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BlueSapphire Thu 09-May-19 08:06:02

Does anyone agree with me that Meghan looks a lot better with her bit of pregnancy weight? Her face has filled out and she looks really healthy and well. Of course she looks so happy with her new baby, but there is a glow about her that we haven't seen before. I hope she doesn't try and slim back into her jeans within a couple of weeks, as most celebrities seem to do.

harrigran Thu 09-May-19 08:58:22

Yes I agree, she did look much healthier but her legs are so thin and wearing such high heels can not be good for her pelvis.

Calendargirl Thu 09-May-19 09:05:18

Kate also looked better with a bit of post-pregnancy weight after her babies. Must be really hard to always try and look so slim. I suppose they look better in their outfits if they are slender, and they are always being photographed and commented on. Look how Fergie was slated when she looked a bit hefty!

Sara65 Thu 09-May-19 09:15:51

Yes, poor Fergie was treated quite badly by the press, her fashion sense was sometimes a bit strange, but she was hardly huge!

maryeliza54 Thu 09-May-19 09:33:55

They shouldn’t choose clothes that need them to be size 0 but just be a healthy weight and choose clothes to suit that. They do women ( and men) a great disservice with the impossible standards they set

Mapleleaf Thu 09-May-19 09:45:44

I'm afraid thin calves are often hereditary, so there's probably nothing she can do about them.

Jane10 Thu 09-May-19 09:47:12

She doesn't have to wear 6 inch heels!

Lily65 Thu 09-May-19 09:49:49

I'm sorry but I think Kate looks awfully thin. If the camera adds pounds, she must be very very slim indeed.

maryeliza54 Thu 09-May-19 09:55:27

I agree Lily. That’s why I feel it’s acceptable to comment that she’s a bad role model. Wouldn’t it be great if MM set an example of not being back to pre baby weight and figure in 6 weeks?

Anniebach Thu 09-May-19 10:03:49

Kate a role model?

Doodle Thu 09-May-19 10:09:31

I was pleased to see that Megan had short blunt and what appeared to be unpainted nails. I can remember a young mum in the maternity ward with me who had long painted nails. The midwife was horrified that she would contemplate holding he baby with such “dangerous implements”

notentirelyallhere Thu 09-May-19 10:13:17

There's a very good chance that Kate is anorexic, remember Diana? I did think she was so nervous during the tv interview beside William.

I can't imagine what it's like being in the public eye all the time, being subject to comment and criticism and being groomed to be the future Queen when you are a relatively ordinary person. A friend of mine lives in the next village to her parents and they really are ordinary people who happen to have made a success of their lives.

People complain about the Royal's existence and the money they are paid but I wouldn't want their lives, rich or not, it looks hell. And btw, I've always been a republican, but these days I just see them as human beings under a lot of pressure.

notentirelyallhere Thu 09-May-19 10:15:02

Sorry, p.s. I think Kate is told what to do and to toe the line, the Palace PR machine is draconian and well out of date. Such a shame when you look at Royal Families elsewhere, eg. the Netherlands. Very different.

Gonegirl Thu 09-May-19 10:16:13

I think that Meghan just has an entirely different set of genes to Kate. (Well, obviously she has but, you know...)

She'll probably find it harder to lose the weight. But I bet she will! grin

Gonegirl Thu 09-May-19 10:18:23

No chance Kate is anorexic. And I didn't think she looked at all nervous. No more than anyone would when you've got to make up a little speech on the spot.

notentirelyallhere Thu 09-May-19 10:21:13

Gonegirl, glad you had time to comment, quite happy to respect that your opinion is different to mine. However, I wonder if I will now find you contradicting every post I put up? I know you were upset by our exchange of posts recently but I have a right to my opinion too.

EllanVannin Thu 09-May-19 10:21:37

I think Kate's genes are of a slim nature as her sister is also slim as is the brother so I can't see her being any more " weighty " than she is now or even if she has a fourth child.

Meghan does look better with a fuller face, younger too ! She wouldn't look right if the rest of her was larger because of her thin legs.

There are many people who are slim by nature and who are unlikely to gain more than half a stone throughout their lives.
In both the Royal's cases it's how things should be in order to stay fit and well providing there's no extreme dieting resulting in being abnormally stick-thin.

Sussexborn Thu 09-May-19 10:21:40

Megan had very light nail polish but short neat nails. Very sensible. I thought she looked a lot prettier and healthier with a bit of flesh on her face.

I wish they wouldn’t wear those enormously high heels when pregnant and just after. I suppose they are used to them but it can’t be doing their body much good in the long term.

Still lovely to see how happy they both look and how loved this little boy will be.

Anniebach Thu 09-May-19 10:22:37

Why would Kate be told what to do? She knows the protocols of wife to 2nd in line and I doubt she would want to subject William or her children to ‘front pages ‘ every day.

Millie22 Thu 09-May-19 10:25:17

I think Meghan looked lovely yesterday and to wear a white dress now that's brave.

notentirelyallhere Thu 09-May-19 10:31:44

I thought Kate and William were careful to avoid any 'front pages' and that there was an agreement with the press that they would be given privacy? Doesn't stop the tabloids here or the foreign press trying or the kind of gossip on a forum like this where everyone wants a say in how she looks.

I think Kate is almost certainly told what to do and you have to wonder about the background to the story that a rift has developed between William and Kate and Meghan and Harry. Meghan and Harry have made it clear that they are breaking with tradition and that's a story in itself. Love the baby's names, well done them.

Grandma70s Thu 09-May-19 10:34:15

I was just as thin as Kate at her age and stage of life. I had an enormous appetite and certainly wasn’t anorexic. Some people are just naturally thin. I think she looks lovely.

I’ve never noticed Meghan having thin legs. Better than big ones! I do notice the very high heels. In my view they look silly on anyone, but in pregnancy or with a new baby just absurd. I thought she was supposed to be an emancipated woman?

Anniebach Thu 09-May-19 10:38:39

Megan and Harry can break with tradition as do the rest of the junior royals, William and Kate can’t.

Calendargirl Thu 09-May-19 10:51:15

Kate’s nails have always looked quite short and natural on any pictures I have seen of her hands. IMHO looks much classier than gaudy colours.

Grandma70s Thu 09-May-19 10:55:41

I was pleased by the short nails. Apparently (I mean I have read somewhere) the royals are not allowed to wear brightly coloured nail varnish. They have various dress and appearance codes that she will have to conform to.