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Things I am now too old to do (a list)

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twinklepickers Fri 06-May-11 21:56:09

1. I can no longer touch my toes (but frankly they are awful and I wouldn't want to).
2. I can no longer pretend to like people (I've become quite blunt lately and as a consequence, less popular).
3. Wear high heels (such pretty shoes in my wardrobe but just not worth the day after).

What are you now to old to do.

Divawithattitude Fri 06-May-11 22:05:35

I am struggling a bit to cut my toenails but have real determination

I cannot suffer fools gladly (see 2 above)

Same about the heels

I can't get drunk and function normally the next day, I need at least a weekend to recover!

glassortwo Fri 06-May-11 22:20:57

A pub crawl in town with the girls from work, I can do without it! One pub but cant trail around.

Does that make me old!

YourRoyalHighness Fri 06-May-11 22:38:59

1. Suffer the press.

2. Walkabout for more than 10 minutes.

3. Ride (In any shape or form wink

4. Go through another divorce in the family.

5. Let an idiot loose with a chip-pan in my 2nd home (one fire is enough in anybody's lifetime).

6. Have another anus horribilis without losing my rag.

7. Put up with DH racing around in a Carriage with a woman half his age.

8. Accept any more damn trees as gifts from one of my DSs.

pinkprincess Sat 07-May-11 00:49:50

I cant wear high heels now either, they hurt.
Not able to wear a bikini
Ditto dresses with a waist
Slim tight jeans
Must be some more things I cant do anymore.

twinklepickers Sat 07-May-11 07:13:24

Utter the word 'mooncup' without feeling just a little bit sick.

slinky Sat 07-May-11 10:13:38

I'm actually too old to need a mooncup.

Thank god for that.

So I'm too old to menstruate. The shackles of the monthly blood letting have gone, I am free to travel, sit at meetings, go swimming and a million other things without wonder what time of month it is and have I got tampons in my bag.

KyleofLochalsh Sat 07-May-11 14:06:13

Oh Slinky I so agree .

That is THE best thing about being 'differently aged ' ( what on earth is that phrase all about confused ) .

I never suffered as some women do ,never had floods or cramps. But I was so relieved to see the back of them.

Im too old to stand for any nonsense from anyone who annoys me <Victor Meldrew icon>

gingerbread Sat 07-May-11 19:58:52

I'm too old to listen to bullshit - I just walk away.

I'm too old to care which colours are in fashion - I wear what suits me.

I'm too old to worry about unimportant things - que sera sera.

I'm too old to care if I look weird when I dance (and believe me, I do look weird).

Grannylove Sat 07-May-11 20:08:24

too old to bother with another museum, city,cathedral,old masters! Been there done that!!
Happy to be at home just being!

Grannylove Sat 07-May-11 20:08:45

Too old for most of the junk on TV

bluegran Sat 07-May-11 21:02:13

Excuse my naivety but what is a 'mooncup'?

I agree with SLINKY re the rest of the subjects. The feeling of freedom from monthlys is priceless. pity the sex dosen't work so well anymore. But you get used tio the celibacy, its a kind of freedom also.

WearingPurple Sat 07-May-11 21:32:59

Mooncup = reusable sanitary protection - worse than gross if you ask me but highly fashionable on mumsnet!

twinklepickers Sun 08-May-11 08:28:14

Looks rather like a cross between a condom and an eggcup bluegran. if you want to have a look.

glassortwo Sun 08-May-11 08:31:27

Cant get my head around Mooncup, ( but possibly that's where I am going wrong). wink

slinky Sun 08-May-11 09:36:37

Indeed glassortwo, it isn't meant for the head end.

Actually they seem a bit 'Earth Mother" to me and have no idea how popular they are not being part of the menstruating set any more .


davear Sun 08-May-11 10:17:54

Take anything too seriously.

getmehrt Sun 08-May-11 10:39:44

Sleep through the night
Drink more than a glass of wine without food without having a killer headache for 2 days

supernana Sun 08-May-11 11:55:27

gingerbread - love your very true.

tournesol Sun 08-May-11 12:33:19

I'm sure I must be too old for lots of things but I can't remember what they are!

nanamo Sun 08-May-11 15:44:37

ditto x4 nothing else to add

nanamo Sun 08-May-11 15:47:17

sorry my ditto x 4 was in reply to gingerbread (7th may)

GrandmaAnge Sun 08-May-11 15:47:37

I am now officially too old to:

Watch graphic sex scenes on TV without wondering if we've got any Jaffa cakes in

Keep up with drinky female friends without actively planning a lie-in, cold compress and Gaviscon the next day

Check M & S trousers and not go for the ones with the most elasticated material

See sexily appealing film stars like Ashton Kutcher without seriously considering the possibility of adoption

Manage to tie my scarf trendily without an internet how-to guide and my extra-strength reading glasses

Achieve the latest smoky-eyed make-up look without (a) putting the line mid-eyelid or, sometimes, mid-brow or (b) creating a credible night-time army camouflage

helshea Sun 08-May-11 17:13:03

Do things I can't be bothered doing because other people want me to!

mollie Sun 08-May-11 17:13:50

Now I wish I didn't know what a mooncup was!!! Whoever thought that one up?????

I can't go anywhere without knowing where the nearest loo is...

I can't be bothered with reality TV or the doings of the likes of Katie Price

I'm too old to worry about high street fashion

I'm too old to think my job/career is more important than anything else in my life

I'm too old to believe that disasters in my daily life are the end of the world

I'm too old to believe in something that seems too good to be true

Sadly, I'm too old to always see the good in people...