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I think I might stay!

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MammaTJ Sat 11-Oct-14 11:07:47

I am a Mumsnet refugee! My DD1 got married this year and they are trying for a baby. I will hopefully be a Gran soon enough, so may as well stay around.

I do also have two younger DC, DD2, age 9 and DS age 8.

I am a student nurse in my late mid 40s.

So, how about you tell me a little bit about you? grin

Grannyknot Sat 11-Oct-14 11:17:32

mamma there's an Elvis Presley song with the lyric "No one's in a hurry, no one seems to worry ... I think I'm gonna like it here..." - so welcome! Here's the youtube (although it's from the dreadful years when he was farmed out to the big studios, I rather like this number):

I'm 65. I'm semi-retired. I'm an "incomer" grin - I'm South African by birth. Both my children got married in the past 2 years, I have a son and a daughter both nearing my first grandchild (a boy) is 3 months told this coming week.

ChippingIn Sat 11-Oct-14 11:21:57

Hi MamaTJ - so long as you don't abandon us over at MN, I'll be keeping an eye on you!!


MammaTJ Sat 11-Oct-14 11:26:02

Not a chance Chipping!

Is there a GN app?

GrannyKnot, do they live near enough for lots of cuddles?

kittylester Sat 11-Oct-14 11:29:50

You will be welcome so long as you are not just after us for our prizes! grin

I'm 65 too, married, mum to 5 and 'ma' to 8! I've not worked since I got married [hollowlaughemoticon] so have no chance of retiring! I have a mum who was the inspiration for Mrs Bucket!

MammaTJ Sat 11-Oct-14 11:34:01

Prizes? No one told me about prizes!

ArsenicFacial Sat 11-Oct-14 11:45:00

Me too.

No immediate danger of becoming a gran here though.

ChippingIn Sat 11-Oct-14 11:49:25

No, you're alright Kitty, I'm not after a Zimmer Frame or a Lap Rug just yet.

ChippingIn Sat 11-Oct-14 11:50:02

Kidding, kidding - really, just kidding!!

The bakeware looks nice, but I think it would be mean to enter your competitions!

WandaDoff Sat 11-Oct-14 11:54:55

I am a StepGran, does that count?

MammaTJ Sat 11-Oct-14 11:55:06

The bakeware looks gorgeous, but I cannot pun!

hildajenniJ Sat 11-Oct-14 11:59:57

Welcome Mamma I'm 62 and a Granny to four lovely little people. I've only been a member of GN since March as I'm new to computing. I'm finding it all great fun. Stick around, I hope you enjoy the experience as much as me.

MammaTJ Sat 11-Oct-14 12:12:28

WandaDoff, I would have thought so.

Mishap Sat 11-Oct-14 12:16:01


MammaTJ Sat 11-Oct-14 12:18:27

Thank you!

littleflo Sat 11-Oct-14 12:19:32

Hi Mamma. I am 66, Granma to 7, step-greatgranma to 1, ages from 2 - 20.
Love helping out with them.

Also carer for 3 of the next generation upwards 92 - 85. Can only admit on hear that don't enjoy that side of my life.

ChippingIn Sat 11-Oct-14 12:27:54

MamaTJ I sent you a PM - not sure if you have found it yet, or how we know we have them over here - I can't find an envelope or anything?

ChippingIn Sat 11-Oct-14 12:28:31

Oh - just found it grin

MammaTJ Sat 11-Oct-14 12:33:14

Yes Chipping, it doesn't light up like on MN, I only found out through email!

LittleFlo, even though I have done care work all my adult life and am now a student nurse, I don't think I could look after a relative. I know how hard it is, but I can leave at the end of my very long shift, not so easy when they are family.

DejaVualloveragain Sat 11-Oct-14 12:33:45

No immediate danger of me becoming a gran either [grin

Still it's nice to know Gransnet is here for future reference.

littleflo Sat 11-Oct-14 13:27:01

MammaTJ I have enormous admiration for anyone who "chooses" to work in care, nursing or social work. I would never have coped without the outstanding professionals that I have had contact with over the last 4 years. So a big thank you from me to any of you mums that are working in these fields.

Grannyknot Sat 11-Oct-14 16:37:52

Jeepers, I just read my post from this morning again and I realise it doesn't make much sense. Kindle calamities!

Yes mamma they are close enough for cuddles smile

MammaTJ Sat 11-Oct-14 17:00:54

LittleFlo, not so sure I chose care, more like it chose me! I tried leaving and worked in a shop for a while but ended up spending all my time taking care of the elderly customers, who nobody else could be bothered with instead of selling things. grin

Not just me then Gannyknot. wink

numberplease Sat 11-Oct-14 23:34:49

Hello MammaTJ, I`m 71, 51 years wed, 5 children, 7 grandchildren, 1 very picky cat, been on GN since 2011. Haven`t entered any major competitions on here, but have (happily) won a good few books.

jenn Sun 12-Oct-14 00:06:23

hello MammaTJ, I'm 63 retired from teaching,live alone ,2 loopy elderly dogs and a grumpy horse.Son ,daughter in law and grandson in Poland.Found GN this year but haven't tried any competitions yet.