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The New Fifty Books A Year Thread 2020

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TerriBull Wed 01-Jan-20 09:04:35

Happy New Year Book Readers, for all those who wish to participate in the Fifty Books A Year, here is the new 2020 one. Once again, this figure is aspirational, please don't be deterred from joining it, if you feel you won't reach that number, ANY FIGURE WILL DO that's just the title lifted from MN.

This is a lighthearted forum to come together to dicuss books, recommend ones you have loved or moan about ones you've not enjoyed and to exchange thoughts and opinions on your reads. Any book is acceptable towards the total including audio All are welcome!

Happy 2020 Reading

TerriBull Wed 01-Jan-20 09:10:42

`st book of the year "The Crime Writer" Jill Dawson

TerriBull Wed 01-Jan-20 09:11:29


Caramac Wed 01-Jan-20 14:01:17

First time I have participated but as an avid reader of both books and e-books I look forward to seeing what other Gransnetters are reading. Please prompt me if I gabble on too much or if I get anything wrong.
Today I shall begin reading The Salt Path’ by Raynor Winn.
It’s about a couple who having faced a few years of adversity and finally ground down by it all, decide to walk the 630 mile South West Coast Path.
I think this will be a really interesting read.

TerriBull Wed 01-Jan-20 14:07:46

Caramac, gabble away grin it's always good to get feed back on posters' reads. Welcome to the thread.

rosecarmel Wed 01-Jan-20 14:12:50

First book for 2020, The Honey Bus by Meredith May- I just finished it this morning-

Happy new year to all readers .. smile

Urmstongran Wed 01-Jan-20 14:16:55

‘The Salt Path’ is a great book. Very engaging. I’m reading Elena Ferrante, book 2 in the Neapolitan series.

I love seeing what others are reading and get some ideas. Always nice to pick up a recommended book!

I’ve got Pride & Prejudice to read this month too for our book club. We’ve been going 12y!

Crocky Wed 01-Jan-20 14:19:22

First time on the thread for me also. I love to read so looking forward to suggestions. CARAMAC I have read The Salt Path and really enjoyed it, helped of course because I live in Cornwall on the Coast Path,
I am reading The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield.

SueDonim Wed 01-Jan-20 14:59:25

My first book of the year is Melmoth by Sarah Perry.

Caramac, you’re in for such a treat with The Salt Path!

Greyduster Wed 01-Jan-20 15:36:10

My first for 2020 will be ‘Wakenhyrst’ by Michelle Paver. It was a Christmas present from DD. It is described as ‘a darkly. gothic thriller’! Hmm!

Sara65 Wed 01-Jan-20 16:20:46

I’m really looking forward to starting again, I love reading, and I love lists, so this is perfect for me, my granddaughter is going to be aiming for fifty books as well, she will probably have overtaken me by the end of January.
First book this year, The Rumour, Lesley Kara, it’s growing on me, but it’s not amazing.
Crocky, that’s such a good book, you’ll love it!

TerriBull Wed 01-Jan-20 16:33:24

Just to remind anyone who feels they would like to post their 2019 list in its entirety, please feel free to stick it on the 2019 Fifty book thread.

I read "The Rumour" last year, Sara, I have to agree I didn't find it amazing either.

Urmstongran Wed 01-Jan-20 17:08:58

Anyone else like me - I read say 60-70 pages and if the story isn’t grabbing me I ditch the book. There are so many other books out there and it’s not homework to finish! Or are you a ‘finisher’?

Sara65 Wed 01-Jan-20 17:12:30

Almost always a finisher Urmstongran.

Juno56 Wed 01-Jan-20 17:34:04

First time on this thread. A friend has recommended The St Mary Chronicles by an author called Jodi Taylor and has given me the first book as a present. I shall be starting "Just One Damned Thing After Another" this evening.

Urmstongran Wed 01-Jan-20 17:39:28

Try ditching them Sara65? See how it makes you feel when you free p your time for stuff you enjoy more! You don’t get a merit for ploughing through a book you’re not enjoying.

Sara65 Wed 01-Jan-20 17:52:56

I know you’re right Urmstongran, but somehow I just can’t do it, I did abandon Catch 22 and one or two others, but mostly, I plough on to the bitter end.

Urmstongran Wed 01-Jan-20 18:14:58

C’mon! Try it for 2020! If you don’t feel liberated and in charge of your own leisure time I’ll eat my hat (if I had one!). Next year you can go back to your old ways if you don’t like doing it!

M0nica Wed 01-Jan-20 18:15:01

I am not much of a novel reader, I prefer non-fiction, but in my Christmas stocking was a biography of Anthony Trollope, one novelist whose works I do enjoy reading, I should finish it today or tomorrow.

I will then start on Meg, Jo, Beth, Amy: The Story of Little Women and Why It Still Matters having just seen, and enjoyed the new film, which took real liberties with the book, the credits on the film said based on Little Women, yet it got the feel of the book absolutely spot-on. The book will be satisfyingly complementary to the film.

Beechnut Wed 01-Jan-20 18:22:21

I used to be a finisher Urmston. Not these days, if I can’t get into I don’t bother. As you say, plenty of other books.

SueDonim Wed 01-Jan-20 18:22:59

I’m a finisher, too, Urmstongran although I have learnt to let go a little in recent years. grin I abandoned the Librarian of Auschwitz as I found it too disturbing. Also a ghost story which was frightening the life out of me! blush

Sara65 Wed 01-Jan-20 18:27:47

Glad I’m not the only one!

M0nica, we all went to see Little Women last week, and I really enjoyed it.

Urmstongran Wed 01-Jan-20 18:44:11

I used to be a finisher, years ago. I found it dispiriting to put a finished book aside and think ‘glad THAT’s over!’. Then I had a eureka moment and thought ‘what’s that all about?’.

Sara65 Wed 01-Jan-20 18:56:57

But maybe, had you persevered, it might have turned out better than you expected.

Lovemybed Wed 01-Jan-20 18:59:25

Would love to join in too. Not reading as much as I used to/ would like to (health related) so this may prompt me a bit. About to start 'Only we know' by Karen Perry which is my reading group book and currently reading a bedtime book 'Inspector Colbeck's Casebook' short stories by Edward Marston.