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paddyann Thu 01-Aug-19 10:48:27

We still use a teapot that was a wedding gift 44 years ago .as my mother did before me I never actually wash it out just rinse it under the hot tap.We dont have hard water so theres no build up of any sort apart from the brown staining on the inside from years of 6 or 8 or more pots of tea a day .

I think washing it in soap might affect the taste so I was surprised when friends told me hers in put in the dishwasher daily.I never drink tea in her house so I have no idea if I'm right about taste .

paddyann Thu 01-Aug-19 10:50:18

Sorry posted too soon,anyone who washes theirs daily who can tell me if I'm just a manky so and so or if washed t pots do affect the flavour

aggie Thu 01-Aug-19 10:55:13

what is it made of ? I put my delph one in the dishwasher and it doesn't do anything to the flavour , but it does look a lot better smile

aggie Thu 01-Aug-19 10:55:48

I use loose tea leaves BTW

Merseybelle2 Thu 01-Aug-19 11:01:10

I’m with you. I just rinse our teapot out under the tap and reuse it. I absolutely love teapots and have had some amazing teapot finds thanks to our local charity shops. My massive collection is depleted now as I’ve spent the last twelve months trying to seriously declutter in case we snuff it unexpectedly. Tea always tastes better in a nice pot ! An old friend used to put a few drops of Stardrops in her teapot to remove the stains but you could still taste it despite plenty of rinsing !

Grammaretto Thu 01-Aug-19 11:06:13

I use a ceramic teapot which I rinse but would never think of washing it in detergent. Heaven help us!

I use teabags, Fairtrade bags with no plastic and I'm afraid that doesn't include Yorkshire tea or Tetleys.

I do have some loose-leaf Assam tea which I keep meaning to start. It smells wonderful.

Bopeep14 Thu 01-Aug-19 11:07:17

I still use a teapot hate tea made in the cup.
I don't wash it everyday but i do when it is looking a bit messy from the tea stains put bleach in and soak it for a while then give it a good wash. I do the same with my cups.

paddyann Thu 01-Aug-19 11:11:20

Its a stainless steel pot with a wooden handle and knob on the hinged lid ,it was part of a set but the rest seem to have lived in the attic for 30 years

Auntieflo Thu 01-Aug-19 11:59:36

We now have a stainless steel teapot, used every day, and put in the dishwasher when that’s on. It doesn’t taint our tea, Twinings Earl Grey or Clipper tea bags, weak and black.

My lovely Woods ware, blue pot, broke a couple of years ago and the replacement has been fine, but just not the same.

Callistemon Thu 01-Aug-19 12:13:07

I always seem to break the lids so have a collection of nice teapots which are used for watering plants!

vena11 Thu 01-Aug-19 12:59:30

Can hardly find a teapot that does not dribble when pouring. Hate that.

EllanVannin Thu 01-Aug-19 13:13:00

I used a teapot for years with the family then gave away 2 or 3 since being on my own. I only ever rinsed it out and never washed it as such just a wipe on the outside.
Now I just have a cup which I occasionally have to bleach because I use two tea-bags at a time for a good strong cuppa so it gets stained with the tannin.

My china tea-sets never see daylight now sad though one is used when my step-daughter calls as she prefers her tea from a china cup----complete with saucer.

aggie Thu 01-Aug-19 13:15:39

No don't put a stainless steel teapot with wooden bits in the dishwasher !

kittylester Thu 01-Aug-19 16:21:11

I have a Denby, navy blue 'brown Betty's t pot. It pours beautifully so we bought a other in the factory shop sale - just in case. We empty the leaves when we want to use it again. blush I also sometimes put it in the dishwasher if I want to put the dishwasher on but it isnt quite full enough! Neither method spoils our tea.

Minniemoo Thu 01-Aug-19 16:26:37

My mother in law had over 300 teapots by the time. The poor woman had said she liked them and had a couple on a shelf and that was that. Over the years all of her 11 children, 40+ grandchildren and so on, would get her a tea pot for birthdays and Christmas.

A few days before she died, (which she knew was coming) she said to us that at least there would be no more flaming teapots.

Never forgot that. Everyone was so sad and then the whole room filled with laughter.

phoenix Thu 01-Aug-19 16:32:11

6 to 8 pots a day shock

That's a hell of a lot of tea!

Peonyrose Thu 01-Aug-19 16:36:21

I wash mine every other day, the outside needs a wash as well as inside. Dink about 8 cups of tea a day.

paddyann Thu 01-Aug-19 17:01:23

my kettle never cools down PhoenixI drink a lot of tea.I drink it balck and sugarless ..and alot of the time it decaf .Its not doing me any harm .Its a habit started when we worked very long days 14 or 16 hours 5 or 6 days a week .a cuppa on the side of the machine kept me going when I flagged.Its more often when my MIL stays .its every 20 minutes for tea .She asks as soon as she comes through the door .."is the kettle boiled"?

bikergran Thu 01-Aug-19 17:03:19

Little spooky story...about a tea pot.!

I had an older friend who had these cups with cats on.

She was getting rid and asked did I want them (nice little mug with black cat sitting on a windowsill)

So I acquired these 4 cups.

Maybe about 12 months down the line my late dh was digging on his big allotment (about a mile away from my friends house)

He came home one after toon with this Teapot! we couldn't believe it! it was the teapot that matched the mugs I had been given by friend, haven't got them any more, gave them away when we moved (de clutter)

Marydoll Thu 01-Aug-19 17:12:24

Paddyann, I'm like you, stainless steel, just rinsed and never put in the dishwasher.
The teapot was part of a set for wedding present forty two years ago. The rest of the set lay in a cupboard until very recently, when I got rid of it.

Daisymae Thu 01-Aug-19 18:04:01

Ours goes in the dishwasher on a regular basis. It's ceramic with a stainless steel lid. I occasionally put bicarb in it and a little water to get rid of any tannin

TwiceAsNice Thu 01-Aug-19 18:10:59

I like China teapots . I have 2 large ones and a mini one just for me. They both go in the dishwasher. Not keen on stainless steel

paddyann Thu 01-Aug-19 18:48:23

I have china pots as ppart of dinner services but I rarely use them .My old teapot makes a great cuppa and fits my cosy well.Its stood on a teapot stand that was my husbands grannies so its at least 60 years old .I did look for another metal pot on the way home yesterday but couldn't find one I liked ,there are a lot of glass ones and copper and glass in the shops .Not sure thats my style

MollyPolly60 Fri 02-Aug-19 00:11:06

@Callistemon do what I do and put plants into your teapots with no lids!

NotSpaghetti Fri 02-Aug-19 00:24:23

Hello, we are also loose leaf tea drinkers and have three teapots, one china and two stainless. They all go in the dishwasher when used. Not every day but pretty regularly.

The stainless one with a hinged lid has to go in at an angle so there is no pressure on the hinge. I had this explained by a family friend who worked in hospitality. Since then I've noticed lots of tea pots in cafes (with hinged lids) don't seem to close properly.

The two stainless ones were both my mother's so have survived since the 1950s and 1960s. They have been washed in a dishwasher since the late 70s.