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gillybob Tue 28-Apr-20 10:10:51

Just wanted to recommend this book.

Saving Missy by Beth Morrey which I believe is only 99p (for a limited time) on Amazon kindle .

I can’t praise it enough. It’s about an elderly lady “Missy” who is saved from her miserable existence by a group of dog walkers and their friends. It’s a lovely gentle read and is quite uplifting and happy but sad in places too .

I read it in 3 sittings. Can’t wait to read more by this new writer .

Dottygran59 Tue 05-May-20 20:49:01

Oh Gilly! What a book! I loved it, really loved it. Thanks so much for the recommendation. I shall lurk closely on this forum from now on

gillybob Tue 05-May-20 23:56:30

So glad you enjoyed it Dottygran I thought it would make an excellent (lighthearted) TV series . I can just picture Missy, can you ?

almostelderly Wed 06-May-20 19:12:00

I read this about a month ago and thoroughly enjoyed it. Towards the end of the story there was an unexpected incident that I never expected, I was distraught! It was a pleasure to read about older people and their lives for once.

shysal Sat 09-May-20 15:51:41

I am enjoying it, but not gripped (I am almost half way through). It is having the same sort of effect on me as 'A Man Called Ove'. The compelling feeling is creeping up on me. I think anyone liking Missy would also like Ove. Neither are my usual type of read.
Thanks for the recommendation.

JessK Thu 14-May-20 11:30:58

I've just finished reading this book. It's not the sort I would normally read but I found it all absorbing and very well written with both humour and sadness. There must be a lot of people like Missy and it was a really good insight into coping with living alone and the power of friends when you reach a certain age.

Callistemon Thu 14-May-20 11:49:10

I am about half way through and enjoying it.

However, because I'd downloaded several books on to my Kindle when you recommended this one, gillybob, I got confused, easily done these days, and read The Wish List thinking, from the reviews, that it was that book.

After the other two I mentioned in my post above, this is the third one I've read about elderly women in a row.

Elderly females are becoming rather in vogue at the moment.

Grannybags Thu 14-May-20 14:08:57

I've just finished this book and really enjoyed it. Would never have chosen it for myself so thanks for the recommendation gillybob