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How many lipsticks do I need?

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Diggingdoris Sat 05-May-18 09:45:48

I am trying to clear out some of the old cosmetics I've had for years. I only use lipstick nowadays, and I seem to have about a dozen different brands and colours. But do you have favourites? I tend to use about three , but I'm loathe to throw the others out. Sadly my very best favourite is no longer available, so I am frugally using a lip brush to use up every last bit inside the dispenser. So I'm trying now to use up some of the other half used colours, that no longer seem to suit me by mixing two together, either with the lip brush or just putting two different coats on. I sound like a miser, but as most of them were expensive brands (from when I was working), it seems a shame to waste them.
Is anyone else out there as daft as me?

kittylester Sat 05-May-18 10:34:40

I only use one colour from one brand (aren't I boring) but I have at least 6 - one in the car, one in my bag, one in the cabinet in the downstairs loo, one in the bathroom, one in my dressing table drawer and one (the newest) hidden from DGD - that are precarious towers ready to snap off.

Marydoll Sat 05-May-18 10:40:57

I'm too embarrassed to say how many I have😚 I was about to purchase another one at duty free last week and forced myself to put it back.
I'm always convinced that the latest one I purchase is the perfect colour, I've been searching for my whole life...but it never is😄
My " habit" started when at 10 years old, my aunt gave me an old, bright red, Chanel lipstick in a gold case. I was hooked.

hildajenniJ Sat 05-May-18 10:41:47

I never use make-up as I'm allergic to most of it. Did you know that lipstick has a shelf life? Apparently it starts to deteriorate after 2 years. If you've had yours longer than that, I would throw them all out and start again .

Blinko Sat 05-May-18 10:56:45

Thanks HildajJ. I have several really ancient lipsticks so I now have a benchmark for throwing them out.

Lilypops Sat 05-May-18 11:26:48

About 40 , I keep thinking every time I buy a new lippie, this is the one , and I have throw about 9 out as they were past their shelf life ,

paddyann Sat 05-May-18 11:40:02

two , a pinky/nude tone and a russet tone .I also have two lip glosses .I use them until they're finished and buy a new one the same .I do have loads of different foundations though ,mineral based,baked creme ,old fashioned panstick type lovely Mally stuff with a brush and many many more different colours for different seasons ,lighting etc.My mother started my obsession she used Leichners theatrical makeup .It was fabulous stuff but I haven't been able to find it for a long time .

shysal Sat 05-May-18 13:44:24

I have none! I only use tinted lip balm. I tend to concentrate on the eyes only, plus a light covering of translucent powder.

Diggingdoris Sat 05-May-18 14:22:03

Wow lilypops, I don't feel so bad now as I've got nowhere near 40!
I mostly try to match what I'm wearing, so a pinky tinge if I'm wearing mauve/blue tones, post box red for a red day, and an orange tinge when I wear Autumn colours. So really I could manage with three.
I was unaware that they have a shelf life. Though I think one old one tastes a bit funny. Maybe there's a few more for the bin now I know that.

Welshwife Sat 05-May-18 15:20:32

Has any one found a really long lasting one please? I am a put it on and leave it people and rarely touch up during the day.

Panache Sat 05-May-18 16:03:03

I must be of a rare breed...............I have none!!!
Have never indulged much in make up as such, although I do care for my appearance ,diligently applying moisturisers,factor 30+ when the sun visits and again special face washes and night cream.
Lipstick is a great big No no.!!

chelseababy Sat 05-May-18 16:08:06

I recently had my colours done and have 3 lipsticks. One to wear with red. One for when I'm wearing blue/mauve/lilac and one for pinks. So far so good!

Willow500 Sat 05-May-18 16:52:22

No idea but it's far too many and invariably go back to the same pinky beige colour! Same for foundation - can't seem to find one that suits other than Bare Minerals complexion rescue.

lemongrove Sat 05-May-18 17:21:32

I have about 16 at a guess, and love all of them.
Welshwife I buy some online Barry M and they are very good to put on and leave all day or have meals etc.however I recommend applying it to top lip only and squishing lips together, then blotting on a tissue.💋

NanTheWiser Sat 05-May-18 17:50:37

I'm another who thinks the next new lipstick is going to be THE one! I confess to being a bit of a make-up junkie, and have around 20 after a cull a few months ago. I can't wear pale colours, they make me look like death warmed up, and too often I buy a new one that's really too pale for me. Favourite colours are strong raspberry pinks ( M&S did a lovely one in their Autograph range called Editor's Pick, sadly now discontinued ) and some coppery shades for Autumn. A real favourite is a Clinique one called Dubonnet from their long-lasting range which is a dusky pink, goes on really well, and lasts longer than most.

lemongrove Sat 05-May-18 18:32:04

Another long lasting lipstick is by lipstains gold, lots of colours to choose from.

LynneB59 Sat 05-May-18 18:39:05

I always have a full face on, and I have got 4 different foundations - I use a mixture of 2 of them for daytime, and one of the other 2 for the evening. I've got 3 mascaras, blushers and eyebrow pencils. Lipsticks - about 7! The only thing I don't use anymore is eyeliner (I've got them in a variety of colours), as lately I've had Conjunctivitis, and the eyeliners seem to cause it

loopyloo Sat 05-May-18 19:11:46

I like the Rimmel moisturizing range. You can never have too many lipsticks but I find even the cheap ones quite expensive now. Please tell me your fav lipstick.

Maggiemaybe Sat 05-May-18 19:11:49

I've quite a few - not sure how many as I have one or two in each of various bags and drawers so I can grab one easily when I'm in a rush. Lots of colours, but my current favourite is an old dusky mauve Lipfinity that I've just unearthed from a handbag I don't use often. I did think I should perhaps have ditched it, but don't seem to have come to any harm. I am good about changing my mascara and eyeliner often to avoid any infection.

Lipfinity (by Max Factor) lasts well, Welshwife.

rubysong Sat 05-May-18 19:19:00

You are not a must Digging Doris just making the most of your resources. I have been known to scoop out the last bit of lipstick from several containers and melt them together (in an egg cup over simmering water). Applied with a brush it lasts for ages. I hardly ever buy any. I know magazines tell us to throw them out after six months in case of bacteria but I have never had any problems.

rubysong Sat 05-May-18 19:20:09

... not a miser... (drat the auto thingy)

Chewbacca Sat 05-May-18 21:18:15

You can use the stub ends of lipstick for cleaning jewellery. Simply rub the lipstick on the item, work it into any engraving, and rub off with a clean soft cloth or kitchen roll.

keriku Sun 06-May-18 09:18:00

It's a Christmas tradition that my hubby buys me Estée Lauder perfume plus their big cosmetics gift case every year. I currently have 4 of them stacked up, plus last night I won a big box of luxury make up and perfume. Most days I only wear lipstick, blusher and mascara but I like to be prepared for when I do glam it up. I LOVE lipsticks and own at least a dozen!

Coconut Sun 06-May-18 09:21:41

Just counted, I have 22 left now ! I did have more but 2 granddaughters have just been to visit so ....... 💋

LouLou21 Sun 06-May-18 09:24:33

Maybeline 24 hour lipstick really does stay on all day and night if you let it, Rimmel do a very similar one too, lipstick at one end gloss at the other.