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The Room on Rue Amelie - Kristin Harmel

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PageTurner Sat 30-Mar-19 02:15:45

I enjoyed this book very much, in fact I stayed up until 3am this morning to finish it. Has anyone else read it? And did you like it? Just a note, to be prepared with a box of tissues.

The Room on Rue Amelie
When Ruby Henderson accepts a proposal of marriage from the dashing Frenchman, Marcel Benoit, she envisions an idyllic life in Paris. But it’s 1939, and World War II is imminent. Marcel proves distant as a husband, and Ruby experiences acute loneliness early on in her marriage.

After Marcel’s death, Ruby is determined to continue his efforts in the French Resistance, and she begins sheltering Allied pilots, using her apartment as a safe house. Among the many men Ruby hides is the injured RAF pilot Thomas Clarke, whom she nurses back to health. As Ruby’s emotional attachment to Thomas grows, she worries about his return to battle. When her Jewish neighbors, the Dachers, are deported, Ruby vows to protect their daughter, Charlotte. Ruby and Charlotte become a family, risking everything for the Allied cause.

Countrylife Mon 22-Apr-19 08:41:46

Oh sounds a good read, my hubby is French his father fought with fighter commander in WWII and his (the pilots) mother hid Jewish people in her house whilst she had gestapo billeted there as well. They occupied most of the village. So reading this novel will be interesting to see if the author has caught the tension that pervaded their lives.

PageTurner Tue 23-Apr-19 04:08:21

?? I hope you enjoy this book.
Do you have any books in this genre that you would recommend?