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January Book Club - is the offer over?

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silverdragon Wed 19-Dec-18 22:51:08

I check regularly but seem unable to find an entry for the JBC of Blackberry & Wild Rose. Have I missed it, or am I just being too eager?

Maggiemaybe Wed 19-Dec-18 23:32:38

Do you mean that you haven’t been able to apply for it, silverdragon? I filled the form in about a week ago, but it looks as though the draw’s closed now.

Pittcity Thu 20-Dec-18 09:27:14

I have received an email saying to expect the book to be delivered soon. So it's too late to apply.
Make sure to get and read the daily email as the next book is always advertised but usually only once.

Maggiemaybe Thu 20-Dec-18 10:20:40

Interesting, Pittcity. I've only once had an email to say a book was being sent out. Usually if it's coming it just turns up. It looks as though I haven't been lucky this month then. sad

merlotgran Thu 20-Dec-18 10:43:17

I've had an e-mail as well but the books used to just turn up....or not.

RachellaGransnet (GNHQ) Thu 20-Dec-18 10:59:01

Our prize draw for January is now closed and we've sent an email to all the winners.

If you want to keep an eye out for the next book, when we launch a new book club we feature it on the homepage, the newsletter, and the books index here 👉

silverdragon Thu 20-Dec-18 22:52:40

Thanks all! Will make sure I get the emails.

Greciangirl Tue 19-Feb-19 15:48:59

I received a copy of The Suspect. And would like to write a review of it. But where can I do it.
It seems to have disappeared.

CariGransnet (GNHQ) Wed 20-Feb-19 08:33:46

Here you go grecian