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riclorian Fri 05-Aug-11 14:06:45

If under 16s are considered too young for sex , at what age are you considered too old ?

Zephrine Fri 05-Aug-11 14:29:27

About 35 according to Mr.Z!

Granny23 Fri 05-Aug-11 14:30:46

Please tell me that the answer is 65 so that I can feel equally wicked as I did at 15.

JessM Fri 05-Aug-11 14:50:05

I dont know. I do remember someone (some years ago) having a group of us women in hysterics - she ran a care home with her husband and apparently one of their more immobile 80+ residents used to insist on being passed her vibrator at bedtime.
Is this still amusing? Discuss in less than...

Cressida Fri 05-Aug-11 14:50:15

When you can't remember what sex is.

glassortwo Fri 05-Aug-11 14:58:58

I waited till I was turned 16 as I was sure I would be sent to hell, did the deed and wondered what all the fuss was about, but thats another story! On getting home I was faced with the whole family in the living room,I was sure there was a speech bubble above my head saying I have done it whooo and I sneaked off to bed in case I was questioned grin.

But I will let you know when I am too old, when I get there.

FlicketyB Fri 05-Aug-11 16:48:16

When my uncle was in a care home the manager said it was not unknown for residents to form a relationship and for it to become physical.

I think the graves the limit

numberplease Fri 05-Aug-11 17:04:45

What`s sex?

susiecb Fri 05-Aug-11 17:11:03

Thank God for HRTand retirement its better than ever (aged 58)

JessM Fri 05-Aug-11 17:19:20

Those of us who can't take HRT are not amused. Kylie and I will sulk!

susiecb Fri 05-Aug-11 18:16:55

Dont sulk come to the party and exchange naughty conversations and jokes.

Grumpyoldwoman Fri 05-Aug-11 18:23:05

My hubby has never tried to have sex since a ''failure'' (the first ever) 16yrs ago.....since then the subject has never ever been dicussed ! I was only 47 and it coincided with the same month my periods stopped for good !!!!

I have spoken to my Doctor (female) but have told her not to dicuss it with him.

C'est La Vie !!!!!! sad

nanachrissy Fri 05-Aug-11 18:59:14

I think it's all in the mind....... mine's very dirty!! I've got a friend "with benefits" who is 21years younger than me (I'm 65)!! Our relationship is on my terms, so if I don't want to bother then I don't! wink

nanachrissy Fri 05-Aug-11 19:04:52

P.s I can't take HRT either!!

JessM Fri 05-Aug-11 19:06:28

Only joking susieb. Kylie and I happy that we look young for our years at least, even if we did have breast cancer and can't take hormones. smile

pompa Fri 05-Aug-11 19:17:30

The mind is still active, pity about the other bits sad

helshea Fri 05-Aug-11 19:52:58

Everything gets better with practice.

numberplease Fri 05-Aug-11 21:45:03

We haven`t bothered at all since August or September 1999. There was no discussion or decision, it`s just never been mentioned at all since then, on a holiday to Tunisia to be precise!

yogagran Fri 05-Aug-11 23:35:13

Don't think I'll go to Tunisia then...

Faye Sat 06-Aug-11 02:57:28

Me either, if that is what Tunisia does to you. A friend with benefits sounds like a good idea!!!! smile

bunic Sat 06-Aug-11 09:24:39

As anyone tried without saying the word that little blue tablet??

Grumpyoldwoman Sat 06-Aug-11 09:29:35

Numberplease ....I'm glad we are not the only ones who have never dicussed the matter since....our last time was on a cruise ...maybe we were docked in Tunis at the time !!!!!

Zephrine Sat 06-Aug-11 09:35:55

Don't know what you mean bunic wink

susiecb Sat 06-Aug-11 09:50:39

Have to say Tunisia put me of most things!

Not sure what the answer is here - havent tried the medication but I might if things got bad. I think our secret is we do quite like a big cuddle and if something develops well and good but often it doesnt- important to keep cuddling I thinksmile

edsnana Sat 06-Aug-11 16:11:38

sadly the menopause and being diagnosed with diabetes put paid to my sex drive, makes me sad and GP just says, " yes that can happen" Cheers!