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Fresh flowers in the house

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Grannyknot Thu 11-Aug-16 07:31:29

I always, always have fresh flowers in the house. Went downstairs this morning and admired the white gladioli and lilac stocks in the vase whilst waiting for the kettle to boil. And the lovely perfume smile flowers

One of my favourite things is to refresh the arrangements halfway through the week, snipping and rearranging, sometimes in a smaller vase.

I will buy flowers from the "reduced" bucket and give them some love, although I am lucky in that we have a wonderful flower seller on our high street.

I realise it's a habit that I picked up from my gran (we'd pick fresh roses together when I was a child), who passed it on to my mother (even when money was tight, she'd always have flowers in the flat we lived in). Now, when I go to my daughter's house, there is always a vase of fresh flowers on her kitchen windowsill.

Do you have fresh flowers in the house?

J52 Thu 11-Aug-16 07:44:19

Always, I think they really brighten up a room and a lovely fresh smell to a house. It's surprising how many flowers do smell, but it's lost outside.

Like you Grannyknot I always lookin the reduced bucket. A well known supermarket near me was putting those lovely roses with a tinged outer petal in the reduced bucket, not knowing that they were supposed to look like that!

Even DH would always buy fresh flowers for his flat, when he was working away from home.

Marelli Thu 11-Aug-16 07:45:04

Always, Grannyknot - I buy them from Aldi, whose flowers are cheap and always fresh. I tend not to pick from the garden, as I like to enjoy seeing them growing (apart from sweet peas, as they need to be picked regularly to keep them flowering). smilesmile

Lisalou Thu 11-Aug-16 07:47:02

What a lovely story, and a beautiful tradition to pass down. Unfortunately I can rarely have them in the house as i cannot afford to buy them very often. When our still young garden allows, I have them and love it. The other thing is, in Spain it is so hot in summer that flowers wilt in a matter of days if cut, so I tend to have less cut flowers in the house in summer and enjoy them in the garden.

gillybob Thu 11-Aug-16 07:57:54

I have always said that if I won the lottery I would have an account with a good florist and have fresh flower arrangements delivered every week . As it stands I'm with Marelli I tend to buy from Aldi or Morrisons who's flowers are always good. I have masses of flowers in the garden at the minute but can't bring myself to cut them although I do have 2 or 3 hydrangea' s in a vase on my on my patio table as they were poking through the fence .

ninathenana Thu 11-Aug-16 08:02:11

I don't buy flowers every week but I do like them in the house. I'm very lucky that H will sometimes come home from town with supermarket flowers.

LullyDully Thu 11-Aug-16 08:05:02

I love fresh flowers in the house but find they are very expensive theses days. I like to cut a mixture of "bits and bobs" from the garden to put in a smallish vase or bottle. The odd geranium, some rosemary, long grasses, even weeds with colour. Usually manage to get a beautiful collection. Between houses for a few months in a temporary house so I am relying on scavenging from my pots to plant in the new house and the lawn which must have once been a meadow!.

J52 Thu 11-Aug-16 08:05:23

gillybob I have dried Hydrangea in the past, they keep their colour,especially the blue ones and look lovely throughout the winter. There is lots of info on the web. so I won't go into how you do it here, but it's quite easy.

kittylester Thu 11-Aug-16 08:07:45

Having fresh flowers in the hall is the one NY'S resolution that I gave kept.

I but from the florist in the village on a Saturday morning and, if there are any from last week that are usable, I put them in the dining room.

gillybob Thu 11-Aug-16 08:11:07

I have masses of hydrangea in my small garden j52 although sadly my once blue one has turned pink this year. I go for the very full to bursting look so wouldn't suit many . I am really just learning as I go along. Thankyou .

Maggiemaybe Thu 11-Aug-16 08:37:56

Yes, but usually just a small vase from the garden or allotment - sweet peas at the moment. I love something fragrant like night scented stocks and can never resist buying them. My gardener (DH) is trying valiantly to grow stocks and lily of the valley for me, with little success. He has got a patch of dahlias on the go now though. They're a blast from the past as my dad used to grow them.

NanaandGrampy Thu 11-Aug-16 08:40:27

I love fresh flowers but don't have them too often since I retired. One of my savings :-)

I could not arrange them though for toffee , so envy you ladies that have that skill.

I'm currently looking at a number of pots of the most beautiful oriental lilies in the garden which , just to spite me, have bloomed and looked glorious but will be nothing but stalks by the time my house selling open day rolls round on Saturday damn them !!

I have the urge to rush out Saturday morning and buy more and just stick them in the pots purely for the day smile !!

Marmight Thu 11-Aug-16 08:46:26

I love to have flowers in my kitchen. I don't have many growing in the garden - mostly shrubs, so I buy from the local supermarket. This week I have purple gladioli which I am really enjoying and only £2 a bunch!

glammanana Thu 11-Aug-16 08:50:18

I always have fresh flowers in my lounge and they have to be white I tend to choose lilies and crysanths as they last so long and you can smell the lovely aroma of the lilies as soon as you walk in the room.Best of luck on the "open day" N&G, X

kittylester Thu 11-Aug-16 08:59:04

I mostly buy lilies and cut them fairly short and plonk in a goldfish bowl type vase. I can't arrange flowers to save my life and I really hate mixed bunches. Maybe because I can't arrange them.

aggie Thu 11-Aug-16 09:01:27

I forget that there are flowers in the vase , I get some for birthday , mothers day and just hello , from DDs. After last Mothers day DD1 got a call from DD2 asking her to check my vases , well it was a fortnight later , most were quietly composting smile

Mumsy Thu 11-Aug-16 09:13:37

I treat myself occasionally but wont buy lillies as they are toxic to cats!

aggie Thu 11-Aug-16 09:15:43

Lillies and Lilac give out too much scent in my opinion , and Hyacinths give me a headache

aggie Thu 11-Aug-16 09:16:21

I like all those in the garden but not in the house

granjura Thu 11-Aug-16 09:17:14

From early Spring to late autumn- I always have fresh flowers in the house- but never bought. From the garden, or from our wild flower meadows all around. All sorts of size vases and smaller pots. At the moment, solidago, tall blue veronicas and a white flower I don't know the name of - a bit like gisophilia (sp????) but slightly larger flowers- brought over from our UK garden (fab for wedding decorations). Really don't like the stiffness and formality of most bought flowers - but I do buy some from time to time in winter if I find a bouquet I like.

suzied Thu 11-Aug-16 09:36:08

I always treat myself to a couple of bunches from Aldi or Lidl, this week it's freesias, I think they were £5 for 2 bunches they look lovely in a blue glass vase. My favourites are lilies and I usually cut out the stamens so the pollen doesn't stain my clothes as I walk past.

rosesarered Thu 11-Aug-16 09:40:12

I usually have a few orchids on the go in different rooms as they last ages, rarely bring flowers in from the garden( they don't last long) and now and then DH brings flowers from the supermarket.Gillybob I add special blue-ing liquid to water to keep hydrangeas blue, sometimes they go a purple colour as well.

rosesarered Thu 11-Aug-16 09:41:16

I cut the stamens from lilies too.

jinglbellsfrocks Thu 11-Aug-16 09:43:56


(my daughter, not me). hmm

merlotgran Thu 11-Aug-16 10:00:33

I made a small cutting garden when Mum was alive because she loved to have flowers from my garden and it gave me a lot of pleasure to make up traditional Cottage Garden style bunches for her. The last two years have been so taken up with building work and moving that I abandoned it and it's now in DD's territory anyway.

Next year, however, I'm determined to design a combined vegetable and cutting patch. Work has begun on clearing the space and I'm getting inspiration from Sarah Raven's books.

I'm also collecting seed from the garden to save on costs.