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ever feel you have wasted a day

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travelsafar Tue 16-Jul-19 22:01:55

Not sure why i feel like this today but i do. Out early with my sister for a couple of hours shopping then home. Picked some raspberries and gooseberries from the garden and prepped the salad for dinner this evening, then i just felt so wiped out and had no energy left to do anything else!!! Felt like a really old lady as i sat down just before 2pm and there i have been for the rest of the day. Feel better now it has cooled down but also feel cross that i have wasted a day doing nothing really. Anyone else felt this way about their day.

M0nica Tue 16-Jul-19 22:08:18

Yes, feel that quite often, my mind has not caught up with the fact that in my mid-70s I no longer have the stamina to keep going the way I did and I plan lots of things to do, get half of them done and then have to sit down because I have had it and I am too tired to go any further.

However, today was not one of those days and I have been, gardening, decorating and still feel fine, although my feet are aching.

Tangerine Tue 16-Jul-19 22:14:07

You can't work hard all the time. What's wrong with not doing much occasionally?

GabriellaG54 Tue 16-Jul-19 22:16:39

No. I can do nothing in particular or nothing at all, all day, and not feel as though it's wasted.
Looking after myself is never a waste and I like being both busy and idle depending on various factors, weather, time and inclination.
The better part if my life gas been spent in gainful employment, either in the home or the professional arena.
I see no need to flog the horse any more.

GabriellaG54 Tue 16-Jul-19 22:18:14

if, gas of has blush

grannylyn65 Tue 16-Jul-19 22:24:49


CanadianGran Tue 16-Jul-19 22:31:53

If you are normally busy all day, but feeling especially tired, I would make a doctor's appointment.
But if you are just having an off day, then keep your feet up, get your book or favourite TV show and enjoy. Don't feel guilty . We all need a rest once in a while!

B9exchange Tue 16-Jul-19 22:38:22

I had a day a bit like that on Sunday, I just could not keep awake all day, which was a shame as we had the opportunity to visit baby grandson for the first time for over a month. Very embarrassing to keep nodding off, even in the middle of the cricket and Wimbledon!

Fortunately I was able to stay awake for the two meetings at work yesterday!

BradfordLass72 Tue 16-Jul-19 22:42:11

I understand how you may feel tired on a hot day, I suppose we all do at some time. Maybe you need some iron tablets?

But I cannot see anything in your post which seems to indicate wasted time.

You spent a couple of hours with your sister, whom I assume you love. Would you rather not have a sister to do this with?

Then you picked fruit and prepared it and the salad.
What a joy and privilege to have a garden where you can grow things.

If you had wanted to do all these things but something (ill health perhaps, or an accident) prevented you, then I could see why you may perceive time as wasted.

BlueBelle Tue 16-Jul-19 22:42:21

I often feel like I ve accomplished nothing even when I have so yes I often feel I ve wasted a day

gransal Tue 16-Jul-19 22:51:47

My dh cut the grass, did some shopping and vacuumed the lounge and hall. He sat down with a cuppa and said I feel I have done nothing today. We all have off days and you had a productive one. TOYA

Minniemoo Tue 16-Jul-19 22:51:48

I tend to think no day is wasted. Even if I do absolutely nothing. I might be reading, listening to music, watching my tennis, (which I am missing now!) or just gazing at some fact show on TV. I grew up with my father constantly telling me I was wasting my days because I read so much. He expected me to be marching up Snowden at the age of 5. So any day, is a good enough day. As far as I'm concerned.

Sara65 Wed 17-Jul-19 06:53:44

I felt like that on Sunday, my husband went into work for a few hours, while I caught up with the ironing, then one daughter and children called in for couple of hours, then I just caught Sainsbury’s before it shut! It was a beautiful sunny day, and I just wasted it, then back to work on Monday!

Pantglas1 Wed 17-Jul-19 07:13:35

You made me smile Minniemoo - my father said the same about my reading - as if it could be bad thing!

I have days now that I’m retired when I do very little and I enjoy them because for 45 years I seemed to chase my tail keeping up with work, home, family and friends. I rarely had a to do nothing except on holiday.

I think we’ve earned our hours/days off, so enjoy the quiet times.

Calendargirl Wed 17-Jul-19 07:20:37

“What is this life if full of care
We have no time to stand and stare....etc.”

Might have mis-quoted, but we all need to do this sometimes.

lovebeigecardigans1955 Wed 17-Jul-19 07:23:33

You say that you felt wiped out so you needed the rest - to sit about wasn't time wasted - your body needed to recover. It wasn't wasted at all. We can't and shouldn't be frantic all the time.

Bellasnana Wed 17-Jul-19 07:25:08

Yes, frequently.

gillybob Wed 17-Jul-19 07:27:05

Wasted days, weeks, months and years too.

Chewbacca Wed 17-Jul-19 07:34:33

Ditto gillybob.

tiredoldwoman Wed 17-Jul-19 07:35:19

I think sometimes your body and mind needs a day off ! I don't mind sitting doing nothing very much if I'm happy sitting doing nothing . It's when I want to go out and do something , phone around seeing what everyone's doing , looking for something nice to do , everyone's busy or says ' I'll get back to you later' and you waste your time waiting on others . Then it's too late to do anything ! So get out and do your own thing or sit in the house or whatever and enjoy it !

Sara65 Wed 17-Jul-19 07:43:05

I don’t consider a day wasted if I’m enjoying it, I could happily sit and read all day, or snuggle up on the sofa with my crochet, but if I’ve not achieved anything useful, or done anything enjoyable, I consider it a wasted day

Grannyknot Wed 17-Jul-19 07:46:39

Nope, definitely not, especially when I am indulging in the gentle art of slacking off.

Bordersgirl57 Wed 17-Jul-19 07:58:35

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

JackyB Wed 17-Jul-19 08:06:59

I have had a few days like that recently - the hot weather just switches me off and all I can do is languish on the bed in a darkened room. In the evenings I feel I could kick myself as my "to do" list hasn't had anything ticked off it at all.

Sometimes I try and make a plan and include breaks in the schedule which does help a bit.

..... (ambles off into the distance, whistling "Busy doing nothing, working the whole day through/Trying to find lots of things not to do)

Resurgam123 Wed 17-Jul-19 08:11:44

I go into the garden to recover. As guess a number of us gardeners do.