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Dogs now allowed in John Lewis stores

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Cherrytree59 Mon 05-Nov-18 10:58:51

As long as they are in a bag or carried. (assisted dogs as normal)

Not sure about how this is going to work
Pooches are often (imho) the more vocal

Designer dogs 🐕

Grandma70s Mon 05-Nov-18 11:25:54

I don’t think dogs (except guide dogs etc) should be allowed in any shops.

EllanVannin Mon 05-Nov-18 11:35:57

I've never even noticed dogs in large stores.

Greyduster Mon 05-Nov-18 11:39:32

If they’re buying a camera, I hope they get served quicker than I did!

EllanVannin Mon 05-Nov-18 11:50:21

I have flown with a large orang-utan in a plane's hold though if that counts.

Greyduster Mon 05-Nov-18 11:51:38

Did it have a camera?

Nannylovesshopping Mon 05-Nov-18 11:52:59

😂😂😂 Greyduster

NanaandGrampy Mon 05-Nov-18 11:54:05

oh you did make me laugh out loud Grey!!

I see no reason for dogs other than assistance dogs to be in large stores. Dogs don't like shopping ( so my dog Sam tells me !!!) so what are they ? A fashion accessory?? Its a big fat no from me !!

EllanVannin Mon 05-Nov-18 11:59:35

Greyduster, no camera but a few passengers had good eyesight. We could see its ginger coloured hair poking out of a crate which was offloaded away from Frankfurt airport.
The stop had been an unofficial one so we guessed that the animal had been in distress either from Australia or Singapore.

eazybee Mon 05-Nov-18 12:00:45

I have noticed 'dogs welcome' signs on small shops, (not food shops or cafes) in the high street of a small touristy, market town. I like dogs but I don't care for their presence in shops,or the narrow pavements; the shops are small, generally full of goods and people, and dog owners fail to keep their dogs on a short lead. This seems to be following the trend set by mothers taking their enormous buggies into shops and blocking access for other customers.
Our local pub, which serves food, allows dogs in and some owners, (unfortunately one is a friend), allow them to climb on the furniture and wander about unsupervised.
Not a good move.

sodapop Mon 05-Nov-18 12:03:44

From me too N&G I have three dogs and they would hate to be dragged round shops.
I think that is unneccessary and unfair for a large proportion of shoppers who don't like dogs. I have reservations on the hygiene front as well.
Obviously assistance dogs should be welcomed as normal.

EllanVannin Mon 05-Nov-18 12:04:55

Unless you need your dog when shopping,ie guides/health reasons, it would be a hindrance around shops and large stores surely ?

gmelon Mon 05-Nov-18 14:15:38

A bag containing a dog (and it's camera), a handbag full of old tat my essential items, then my bags of purchases.
Can I take a donkey in to carry it all?

SueDonim Mon 05-Nov-18 14:22:12

I've seen more dogs around in shops lately but they don't seem to cause any trouble. I've also seen cats being taken round shopping centres. I'll keep an eye out for orang utans - and have a camera at the ready to take a snap! wink

Negligentmother Mon 05-Nov-18 14:23:06

*Mental image of someone buckling at the knees trying to carry a a huge St Bernard.

Auntieflo Mon 05-Nov-18 15:06:29

EllenVannin. I thought you, personally, had been responsible for the orang utan’s transport. Sorry.

BlueBelle Mon 05-Nov-18 15:32:03

Blimey I havent seen dogs in shops for years never seen any bags of cats, dogs or ferrets and don’t want to
Leave them at home not in shops unless they ar3 a guide dog of some kind

MissAdventure Mon 05-Nov-18 15:53:13

We have a couple of cafes here which allow dogs.
I'm surprised at myself for being so "sniffy" about it.

KatyK Mon 05-Nov-18 15:58:03

There was a previous post somewhere about dogs in cafes. I posted that couldn't believe it when we were in the Lake District this year having a meal in a rather up market pub and people were allowed to bring dogs in, as did most of the cafes we visited. One dog sat watching us as we are. Most off-putting.

KatyK Mon 05-Nov-18 15:58:48

ate not are

SueDonim Mon 05-Nov-18 16:10:08

I've been going to the Lake District for some 30 years and they have always allowed people to take dogs into shops and restaurants. A lot of people holiday in Britain so they can take their dogs and as the Lakes is an outdoorsy place it follows that there will be plenty of dogs. I've never seen any trouble there with dogs, people take a live-and-let-live approach, IME.

I'm not an out and out dog-lover and would never have another dog but we had a dog when the children were young. We took our puppy to the Lakes on holiday as she was too young for kennels. We left her in the car while we ate out and then returned to the car only to find that she'd stood on a button and triggered the alarm, which caused a great deal more disturbance than the dog herself ever did! blush

glammanana Mon 05-Nov-18 16:23:06

There are two restaurants/cafe's not far from where I live who have dog friendly" areas away from the main eating areas,they provide water and biscuits for the dogs but they must tolerate other dogs no barking etc.
With the amount of cafes in the area it is a sure way of attracting business from an otherwise empty cafe at certain times all the local dog walkers meet up and buy snacks and drink coffee therefore helping the local economy.

callgirl1 Mon 05-Nov-18 16:33:58

I feel so sorry for dogs, especially small ones, being dragged through crowds of shoppers, sometimes getting trodden on, all they can see are legs and feet. Then getting tied up and left outside shops in the pouring rain. Surely they`re better off at home?

LullyDully Mon 05-Nov-18 18:02:04

I may be in a very small minority but I don't like dogs much and don't want them in shops.

They seem to be in many hotels I have stayed in and in French campsites. My GD is very frightened by them and was put off when a huge dog walker past in a hotel lobby. We now have to check if dogs are welcome.

At a NT cafe we were put off by a large dog eating cake off a table, albeit outside. Not everyone loves our canine friends.

Sorry in advance to anyone who loves dogs.

watermeadow Mon 05-Nov-18 18:31:11

Dogs are part of the family for huge numbers of people. You cannot go through life avoiding or being scared of something so numerous.
Badly behaved dogs should not be taken into shops or cafes but the same holds for badly behaved children.
I can't go away or for a day out without taking my small dog so only go where dogs are welcome. I check beforehand if dogs ARE allowed. If you don’t want to see dogs there you should check that they AREN’T.