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Thank you, dear cyber friends

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Scribbles Wed 19-Feb-20 22:58:41

Just that, really, to all who have expressed their care and support over recent weeks since OH's accident.

I haven't said much because I've been up to my neck in untangling a bureaucratic nightmare of ever increasing complexity. Every day is one step forward and two steps back. I won't even start to describe it all; it will only make me cry again. I do wonder though why the worst things seem to happen when we're feeling least equipped to deal with them.

One day, I hope to have it all sorted, to have found an equilibrium in the "new normal" that awaits, somewhere in the future.

However sh*tty things are, it is a great comfort to know I have good friends and supporters out there even though I've never met most of you. I'd love to hug you all, especially those who I know have huge problems of their own. So, thanks, everyone.

One day, I hope to be back on the silly games threads and going to meet ups again but, just for now, I beg to be excused.

MawB Wed 19-Feb-20 23:04:38

Thinking of you Scribbles and the hell you are living through.
To be left alone is bad enough, but the circumstances of your bereavement almost unimaginable.

We will be here whenever you need a shoulder or an ear.

Chewbacca Wed 19-Feb-20 23:07:40

Scribbles I didn't know about your DH's accident and I'm very sorry to hear about it now. I wish you both the very, very best and hope that the mire you're trying to sort out becomes easier. Please don't stay away; come here and unload on us and share your burden. We can't do much but we will always lend a listening ear and a shoulder to lean on. flowers

Callistemon Wed 19-Feb-20 23:39:38

Scribbles just take a day at a time and I hope you get all that bureaucracy sorted; it's inevitable I suppose, but it is the last thing you need.

Be kind to yourself.

Chewbacca Wed 19-Feb-20 23:40:16

I've sent you a pm Scribbles.

cornergran Wed 19-Feb-20 23:52:18

I think of you often, it isn’t possible to make any practical difference so sending a hug * scribbles* , we’re always here.

SueDonim Wed 19-Feb-20 23:54:11

I know just a little of your story, Scribbles but it’s touched me deeply and I am so sorry that this has happened to you.

One of the benefits of online communities such as GN is that collectively we have broad shoulders - use those shoulders to cry on or to weep & wail or whatever gets you through. Someone will be here, I’m sure. flowers

kittylester Thu 20-Feb-20 06:47:15

Morning scribbles. I hope you untangle the bureaucracy quickly so it is one less worry for you but do remember that you are among friends here if it helps to offload.

GrannyGravy13 Thu 20-Feb-20 07:34:55

Small steps, remember to be kind to yourself flowers

dragonfly46 Thu 20-Feb-20 07:36:53

Wading through the paperwork is especially hard at a time like this, but our thoughts are with you Scribbles.
Join us when you can and offload if you wish, we all have broad shoulders.

Alygran Thu 20-Feb-20 08:01:31

Scribbles I am echoing all the words on here. Sending hugs.

Dancinjay Thu 20-Feb-20 08:05:04


Susan56 Thu 20-Feb-20 08:11:35


DoraMarr Thu 20-Feb-20 08:14:02

What a very sad time for you. I hope you can soon see a light at the end of the tunnel. flowers

sodapop Thu 20-Feb-20 08:16:10

We will be here waiting for you Scribbles so sorry this happened to you and your husband. Others are right, take one step at a time, one day at a time. Take care of yourself.thanks

Marydoll Thu 20-Feb-20 08:34:18

I have been wondering how you were getting on Scribbles, like others your story touched me deeply. What a dreadful time you are having.
I hope and pray that this nightmare of bureaucracy will come to an end soon. ?

bikergran Thu 20-Feb-20 08:38:31

Take care Scribbles it is a comfort to have somewhere to come and write down our troubles and worries. 24/7 which is what Gn is.

Nortsat46 Thu 20-Feb-20 08:41:38

Scribbles it’s thoughtful of you to update us, when you have so much to deal with.
People have been thinking about you and sending you good wishes, on a number of different threads.

I think the advice suggesting that you take things one step at a time and remember to be kind to yourself, is sage advice.

Hoping things improve soon and sending you good thoughts and wishes ?

Yehbutnobut Thu 20-Feb-20 09:10:38

I didn’t know about your OH’s accident. Just sending hugs x

nanaK54 Thu 20-Feb-20 09:16:51

Sending kind thoughts flowers

lavenderzen Thu 20-Feb-20 10:03:36

I have followed your story Scribbles, you have had to cope with the unimaginable. Sending you strength and love to get through this xx flowers

hulahoop Thu 20-Feb-20 10:48:04

Don't know your story scribbles but sending virtual hugs ?

Moggycuddler Thu 20-Feb-20 10:59:56

I don' t know your story either, scribbles, but I send my best wishes to you for strength to cope with whatever you have to deal with.

4allweknow Thu 20-Feb-20 10:59:56

Scribbles. Been out of action for a few days so just learned of your bereavement. Please, accept my sincere condolences. Take each day at a time, accept your life has changed so you have to allow yourself the days when nothing seems right or fair anymore. You will get there.

polnan Thu 20-Feb-20 11:09:07