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Good Morning Wednesday

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12Michael Wed 07-Nov-18 06:21:22

Good Morning Everyone,
Its dark, and its raining here in Brackley this morning, due a few household things etc today.
Nothing else planned either apart from visiting the cemetery to place some silk flowers on parentsand grand parents grave's.

ninathenana Wed 07-Nov-18 06:34:02

Morning Mick and everyone.

Raining here in Kent too. I have a lazy day planned as DH has finally finished his garden jobs for the year.

I have accepted the nomination to be Mick's stand in for the weekend. If I'm not here by 7.15am don't wait for me smile
Have a good day.

NannyJan53 Wed 07-Nov-18 06:46:24

Good Morning from a rainy Black Country.

Dropping off Partner to train station in 15 minutes, then onto gym.

Nothing much planned today, bit of housework and ironing and bake a few biscuits. Then picking up DGD's from school at 3.30pm

Have a good day everyone.

cornergran Wed 07-Nov-18 06:50:19

Morning Mick, Morning All from a very wet and windy corner of Somerset. Motorway journey today for some shopping. At least more weight to hold the car down on the way back. Hope Wednesday is kind to everyone.

kittylester Wed 07-Nov-18 06:55:34

Morning all!

North Leicestershire is wet this morning which means I can wear my new Mac when I go out. I'm volunteering this morning and then school run this afternoon so I'll need protection from the elements. grin

Good of you to step up to the plate nina.

NfkDumpling Wed 07-Nov-18 07:05:20

Morning All

Dull, still and grey in the north of Norfolk. No rain as yet but its promised. I had hoped to get into the garden today as I bought rather a lot of pansies and bulbs at our local auctions on Monday. They were very cheap and I couldn't resist.

It was a lovely day on the river yesterday, our little boat is now at her winter home and waiting to be lifted out - and I didn't fall in!

Willow10 Wed 07-Nov-18 07:11:54

Good morning from a grey, wet East Northants. Archery for me this morning followed by coffee and chat. Hope everyone is feeling well, have a pleasant day.

NanKate Wed 07-Nov-18 07:12:51

Morning Mick and All.

Wet and grey in South Bucks.

I am sure you will look very smart Kitty is it a Joules one or Landmark? I took your advice last year Kitty and bought a Landmark duck down winter coat in the sale it has proved excellent, especially when standing in the freezing cold watching DGSs playing footie.

Still coughing !

gillybob Wed 07-Nov-18 07:16:57

Good morning everyone . School runs then “that place” . Haven’t had much sleep so feel like going back to bed .
Have a good Wednesday everyone .

Nana3 Wed 07-Nov-18 07:20:00

Good morning Mick and everyone. The weather is looking grey and damp in Lancashire but it might improve.
I'm going to Calendar Girls today, should be enjoyable, something to look forward to.
The Good Morning thread had 3 pages yesterday smile.
Have a good day everyone.

Blue45Sapphire Wed 07-Nov-18 07:21:11

Good morning from a very wet Northampton.
Not much planned for today; walking group this afternoon if it clears up. And Sainsbury's will deliver this morning.
Have a nice day everyone.

aggie Wed 07-Nov-18 07:23:43

Morning all , I don't think the rain stopped all night ! Out with seniors club to a museum this morning , hope we don't end up as exhibition smile

Gagagran Wed 07-Nov-18 07:28:25

Morning all!

Grey and damp here on the south coast too but we can't grumble after a few very pleasant recent days.

I noticed the lengthy thread yesterday too Nana3! It seems to have developed into an all day thread and a multi-national one too. Slightly different atmosphere to things but all are welcome.

It's choir tonight and only 4 rehearsals left before the concert on 1 December. Our MD expects great things from us and we try hard to produce them (not always successfully!) but the hall is always packed out for the concert so we must be doing something right.

Hope the day is a good one for us all. sunshine

Brunette10 Wed 07-Nov-18 07:47:31

Good Morning everyone! It's dull, damp and windy here in Fife. Have DGS1 today while DD and DGS2 are off to show her colleagues new baby. Looking forward to our little chats as he never stops but just love it. Hope everyone has a good day. Keep your chin up!

NfkDumpling Wed 07-Nov-18 07:50:15

The rain has reached Norfolk and DH has come down with man flu. Deep joy!

PECS Wed 07-Nov-18 08:01:12

Grim , grey, wet & windy weather here in mid Surrey! Was going to take my aunt out for coffee to Pembroke Lodge, Richmond Park..but she me might get blown away! Maybe I will take cakes to her!

Alygran Wed 07-Nov-18 08:02:57

Good morning everyone.
Wet here in North Yorkshire so I doubt my new step will get started.
Off to town this morning then driving to Derbyshire to pick DGS up from school. His auntie usually does Wednesday but she is away on holiday.
Hope Wednesday is kind to you all.

Pittcity Wed 07-Nov-18 08:03:12

Good morning from a grey, wet Colchester.
Another visit to the opticians this morning....the joys of age...
May have to miss the Wednesday coffee meetup in town.

Marydoll Wed 07-Nov-18 08:06:16

Good morning Mick and all. Not so nice here in Glasgow.
Another sleepless night, I hope I don't fall asleep in the dentist's chair this morning! Then the dreaded hygienist! Oh torture. 😣
It's in the next town, so I may have to cheer my self up by wandering around the M&S outlet looking for a bargain I don't need.
Today I'm going to try to come to grips with my new microwave to , it has more buttons than a Boeing 747. grin. I just want to heat something up! I've already been on You Tube looking for help. 😏
I wonder why we are suddenly getting so many international posters on the the "Good morning thread", has GN been raising it's profile abroad? 🤔
Have good day everyone.

Nelliemoser Wed 07-Nov-18 08:09:54

Good Morning All. Very windy here in Cheshire. I looked out of the front window earlier to see one of my large compost bags had escaped and was flying high in circles around the garden. I ran out in my dressing gown to grab it. Lots more leaves falling now.

MawBroon Wed 07-Nov-18 08:13:08

Good morning all. Wet and blustery here in N Bucks. The grass was cut yesterday (fortunately) which hoovered up the carpet of leaves - but they’re all back!
Weeded and tidied Paw’s grave too and planted some daffodil bulbs in it for the spring. So not unhappy about the rain.
Wishing you all a pleasant day.

MawBroon Wed 07-Nov-18 08:14:27

Don’t get locked out in your “goonie” Nelliemoser grin

EllanVannin Wed 07-Nov-18 08:21:48

Good Morning All. Quite windy in the North West so I won't be going far today.
I'm slightly puzzled that my Bottlebrush plant/shrub is flowering again after having had a good display in June/July.
Stay safe everyone.x

travelsafar Wed 07-Nov-18 08:24:22

Not so great here in Letchworth this morning, although the clouds seem to be moving at quite a speed so maybe it may brighten up later. Nothing much planned for today apart from a trip to the supermarket a bit later this morning.

Nannytopsy Wed 07-Nov-18 08:25:11

Good morning! Raining in Leicester but I need to do my French homework so not a problem. I am sitting in bed making lists first!