dec-22 10:35:27

Freezing here. Not literally but pretty close! We have visitors today so I won't be leaving the house.

Redhead56 Sun 04-Dec-22 10:40:24

It’s 4 degrees here Merseyside damp and miserable there’s plenty of birds in the garden looking for food.

lixy Sun 04-Dec-22 10:45:11

3 degrees C here. grey and gloomy. i have been out into the garden and was surprised that it wasn't too bad, probably because there isn't a wind.

Going to wrap up and take the Gchildren to the park for a pre-lunch appetite builder in a few minutes. It's been so wet I think we'll need wellies, but they are at the age where coats are not the done thing at all, so we'll see!

Purplepixie Sun 04-Dec-22 10:49:08

I’ve just taken my two grand daughter back home and it grey, damp and drizzly here. Not inspiring me at all - infact the life of a couch potato sounds appealing today! More knitting! 🧶

Callistemon21 Sun 04-Dec-22 10:50:31


For once it is hot here. Around 30C today. At last.

It's raining in Brisbane - apparently 😁

But it's a toasty 4C here in Wales and it's just started raining too.

biglouis Sun 04-Dec-22 10:53:28

I see no reason to go out, not even into the garden. However no snoozy sunday for me. I sell online and am in the midst of a very busy sale so I have to get packages ready for collection tomorrow.

Witzend Sun 04-Dec-22 10:54:14

6.5 deg here outside the kitchen window - TBH I thought it’d be colder. I will force myself out for a walk later. It’s going to be quite a bit colder in a few days, so I shall dig an old packet of lard out of the fridge and make a bird pudding with breadcrumbs, porridge and dried fruit.

We have 3 bird feeders endlessly refilled by dh and invariably busy with lots of feathery ones, but this will be for the ground feeders.

Blossoming Sun 04-Dec-22 11:02:12

I’ve been outside to cheer on the Santa dashers, but I’m back in now watching them from the window! It’s a comparatively balmy 6°C after the very low temperatures of the last few days. It was threatening rain but it’s clearing now.

TerriBull Sun 04-Dec-22 11:18:00

R rrrr eally ccc cold here Surrey/Sussex borders, warm weather a distant memory sad my son and girlfriend are in Miami , they sent me a video yesterday of everyone walking about in shorts and t shirts, I did say "make the most of it you won't like it here when you return in a couple of weeks".

Philippa111 Sun 04-Dec-22 11:18:46

I's a bright-ish 5c degrees day here in Edinburgh. Generally I'm finding it more and more of a challenge to get out for my daily walk, which I usually really enjoy. If I go back to bed with a cup of coffee that's a big mistake! I'm wrapping up well with fluffy things! A colder house is why I'm hanging around in the mornings... no fun undressing and showering in the cold. I think I'll put the heating on first thing now. I'm still experimenting with how much and when with the heating. I guess others are doing the same. I live in a Victorian house with big high windows and no double glazing. Yesterday I spoke to a friend who is in the Borders. She lives and now also works in a modern build with reasonable insulation. She is not using an excess of energy but still her bill for the last month was £270... and that's before the real cold, like today set in! Brrr.

nanna8 Sun 04-Dec-22 11:21:18


nanna8 envy
You have a cruel streak grin

☠️At least it’s not flooding for once !

Riverwalk Sun 04-Dec-22 11:28:08

I eventually did get up off the chair. Had a bath, hairwash and essential body maintenance - now just have to take the next step of going out the door!

Might have another macchiato first cafe

Mollygo Sun 04-Dec-22 11:28:37

4° when I set off with the dog, 6 when I got back, but that picture of really cold winds sweeping down from the north from Monday is not appealing!

Nannagarra Sun 04-Dec-22 11:53:28

4C, intermittent drizzle, occasional breaks of sunshine. Replete bird feeders are presently only interesting wood pigeons. DH is keen to put up C* tree and decs, me less so at this point. Roll on the winter solstice!

Alioop Sun 04-Dec-22 12:02:38

I was out a with the dog at 8am and there's an ice cold wind blowing. The waves were actually coming over the promenade which we were dodging really well.
I put the heating on and the kettle as soon as I got home to thaw out. The hoover, mop, etc have had their sweep around the place and now I'm sitting with a coffee and Gransnet.

tanith Sun 04-Dec-22 12:02:45

It’s 5* here in outer London I’ve just been for my walk bit drizzly cold but no wind I was well wrapped up though.

kircubbin2000 Sun 04-Dec-22 12:03:06

Made myself walk 20 minutes to the shop. First time I've been able to climb a steep stair since I hurt my hip. Felt very winded though so I need to keep this up.