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October Book Club - After You by Jojo Moyes

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KatGransnet (GNHQ) Thu 01-Oct-15 10:47:54

Everyone is talking about After You, the eagerly awaited sequel to Jojo Moyes' bestseller Me Before You. We're thrilled to be featuring it as our book of the month.

Don't forget that if you received a free copy you will need to leave your comments and questions on this thread by the end of the month. (And if you didn't receive one do buy or borrow and join in!)

We will be sending a selection of the best questions over to Jojo towards the end of October. More info on the book here.

ClaraB Thu 15-Oct-15 19:45:34

Have just finished reading After You and thoroughly enjoyed it. I think Me Before You was slightly better with not so many characters to get to grips with. This book made me laugh and made me cry, I particularly loved the telephone interview which took place in the toilet in the Irish Bar at the airport, this takes an awful lot of imagination and the description of it was just perfect. I have read most of Jojo's books and can't get enough of them. Please keep them coming and thanks again Gransnet for my copy which I will now pass onto a friend.

beekeeper9 Fri 16-Oct-15 09:11:21

Thank you for my copy of 'Me After You'
I did read 'Me Before You' some time ago on the recommendation of a friend and I found it to be an extremely brave book, well written - the characters were well drawn.

I did wonder what happened to Lou and was eager to read the next instalment of her life. Lou was obviously coming out of depression really -and not making much progress until Lily came along - she gave Lou the distraction she needed. Followed by Sam the fireman. I did feel that there was more than one story in the book which JoJo managed to keep a grip of - but sometimes I felt there were too many characters and threads running.
I liked the fact that Lou was given the chance to really develop herself alone - at the end, and for me that was the strength of the book. A cliche avoided - I hope! (and they lived happily ever after)

Now I am off to my book group where were are discussing'The Circle' by Dave Eggars (my choice)

Liz46 Fri 16-Oct-15 09:37:53

I've just returned from a lovely holiday in Turkey and was hoping that I would have won a copy of After You but it looks like a trip to the library! I read Me Before You while I was away and thoroughly enjoyed it. I both laughed and cried and can't wait to read the next one.

GandT Fri 16-Oct-15 16:26:42

My local book club had chosen 'Me Before You' for their August book so I decided to read it again as it is such a wonderful story and deserves to be made into a film. So when I received my copy from Gransnet of 'After You', I had Louisa's story fresh in my mind and am now halfway through her continuing tale of life after Will. Thoroughly enjoying the book thus far.

northernfi Sat 17-Oct-15 08:20:51

So my plan, as I've not read Me Before You, was to get it out of the library and read it first, But the problem was, when I opened After You, just to get an idea of what Jojo Moyes was like as a writer, I couldn't stop reading!
I finished it last night and enjoyed this book so much. It's not one I'd ever choose to read, but has made me see that by sticking to my favourites I'm probably missing out on a lot of good reading.
I thought all the characters had a lot of depth to them and the book covered a lot of issues so I would imagine book groups would find this a good choice.
Having had a family bereavement this summer and with my husband v ill, so that this year I've become his full time carer, I did wonder how I'd react, but the writing was so sensitively written that I actually found it quite comforting. I liked that the support group members, although fairly minor characters, had all moved on in the end.
I thought Jojo writes dialogue particularly well. The conversations seemed very real and she also creates very believable characters of all ages.
I particularly likes the ending. Another book maybe? Thanks Gransnet for a lovely read.

northernfi Sat 17-Oct-15 08:22:55

Sorry, typo - should have been liked in the last para!

janiceanne Sat 17-Oct-15 22:52:26

Thank you GN so much for a complimentary copy of 'After You'.
'Brilliant'! 'Absorbing'!
Once again Jojo Moyes has gifted us with a wonderful, poignant story of love and loss.
I thoroughly enjoyed this book and have been recommending it to others.
It's a 10/10 from me!

shirleym Sun 18-Oct-15 10:23:22

This is a beautifully written book. It's got characters of various ages so not all about 20 somethings! It deals with very deep emotions and I have really enjoyed reading it

granstheword Sun 18-Oct-15 11:08:07

I was thrilled to be one of the people that got the book as I had previously loved 'Me before You', and was looking forward to reading about Lou Clark and how she was getting on after Will's death. I think that it would be essential to read back story. Initially Lou seems to be really struggling and has forgotten much that she gained through her relationship with Will. It takes an accident and a surprise to get her going again, and she does, recapturing her own quirky charm and energy in time.
This is good read but for me had less of the poignant sweetness of 'Me before You', which captivated me (and my daughter) through to the last page. I am not sure about the ending, it feels like it needs another book?

oznan Sun 18-Oct-15 11:39:56

Having read Me Before You,I was eagerly anticipating this book and was not disappointed.The introduction of Lily kept something of Will alive and gave Lou a new challenge to help her come to terms with her grief.Will's family were given an unexpected legacy of a grandchild and,as their lives intertwined,they all gained some comfort from this and Lily began to find her way in life.
I agree with the many comments about the "open" ending and do hope that there will be a third book.I would like to know what happens in Lou's life next and also how Lily and the rest of the characters develop.
A great read from Jo-Jo!

Nanacat13 Sun 18-Oct-15 16:34:25

Not having yet read Me Before You, I wondered how I'd find reading its sequel first, but I thoroughly enjoyed it in its own right.

I found all the characters to be believable, except perhaps Lily's mother, but maybe her type exists too only I've never come across it.

I wonder where the author looks for inspiration for her main characters and if any of them are based on 'real' people?

Thank you, Gransnet, for introducing me to another excellent writer, and I've already ordered Me Before You so I can catch up on Lou's back story.

mbody Mon 19-Oct-15 09:02:40

I hadn't read Me Before You and wondered whether there would be gaps in my understanding of After You. There was no need to worry, After You was a thoroughly good stand alone read and I immersed myself in it for several days to the detriment of housework etc., always the sign of a good book! The Jojo Moyes books I have read all seem to differ and her ideas are usually fresh and readable. Well done Jojo, another good one!

GandT Mon 19-Oct-15 14:32:36

Lou is a very believable character both in the first book and in 'After You'. I struggled tokeep up the necessary interest in Lily and her shenanigans, and the ending. The ending got distinctly daft as Sam, I'm sure, would have lost his job having Lou riding in the ambulance. Grandpa, as the book's minor character, was wonderful!

Annie29 Tue 20-Oct-15 09:14:04

What a great read. I took it with me on a long train journey. I wish I had read Me before you first,I am going to read it now even though it's in the wrong order! A very good book,thank you gransnet

NfkDumpling Wed 21-Oct-15 08:54:18

Am now surging through Me Before You, it having arrived from Amazon on Monday. I thought I should buy it so I can pass the books on as a pair, I know DiL will love them.

goose1964 Wed 21-Oct-15 09:55:18

OMG I could hardly put this down, I think it was as good as You before me

Auntieflo Fri 23-Oct-15 09:34:36

Have now finished "After You" and loved it. I hadn't read " Me Before You " and wondered if I should have, but it stood well on it's own. I am a new convert to Jojo Moyes, having only read one before, but she will be on my Christmas list now. A couple of friends recommended her, but was wary as although our tastes are similar, sometimes I can just not ' get' the characters. Not so with Jojo. The way that Lou dealt with Lily was great, but I could have strangled her at times. I hope that there is another book coming as I want to see what will happen with Lou and Sam. Thanks so much for the book, it was a lovely surprise through the post.

jeberdes83 Fri 23-Oct-15 12:46:10

I have not read "Me Before You", but was able to get an idea what it may have been about through reading "After You". Nor had I read anything by JoJo Moyes previously. The characters were so well drawn one could imagine their appearance, at least I could! I like to "visualise" characters as I am reading. I would categorise this as being in the "Chick Lit" genre which normally does not appeal to me, however I found this book a pleasurable read. Many thanks for introducing me to a hitherto unknown author, also for the gift of the book.

glassortwo Fri 23-Oct-15 13:12:34

Finished and as usual with Jo Jos style you cant put the book down. Wont spoil it for anyone still reading.

For anyone who is picking up a JO JO Moyes book for the first time and have enjoyed After you please try The Girl you left behind and Last letter from your lover, these are two of my favourites.

Jo Jo thank you for another great read, have you purposefully left the story line open with possibilities of returning to explore Louisa? I hope so. smile
Is it intentional for all your story lines to be so different from the one before so you dont become pigeon holed.

gardener Fri 23-Oct-15 14:02:10

Thank you for sending this book which I really enjoyed even though I didn't find it quite as gripping and emotional as Me Before You.
I would like to ask two questions... ..
Did Jojo Moyes have personal experience of a Moving On Therapy group in order to include this in the plot ?
And was she already planning a sequel set in New York while writing this book ?
I'm sure - like other readers - that a third book is bound to follow !

EastEndGranny Sat 24-Oct-15 19:25:21

Thank you again for my copy. I very much enjoyed this read despite not having read Me Before You. I enjoyed all the twists and turns but wasn't too sure about the ending. But as I read on it mostly worked for me. But going to New York????
Did Jojo talk/shadow any paramedics before writing this?

Would certainly look for more of her books in the future.

Greenfinch Sun 25-Oct-15 17:32:37

A great book. I loved all the characters even the unsympathetic Lily's Mum. I thought Lily was particularly well portrayed : exactly like a typical teenager from a certain type of home. I loved the humorous lines that popped up now and again and I liked the fast -moving plot. I have a small question. Why were Mr and Mrs Traynor referred to by their titles for most of the book and only called by their first names later on ? Was there any significance in this ?

tigger Mon 26-Oct-15 11:06:34

I was lucky enough to win a copy, thank you. I did not realise that "After You" was the sequel to "Me Before You", so I downloaded it onto my Kindle to read first.

I loved "Me Before You", a truly great read. However, I have reservations about the sequel. I enjoyed the book, the characters, but felt the story line was a little unrealistic. To be honest, I struggled with the book at first especially when Lily came onto the scene and Louisa fell off the roof. But, nevertheless, eventually a good read.

Greenfinch, I think using the formality of addressing the Traynors' as Mr and Mrs and then moving on to first names demonstrated the relationship becoming much more informal and friendlier.

Nonnie Mon 26-Oct-15 11:48:50

Sorry not finished it yet, was too busy to even start it but am now half way through and thoroughly enjoying it. I already know who I am going to lend it to when I have finished.

Janana1 Mon 26-Oct-15 18:00:46

I enjoyed both books but more so the first. Perhaps that is just me because I enjoyed Bryce Courtney's 'Power of One' greater than 'Tandia' and Frank McCourt's 'Angelas Ashes' far more than 'Tis'.

I thought 'Me Before You' was very cleverly written, it was not too heavy to read, not too complicated but prompted much deep thought and covered a significant issue. I could never wait to pick it up again.

Whereas I found the sequel to perhaps introduce too many dimensions, which were thought to be quite unnecessary. For example, for me, the book would have been just as thought provoking and moving without the phone blackmailing business and the incident with Sam; It felt, to me, as though the author was trying a little too hard?

Still enjoyed picking it up every night though.

Not sure I would want to read a third account.