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May book club: The Switch

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NatashaGransnet (GNHQ) Wed 20-May-20 16:19:25

The copies of The Switch will soon be arriving with our May book club winners. brew

If you're lucky enough to receive a copy or have one of your own, please leave your questions for Beth on this thread. grin

NatashaGransnet (GNHQ) Wed 12-Aug-20 11:39:08

We've given you a bit of extra time to get your questions in for Beth due to the delay in the copies being sent, and we'll be sending them off at the end of the day. grin

Last chance to post your question on the thread! flowers

Nannagram Thu 13-Aug-20 10:32:29

Hope I'm not too late. I didn't win a book club copy but I read the book anyway


My question for Beth is, while romantic love was important in the book, I also felt like it was the family/friendship love that took centre stage. Was this intentional?

NanaPlenty Sat 24-Oct-20 23:28:21

A really lovely gentle book. A heartwarming story of love, loss and moving on. For me it emphasised how strong women are and how we can adapt to changes in our lives and indeed how we need change to grow.

Greenfinch Sat 24-Oct-20 23:30:51

Were there ever any answers to our questions?