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watermeadow Wed 26-Jun-19 20:24:11

I’ve just finished The Silence of the Girls (Pat Barker) and also recently read The Song of Achilles and Circe (Madeleine Miller)
I rather think Pat Barker’s is a more thoughtful account, seen from the perspective of the slave girls who served the great heroes, but I fell in love with Madeleine Miller’s Achilles. The ending is heart-rending.

Greyduster Wed 26-Jun-19 20:58:42

I too fell in love with Madeline Miller’s Achilles, but Pat Barker puts a darker cast on his character in ‘Silence of the Girls’ doesn't she? Two wonderful writers - absolutely adored ‘Circe’. If you enjoyed those I would also recommend you try Nathalie Haynes - ‘A Thousand Ships’, and ‘Children of Jocasta’.

LullyDully Wed 26-Jun-19 22:00:32

Just making my way through Silence of the Girls. Fabulous and hard to put down. I read Circe last week , the same. A Thousand Ships next on my list. You really can't beat the Greeks for a good story.

I think I will re-read the Achilles book. How refreshing to find such good books. ( nothing about old ladies like that survey implied last month on GN.)

gillybob Wed 26-Jun-19 22:02:05

I’ve just acquired A Thousand Ships LullyDully I can’t wait to get started.

TwiceAsNice Wed 26-Jun-19 23:34:10

Circe was a choice for my book club. Struggled through a couple of chapters but so boring I gave up . Really hated it

LullyDully Thu 27-Jun-19 08:17:38

I thought Circe was wonderful. We all have different tastes .

Greyduster Thu 27-Jun-19 08:26:53

It’s good to know that there are writers following in the footsteps of the late great Mary Renault, whose meticulously researched books brought Greek history and mythology to life for me. Her Theseus books and the Alexander trilogy were mesmerising.

toscalily Fri 28-Jun-19 11:18:23

I read Circe and thoroughly enjoyed the book and will be reading Song of Achilles soon. I was considering Mythos: The Greek Myths Retold by Stephen Fry but the reviews are a bit mixed. Has anyone else read it?

Greyduster Sat 29-Jun-19 19:44:05

I haven’t read ‘Mythos’, but I have read his other book, ‘Heroes’. I have tried to read Stephen Fry before but thought him a narcissistic and self indulgent writer. I haven’t changed my opinion.

Lynnieg Sat 29-Jun-19 20:58:04

I absolutely adored Circe and then went straight on to read Achilles. My appetite was whetted then and I discovered The Song of Troy by Colleen McCullough.
Could barely keep my nose out of it on holiday.
Looks like I'm going to have to get A Thousand Ships

Oh and another thumbs down for Mythos. Really didn't get into it at all which was disappointing.

LullyDully Sat 29-Jun-19 21:57:48

Like I said before , can't beat the Ancient Greeks for a great story. The Silence of the Girls shared themes with The Little Coffee Shop of Kabul which I am finishing off before A Thousand ships. I'm on a roll

. Makes a good change from the Tudors. I went through a Shardlake phase so have given him a break.

Greyduster Sun 30-Jun-19 21:15:09

Lynnieg I have so far failed to get my hands on ‘The
Song of Troy’. It doesn’t seem to be available in any of our libraries, in a city the size of ours that surprised me. I shall keep trying. One book that disappointed me was Colm Toibin’s ‘House of Names’; the story of Clytemnestra and the murder of Agamemnon. I’ve read a few of his books but I felt he lost his way with this one.

Lynnieg Mon 01-Jul-19 09:52:22

Greyduster I was lucky enough to read it free with Kindle Unlimited and it can also be bought very cheaply through Amazon marketplace.
Have you asked your library to get it from another library for you? I don't know if Inter Library Loans are still a thing? I worked in an academic library for 30 years and the last thing I wanted to do in my leisure time was to go in another library! grin

annodomini Mon 01-Jul-19 10:46:37

You might enjoy the Delphic Women trilogy (Medea, Cassandra, Electra ) by Kerry Greenwood, an imaginative construction of the lives of these three women.

Greyduster Mon 01-Jul-19 10:52:01

Noted, Anno. Thank you.

toscalily Mon 01-Jul-19 10:53:19

We have a wonderful small library. The latest books on display as you go in, books grouped together on various themes, sometimes by topic, interest, sometimes seasonal. I have discovered books I would never have thought of reading because of these displays. If is not available locally you can request for delivery & collection at your local library and this only costs £0.50p per book.

Greyduster Mon 01-Jul-19 20:41:53

Lynnieg I’ve now found a copy on Amazon and have ordered it. Thanks.