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Nanawind Tue 25-Dec-18 23:19:44

This morning I was upset having only received a card but no present from either DH,DD or DS. I wanted to go in guns blazing about how hurt and disappointed I was. Then I read a thread posted about a little rhyme saying not everyone is my enemy so don't fight them.
I'm so glad I didn't say anything as after lunch we walked around to our sons home and they asked me to get something out of the garage. DD and family were there as well.
All the family followed me outside. I went in the garage and there was a brand new Mini in bright red. I have never had my own car.
They all started to cheer as this was my present from them all. It's also part birthday as well. I'm so happy.

Lynne59 Tue 25-Dec-18 23:24:04

Wow, that's fantastic. Pleased for you.

SueDonim Tue 25-Dec-18 23:29:28

tchgrin Happy Christmas!

MissAdventure Tue 25-Dec-18 23:30:01

How lovely! smile

FarNorth Tue 25-Dec-18 23:39:04

Fantastic! I'm so pleased for you. tchsmile

mumofmadboys Tue 25-Dec-18 23:48:49

Thank goodness you didn't say anything earlier in the day!

Eloethan Wed 26-Dec-18 00:07:00

What a wonderful surprise and how wise of you to hid your immense disappointment. Hope you enjoy your new car - every time you drive it it will remind you of your lovely family.

Willow10 Wed 26-Dec-18 08:19:44


dragonfly46 Wed 26-Dec-18 08:21:36


sodapop Wed 26-Dec-18 08:48:38

That's brilliant Nanawind Hope you have many happy hours of motoring. What a good thing you didn't say anything earlier. Lovely gift from your family.

Nannylovesshopping Wed 26-Dec-18 08:53:03

What a fabulous family you have, hope you love driving your red mini ๐Ÿš—

Nanawind Wed 26-Dec-18 09:01:21

It's my birthday today and I have received a very large box from the DGD's, inside are furry dice, a nodding dog and a sticker saying Nana's wheels.
I feel very spoilt, never in a million years did I expect the family to spend that much.

lemongrove Wed 26-Dec-18 09:39:00

A brand new mini?
Your family must be loaded, as we looked into the possibility of buying one last year.....then didnโ€™t. ๐Ÿš˜

Luckygirl Wed 26-Dec-18 09:47:39

Well done that family!!!

Can I swap my scarf and books for your mini? [grin}

Luckygirl Wed 26-Dec-18 09:47:58

....or even grin

Nanawind Wed 26-Dec-18 09:48:33

lemongrove our family are not 'loaded' but my husband was spoiling me after the past two years, I lost my mum and sister, diagnosed with cancer.
Not that I need to explain to you it is the basic model but I love it.

MadFerretLady Wed 26-Dec-18 10:00:55

How ๐Ÿ˜Š lovely! A happy Christmas story.... congratulations on your lovely gift and wonderful supportive family. Enjoy your red mini!

BlueSapphire Wed 26-Dec-18 10:02:31

How lovely! Happy birthday.

annehinckley Wed 26-Dec-18 10:04:05

What a lovely story!

Luckylegs9 Wed 26-Dec-18 10:05:06

So pleased for you Nanwind, I hope you have very many happy years of motoring. I am sorry for your bad times, everything seems to come at once and you can't see an end to it. This will herald happier times.

GrannyGravy13 Wed 26-Dec-18 10:08:33

What a fabulous surprise, enjoy your mini and the freedom it will give you ๐Ÿš˜๐Ÿš˜๐Ÿš˜ x

Marydoll Wed 26-Dec-18 10:10:54

What luck girl! Enjoy!!! Your family must think the world of you. Happy driving.

henetha Wed 26-Dec-18 10:13:03

How absolutely fantastic! Wow! I hope you have many happy hours in your fabulous red Mini. wine

labazs1964 Wed 26-Dec-18 10:13:44

well done to your family and i hope you have many miles of happy motoring enjoy

rafichagran Wed 26-Dec-18 10:21:14

Lovely Christmas present.