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Good Morning Friday

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12Michael Fri 02-Nov-18 06:36:30

Good Morning Everyone,
Its just getting bright here in Brackley but its also cold and frosty.
Getting prepared for my weekend away , will be back on Tuesday.
Staying in a chalet which seem to face inland according to the map, of the site, but not far from Yarmouth ,and two trips planned as part of the intinary , one round island whistle stop and the other somewhere of note.
we get a packed lunch each day , maybe cramming in allot in a short while and parking a coach etc.

kittylester Fri 02-Nov-18 06:55:49

Morning Mick, morning all from a very cold and bright North Leicestershire.

I have to feed DS1'S cat this morning and this afternoon our local florist is putting on a flower arranging class.

Have a great time on your trip Mick - sounds busy.

PECS Fri 02-Nov-18 07:05:53

Morning Mick & Kitty.. off to do half a day of paid work at a local school this morning. A bright and clear sky so 100% better than yesterday's downpour!

Willow10 Fri 02-Nov-18 07:06:39

Good morning all. Bright, dry and frosty in East Northants. Non stop rain yesterday, so I spent the day sorting and organising scarves, gloves etc. and catching up on sewing jobs. Today I have a long, eclectic shopping list so a bit of running around. Enjoy your weekend Mick. Have a good day everyone.

gillybob Fri 02-Nov-18 07:10:50

Good morning Mick, Kitty, PECS, Willow and all to follow . Thank goodness it’s Friday again.

Have a good weekend Mick and everyone x

NanKate Fri 02-Nov-18 07:15:29

Morning Mick and All.

Clear and sunny in South Bucks.

Going for my first drive in the new car. I am feeling a bit nervous but DH says it is lovely to drive, let’s hope I agree.

Glad to hear you sound better Kitty.

Have a great time Mick the IofW is great. We will look after things for you until your return on Tuesday. ⛴

Greyduster Fri 02-Nov-18 07:17:53

Good morning Michael and all GNs. The sun is just putting in an appearance in a clear blue sky in South Yorkshire, and it is b****y cold! Nothing much planned for today except to make a cake and keep my fingers crossed that DD and her menfolk have a safe trip back across the Atlantic. Can you make cake while keeping your fingers crossed? We shall see. Enjoy your weekend away, Mick. Hope the sun shines for you.

Brunette10 Fri 02-Nov-18 07:25:35

Morning everyone! Its very cold here in Fife today but quite bright too. Have busy day today, eyebrows getting tidied up, bit of shopping, cleaning and general household stuff. Having neighbours in for drinks and nibbles tonight so looking forward to catch up. Hope everyone has a good day and to those who are feeling under weather look after yourself.

travelsafar Fri 02-Nov-18 07:26:56

Morning Mick and everyone else.Looks like it may be a fine day today, no rain,just very chilly with the sky starting to lighten up. I've put the washing on and its almost completed so will hopefully hang it out before i go off to my knitting group this morning. Planning on a trip to the library afterwards then a brisk walk home to complete some household chores. Have a great day what ever you are doing.

Blue45Sapphire Fri 02-Nov-18 07:27:04

Good morning all. Very cold and frosty here in Northampton, and a clear sky. Just waiting for the house to warm up! (Never been able to suss out how to programme the timer, so just put the thermostat up when I get up!)

Out to M&S food this morning for coffee and a few things, then Sainsburys. Grand-daughters after school this afternoon.

Hope your weekend away is good, Mick. I've been looking at some of these weekends away, but always worry about getting a poky single room.

Nice evening at the beauty event at my hairdressers yesterday, lovely hand and arm massage! Managed to get a birthday present for DDil, and had two (!) glasses of Prosecco.

Have a nice day everyone.

Gagagran Fri 02-Nov-18 07:31:30

Morning Mick and everyone. Have a great time on the lovely Isle of Wight Mick. Yarmouth is one of my favourite places there.

It's very cold here on the south coast but clear skies and sun is forecast so should warm up pdq.

Need a few bits and bobs this morning so shall venture out and hope to avoid the road widening team who are taking up the pavement outside our houses today. The first layer of tarmac will go down tomorrow and the second layer on Monday. Can't wait for the whole thing to be finished!

Have a good day everyone! sunshine

NfkDumpling Fri 02-Nov-18 07:42:31

Morning All

Clear and sunny in the north of Norfolk. What a difference a night makes, it rained all day yesterday and was still wet when I went to bed last night.

Art class this morning, and then I may get into the garden this afternoon and straighten a few edges. The beds are too soggy to walk on.

cornergran Fri 02-Nov-18 07:44:14

Morning Mick, Morning All. Clear and frosty start in our corner of Somerset. Bit of cleaning this morning then off to retrieve our car from the garage. Enjoy your weekend mick, sounds a good one. Hope Friday is kind to everyone.

GrannyGravy13 Fri 02-Nov-18 07:52:55

Good morning all x

Beautiful blue sky and frost on the roofs here in SEEssex.

A quieter day today, just decorators in, builders back on Monday.

Wishing you all a peaceful Friday 😘

EllanVannin Fri 02-Nov-18 07:57:59

Good Morning All from a bright and not too cold North West. x
A bit of baking to do today as there's nothing like your own cakes and because I've got lemons here it has to be a drizzle cake. Maybe a meat and potato pie to freeze.

Marydoll Fri 02-Nov-18 07:59:35

Good morning all, the sun is starting to poke through the clouds here in Glasgow.
Bits and Bobs to do today.
I have prescriptions to pick up, but it means driving to the next town and I keep putting it off. I usually combine it with a wander around the shops, but I need to do a food shop. the builders are back this afternoon and wee have DGD overnight.
I hope you have a great trip Mick and hugs to those feeling poorly

Enjoy your day everyone.

Pittcity Fri 02-Nov-18 08:07:12

Good morning from sunny, cold Colchester. Rained non stop yesterday.
There is a "Cable amnesty" in town today and I have a bagful to hand in. Haven't persuaded DH to part with the boxful in the garage though as he "might need them one day"...grin

NannyJan53 Fri 02-Nov-18 08:10:51

Good Morning from a bright and very frosty Black Country.

Not long up, and found next doors cat on our spare bed again! No idea how she got in, and very reluctant to go out as it is so cold outside.

I am off on a walk this morning at the local beauty spot with a group. Then this afternoon we are off to Worcester, to see a tribute band called Think Floyd. We have seen them before and they are excellent.

Hope you have a great time in IOW Mick . Have a great weekend everyone.

DoraMarr Fri 02-Nov-18 08:11:48

Good morning from a beautifully sunny Birmingham. I slept for nearly ten hours last night, so feel a bit sleep- sozzled this morning. I have absolutely nothing to do today, and am not expecting any visitors, so I will have a walk in the park and maybe do a little shopping.

farview Fri 02-Nov-18 08:13:08

Morning ALL from Lancashire where it's looking quite full of optimism today..back much better after 8days of intense pain,thumb which I slammed the car door on yesterday isn't quite as sore😊got app with consultant re my high fat high calorie diet that am on in the hope of gaining all have a good day....

Nana3 Fri 02-Nov-18 08:40:18

Good morning, there's been rain this morning in my part of Lancashire and there are dark clouds around. I think I might get wet on my walk today.
Have a good day everyone.

Anniebach Fri 02-Nov-18 08:46:18

Good morning Auntyflo and all x

Hope everyone has a good day x

harrigran Fri 02-Nov-18 08:56:36

Good morning from a very sunny NE.
A day of odd jobs and then out to dinner with DD who has flown into UK for a few days.

Humbertbear Fri 02-Nov-18 10:01:15

Good morning from North West London. I’m waiting for two GC to arrive. We are going to make Queen of Puddings and Cornish Pasties and Visit their great grand mother. DiL said something about ‘things they haven’t done in half term’. Hope it isn’t homework ( they’ve had 2 weeks to do it).

LJP1 Fri 02-Nov-18 10:10:20

Good morning all.

Here the washing is on and due to dry outside. Teaching this afternoon.