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51 years ago

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silverlining48 Fri 15-Sep-17 14:11:30

On this day, an astonishing 51 years ago, my husband and i met in the bali hai club above silver blades ice rink in streatham, london. The beginning of many years of joy, happiness and mutual appreciation. If only. ....In truth of course there have been a few ups and downs but we have somehow managed to stay the course. He is a good man, mostly. ?
We are now a bit wiser and a whole lot older. So what are we doing today in celebration of this anniversary? we have just returned from looking at woodburning stoves and had a nice lunch on the way back. Now its feet up time before getting on with whatever we have to do next.
Where and how long ago did you all meet.

Teetime Fri 15-Sep-17 14:19:00

Congratulations I hope you continue to have a very happy day.

DH and I met in January 1978 he was a patient. We moved in with each other about 5 weeks later married the following year in January 1979 so together for almost 40 years - still having fun!!

Coolgran65 Fri 15-Sep-17 14:22:33

At my work colleague's birthday house party, he is he brother of work colleague's partner.
He should have been home early to bed as he started work at 6am the next day. Instead he sat talking with me and dropped me off home at 5am. I didn't know he was going straight to work !!

Coolgran65 Fri 15-Sep-17 14:24:10

Should have added, we were both divorced and have now been together for 20 happy years.

ninathenana Fri 15-Sep-17 14:29:50

On holiday in Rimini in 1971. I was with my parents (17) he with his cousin. We lived 50 miles apart in UK and spent first yr traveling alternate weekends to stay with each others family. He then moved into my nan's spare room she lived within walking distance of mum's until we married in 1975.

Alima Fri 15-Sep-17 14:29:52

We met in December 1975 at a works "do". Both in the Navy, we married in 1977, I left when we had our first child and he stayed in to do the full 22 years. Now both retired we have been married just over 41 years. Mostly good but not all plain sailing!

Tippy22 Fri 15-Sep-17 14:43:25

My husband and I were obviously meant to be together. I used to see him on the bus going to work every day. He would always go upstairs and i was downstairs. This went on for months. I then changed jobs, caught a different bus so never saw him for a while until one day he walked into my office to take the girl I worked with out to lunch, she was an old school friend of his and they were like brother and sister. I eventually was included in their lunch date and the rest is history. Next year we will have been married for 40 years

harrigran Fri 15-Sep-17 14:46:13

We met on July 1st 1963 on a car rally, he was the navigator. We married in 1967 and celebrate our Golden anniversary next month. We have been very happy and feel blessed that serious health issues did not strike until the last couple of years.

annsixty Fri 15-Sep-17 14:46:45

H and I met in 1952 when his school's football team came to play my school's team and my friend and I helped with the after match refreshments
My friend was a real flirt and talked us into a lift home on their coach as they went home through our village.
We met again a few months later by chance and he asked me out to the cinema. I was still only 15.
We married 6 years later and have been married for 59 years.
Sadly he now has no idea how long but we had many happy years and I treasure that fact.

MawBroon Fri 15-Sep-17 14:50:39

We met on Dec 6th 1966 at a Vicars and Tarts party in our first term at St Andrews.
I won't tell you what I went as blush
Paw was very shy and asked me out for a drink the next night. Trying to sound very sophisticated I asked for a G&T and probably bankrupted him for the rest of the week.
I soon learned to settle for half pints in the Union Bar.
We married three weeks after graduation in 1970.
So yes, getting on for 51 years!!

Nannykay Fri 15-Sep-17 14:56:59

Not very original, but we sort of drifted together over a few months. It was 27 years ago , I use to go the local on a Friday with my brother, his GF and a group of friends, he use to go with a group of friends, it was only a small place and over the weeks we got chatting, and the rest is history.

Luckygirl Fri 15-Sep-17 14:57:35

We met in 1967 in my hall of residence where he was in another girl's room where there were several people having a bit of a knees up. They were a partner short for a dance, so touted for a girl up the corridor and knocked on my door. The next day he rang and asked me out - the girls whose party he had been at warned me against him!!! grin

We married in 1970.

silverlining48 Fri 15-Sep-17 15:07:05

We met 1966 and married in july 1969 so our golden anniversary will be in a year or so. Funny how quickly times flies.

silverlining48 Fri 15-Sep-17 15:31:54

Oh those vicars and tarts....tea vicar?

paddyann Fri 15-Sep-17 15:37:41

we "met" in a darkroom in the studio we worked ,He was a new start and I was his boss,he had gone into the massive darkroom and couldn't find the door to get out..lolA few of us let him sweat for a wee while before I decided to rescue him.We didn't really get on at first ,he didn't like that I was a giggler ,well I was only 19 and he was a bit too serious for me .But..he asked me to a party and exactly a year to the day later we got married.42 years past in July,we have also worked together every day since we met and run a business for 41 years together .We do get on very well,never run out of conversations and dont really argue about boring are we ?

silverlining48 Fri 15-Sep-17 15:43:50

Not boring at all paddy, living and working together for all that time?
Well done and well done to all who are now growing old and a bit frail and who need to help or be helped. Not what we thought about all those many years ago. Definitely not easy. So Heres to good health, may we all appreciate what is the biggest gift of all. Sending love xx

callgirl1 Fri 15-Sep-17 16:39:40

We met at a Friday night dance at the Carlton Ballroom in Rochdale, he was 18, I was 19. He asked me for a dance, it was a Barn dance, and after a few minutes when we came back together after the clapping bit, he said in a disgusted tone "Barn dance!" He took me to the bar for a drink, asked if I liked brass bands. In complete honesty I said yes, many years later he told me if I`d said no he`d have been off like greased lightening, as he was a brass band musician! That was November 30th 1962, we were married on July 13th 1963, so this year would have been our 54th anniversary, but sadly, he died last October.

Marydoll Fri 15-Sep-17 16:57:10

We met when I was a student working behind the bar in a working man's club. His dad and his friends used to wait until I locked up and saw me safely home, in case anything happened to me. My future MIL, thought my FIL was chatting up the barmaid, when in fact he was just being kind. He always treated me like a daughter.
My husband used to infuriate me, as he was the only man I had ever met who could get the last word in! We pussyfooted around each other for 6 months, pretending we weren't interested in each other. I had just about given up on him, when he asked me out. Playing, "hard to get", I said "No, I am busy."
We were engaged within three months and married a year later.
It will be our ruby wedding in a few weeks.

Nonnie Fri 15-Sep-17 17:06:21

My one and only ever blind date! 1966 and he proposed to me 12 days later. Nearly at our golden wedding now.

Christinefrance Fri 15-Sep-17 17:34:50

We met via an advert in the dating section of the local paper, internet dating had not taken off then.

fiorentina51 Fri 15-Sep-17 17:44:05

We met in 1963 when I was 12 and he was 14. We hated the sight of each other as he was a prefect and I was a rather badly behaved 2nd year.
As he was friends with my brother, we met up again a few years later. He asked me out after we had spent an entire evening chatting one night.
Three weeks later he asked me to marry him and I said yes. We married three years later in 1973.
Like most people, we haven't had an entirely rosy marriage, but it's been a very happy and loving one. I feel so lucky to have had him in my life.

nonnasusie Fri 15-Sep-17 17:44:11

My 1st husband and I met on a blind date in 1965. My friend was going out with his cousin. They split up but we stayed together and married in 1971 . Sadly he was killed in a motorbike accident in 1995. I met my 2nd husband in 2002 via a dating agency and we married in 2008. It was our anniversary on Wednesday!

kittylester Fri 15-Sep-17 17:51:25

DH's brother worked for the same company as I and invited DH to the Christmas party.

He asked me to dance - our first dance was the Gay Gordons (which our children find hysterically funny). That was Christmas 1969, he proposed 6 weeks later and we married in October 1970.

hildajenniJ Fri 15-Sep-17 17:58:46

We met in 1969. I went to work in his mother's shop. We didn't hit it off straight away though but we were only 17. We went out off and on, and didn't really seriously get together until 1978.
We married in 1982 and have been mostly very happy since.
Wow, 1969 is so long ago. Where has the time gone?

Gagagran Fri 15-Sep-17 18:13:40

We met at a work colleague of mine's 21st birthday party in June 1963. They played rugby for the same team. We got engaged on the one year anniversary of meeting and married in July 1965 so 52 years wed to date.

I hope we can emulate my parents who would have been married for 70 years had Dad lived just 6 months longer.