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My daughter's partner

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AlieOxon Wed 19-Jul-17 11:35:54

Some of you will know I lost my daughter Jayne suddenly two years ago, and also that her partner K has been struggling to cope ever since.

This morning I have had the police at my door to tell me Kieron has been found dead. In a field in Marston Ferry, Oxford.
I've been in contact with the police but haven't yet learned any more.
I did know he was feeling suicidal. so this is not entirely unexpected, but it is still a great shock.
I'm waiting for my sister to come from near Chepstow.

Lynnebo Wed 19-Jul-17 11:39:40

Oh how very sad. I know there are no words that can help but please accept my sincere condolences. X

MiniMouse Wed 19-Jul-17 11:40:47

Oh Alie I'm so sorry to read your news. What a shock for you, so tragic. I can't think of anything useful to say other than keep posting and 'talking' on here to get some support and to offload your emotions - which will be all over the place. xx

ninathenana Wed 19-Jul-17 11:42:16

Oh Alli how very sad, poor fellow.

My deepest sympathies to you this must have opened old wounds flowers
Sympathy to to his friends and relatives too.

GillT57 Wed 19-Jul-17 11:49:28

How very very sad.

AlieOxon Wed 19-Jul-17 11:51:03

Thank you....I don't know what I feel just now. Wish my sister would get here.

Actually, it does feel a little like that play...'An Inspector Calls'...many people have contributed to his death, I think.
I've known him for about four years, and he was the first partner to make my daughter happy. I thank him for that.

shysal Wed 19-Jul-17 11:54:22

How dreadful! flowers

Nandalot Wed 19-Jul-17 11:58:03

Very sadflowers . He must have loved your daughter very much.

gillybob Wed 19-Jul-17 12:07:02

So sorry for the loss of your son in law/daughters partner AlieOxon. Do the police know that his death was as a result of suicide or could it have been a "natural" death? Don't mean to be nosy, please don't feel the need to answer if you don't want to. Whichever way, so very sad.


AlieOxon Wed 19-Jul-17 12:18:20

I am not guessing, waiting for information...

Yes, they loved each other very much, and planned to marry.
They were in love in a way I have rarely seen, and never had myself.

AlieOxon Wed 19-Jul-17 12:20:53

Thanks to everyone responding. You are helping, while I wait for my sister!

Tegan2 Wed 19-Jul-17 12:23:08

Oh Allie; I'm so sorry to hear this. Hugs xxx

AlieOxon Wed 19-Jul-17 13:02:56

Thanks everyone, my sister is here, I will come back later

Jalima1108 Wed 19-Jul-17 13:23:49

Alie I am sorry to hear that, it must have come as an awful shock on top of everything else you have had to cope with.

mumofmadboys Wed 19-Jul-17 14:02:37

Thinking of you at this sad time xx

Auntieflo Wed 19-Jul-17 14:18:13

Alie, so sorry to hear your sad news, but glad that your sister is now with you. I can't add to the other posts, but keep talking to GN . {{{hugs}}}

Maggiemaybe Wed 19-Jul-17 14:49:55

Alie, I am so, so sorry. There is nothing I can say to help, I know, but I will be thinking of you. flowers

cornergran Wed 19-Jul-17 15:10:15

I'm so sorry, allie, you have your sister for support now but sending much love.

Luckygirl Wed 19-Jul-17 15:13:58

So sad - what terrible news. You have been through so much. x flowers

harrigran Wed 19-Jul-17 15:34:08

Sorry to hear the sad news Alie, you have suffered so much flowers

kittylester Wed 19-Jul-17 16:16:13

Alie, I'm sorry too! You have had such a lot to cope with. Take care. flowers

nanaK54 Wed 19-Jul-17 16:18:00

So sad flowers

Welshwife Wed 19-Jul-17 16:40:20

That is just so sad for both you and the children - glad your sister has arrived for some support.

grannyqueenie Wed 19-Jul-17 16:44:48

Oh allie what an awful shock for you to hear that news, you've had such a hard time already. I'm glad your sister is with you know, I hope it helps to know that so many on here are thinking of you flowers

Christinefrance Wed 19-Jul-17 16:54:29

Alie no words can say how sorry I feel for you. Be strong and let your family help you. flowers
God bless both of them.