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ninathenana Thu 03-Jan-19 12:34:21

Alias Judy Turner has died aged 82 anyone else a fan of her humorous chick lit which I love ? Or is it not serious enough for you.

BradfordLass72 Wed 10-Apr-19 05:06:57

I love Katie Flynn and have read most of her books in audio, just finished the last of the 'Christmas' series..

I'm the sort of reader who won't say 'no' to anything (Mum used to accuse me of reading the cereal packet when I was little! [smile) ) so well-written chick-lit is on my list if I need a bit of fluffy reading.

I read sea stories by Douglas Ryman and Julian Stockwin; westerns by almost anyone; any book about history, so the "Time Traveller's" series is perfect.

I haven't read much Mills and Boon because I was a founder member of the Romantic Novelists Association many moons ago and the quality then was appalling...put me off for life. smile

The only romances I like are non-fiction, Anya Seton's 'Katherine' about John of Gaunt;s mistress, then wife, Katherine de Roet (later Swynford) is a favourite, as are all Seton's meticulously researched books.

I won't go on or this will become a book in itself ! grin

Liz46 Wed 10-Apr-19 06:52:23

Sometimes, on holiday for instance, we may just want some light reading and Katie Flynn wrote good, easily read books IMO.