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Snog, Marry, Avoid (Just for fun)

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trisher Mon 01-Jul-19 17:58:28

We post three people and then everyone has to say which one they would snog (in the dirty version it's shag) which they would marry and which they would avoid. When we've had a few posts we could have new people.
So First Up
Jeremy Corbyn, Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt
I'd Snog Hunt, marry JC (it probably wouldn't last long) and avoid Johnson.
Anyone else?

WOODMOUSE49 Mon 01-Jul-19 18:12:56

hmm Sorry but I'd avoid all 3. My loves are gardening and cooking so I'm going for chefs: Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall I'd marry, James Martin I'd snog blush and Gordon Ramsay I'd avoid.

Gonegirl Mon 01-Jul-19 18:14:29

What a dreadful idea for a thread! hmm

trisher Mon 01-Jul-19 18:20:23

Oh come on Gonegirl it's a common game. Don't tell me you've never played it!

GrannyGravy13 Mon 01-Jul-19 18:22:30

Snog - George Clooney
Marry - Tom Hanks
Avoid- Tom Cruise

WadesNan Mon 01-Jul-19 18:23:04

Snog - Shemar Moore
Marry - Ryan Reynolds
Avoid - Keith Lemon

Loislovesstewie Mon 01-Jul-19 18:23:42

I'm marrying JC, ( I'll fight you for him☺), would definitely avoid Boris . Would I snog Jeremy Hunt? Well.. at a push , but not willingly.

trisher Mon 01-Jul-19 18:24:25

You don't get to choose your own you have to use the three under consideration- Corbyn, Hunt and Johnson- choosing your own is too easy!

WadesNan Mon 01-Jul-19 18:26:30

If it is down to choosing from those three I am joining a convent and taking a vow of chastity!!!!!!

Whitewavemark2 Mon 01-Jul-19 18:26:59

Oh yuk, yuk And yuk!! One does have some standards for goodness sake.

trisher Mon 01-Jul-19 18:27:42

Loislovesstewie copious amounts of gin or other liquor can be supplied if necessary then maybe Hunt would seem better!

Scentia Mon 01-Jul-19 18:28:53

Snog Boris (if I was paid!)
Marry JC ( no money required!)
Avoid Hunt (like the plague)

Loislovesstewie Mon 01-Jul-19 18:33:43

Ok, I'll take a large whiskey or three and then do the deed!

BBbevan Mon 01-Jul-19 18:37:37

Snog. David Olugosa
Marry. David Olugosa
Avoid Simon Cowell

Gonegirl Mon 01-Jul-19 18:38:01

trisher never 'eard of it!

Whitewavemark2 Mon 01-Jul-19 18:40:35

gonegirl you haven’t lived😄

Sara65 Mon 01-Jul-19 18:41:17

Oh my God! I don’t know if I can play this game!

Okay, well I’d marry Hunt, he’s reportedly rich
I suppose after about 10 G&Ts I could possibly snog Boris, or could I? I’m not sure
But definitely avoid Corbyn

Oldandverygrey Mon 01-Jul-19 18:41:30

Gonegirl - neither have I.

Alima Mon 01-Jul-19 18:43:36

If that is all that is on offer I would likely start batting for the other team. Or join a nunnery. Third thoughts I think it’s better when trisher is banging on about politics instead of banging the politicians so to speak.

Gonegirl Mon 01-Jul-19 18:43:59

Maybe cos we're "old and very grey" Oldandverygrey! grin

BBbevan Mon 01-Jul-19 18:44:52

I didn't realise we had to stick to those 3. Sorry. I can only put them in degrees of obnoxiousness.

Most. JC
Next. BJ
Least JH. ( at least he always looks clean)

Riverwalk Mon 01-Jul-19 18:45:30

Are we getting desperate here?? grin

JC - marry years ago but not now
Hunt - snog, if I had to
Bozzer - AVOID

Oldandverygrey Mon 01-Jul-19 18:46:02

Could be Gonegirl, would expect this heading to be in Mumsnet.

Gonegirl Mon 01-Jul-19 18:46:10

Oh, Jeremy Corbyn is quite sweet. Not going farther than that though.

Gonegirl Mon 01-Jul-19 18:47:08

Yes exactly Oavg!

Norty trisher.