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Hints of Autumn

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Lisagran Sun 18-Aug-19 21:55:59

I like all the seasons for different reasons, but I do love Autumn! Today, in the garden, there were a few signs that Autumn is on its way - sedums starting to colour up, Japanese anemones, Michaelmas daisies, etc. Hopefully a few more warm and sunny weeks yet though!

NfkDumpling Sun 18-Aug-19 22:00:24

Driving home today I noticed the leaves of some birch trees have already turned golden. Too early!

lemongrove Sun 18-Aug-19 22:03:01

Lovely arrangement and your jugs again 😁

lemongrove Sun 18-Aug-19 22:04:14

I have to pick flowers furtively (DH hates them going missing)

Lisagran Sun 18-Aug-19 22:07:03

lemongrove grin

annep1 Sun 18-Aug-19 22:08:48

Lovely flowers Lisagran

EllanVannin Sun 18-Aug-19 22:20:28

Rowan trees covered in red berries ready for the birds to store. Usually a sign of a hard winter.

merlotgran Sun 18-Aug-19 22:25:32

Tawny owls, kicking their young out to fend for themselves because harvest is done and dusted.

Quite a racket at the edge of our field last night. A lot of Too Witting and Too Wooing scrapping going on.

Squiffy Sun 18-Aug-19 22:33:52

Definitely noticed an autumnal nip in the air in the evening.

BradfordLass72 Sun 18-Aug-19 22:42:31

Gosh, harvest must come early these days.

It's only mid-August, everyone should still be sunning themselves on beaches smile

I remember Harvest Festival was always in September.
Is that because GM crops mature early?

Callistemon Sun 18-Aug-19 22:54:10

Definitely not BradfordLass!! We don't grow GM crops here except as experiments and import a limited amount for animal feed.

Farmers have generally always harvested cereal crops in August - that is why we have the traditional long school holidays then, so that children could help in days gone by.

Fruit, some vegetables eg pumpkins, ripen later so apples etc are harvested in September, October and the Harvest Festival is after all is 'safely gathered in'.

Just when you think it feels autumnal the temperature is set to go up again next weekend.

Callistemon Sun 18-Aug-19 22:56:05

Harvest Festivals are around the time of the nearest full moon to the autumn equinox.

rosecarmel Mon 19-Aug-19 02:48:09

Cooler evenings and changing leaves here too- Starlings have begun to gather and I haven't seen any oriole for weeks- Hummingbirds are feeding heavily as are bees-

BlueBelle Mon 19-Aug-19 04:09:29

I m hanging onto my shorts, weather reports are next three weeks to be nice warm and summery the only reason I fear autumn is the thought of winter taking over
What made you think we had genetically modified crops bradfordlass most people are against them here Do you have them over there?

absent Mon 19-Aug-19 05:57:24

I, too, love the colours of Autumn, but where I live, I am really looking forward to Spring after a very wet and quite chilly Winter.

Sara65 Mon 19-Aug-19 06:18:29

Had the first 🕷of the season at the weekend, me my daughter three grandchildren in screaming hysterics, two marginally braver sent to vacuum it up.

Autumn definitely on the way!

sodapop Mon 19-Aug-19 08:54:13

Definitely an autumnal feel to the air when I walked the dogs this morning. Lovely, absolutely my favourite season. Hopefully the flies which have been a really big problem this year will disappear.

Lupatria Mon 19-Aug-19 10:31:43

down here in dorset it's still summer although the days are getting a little shorter. weather forecast for the week shows not a drop of rain.

Wren5 Mon 19-Aug-19 10:42:12

Beautiful bouquet Lisagran smile..

grandtanteJE65 Mon 19-Aug-19 10:49:36

Unfortunately, the first sign of Autumn here has been three weeks of blinding rain and the forecast is for more rain!

polnan Mon 19-Aug-19 10:53:12

October weather imo winds and cool, and rain..

In August!

Camelotclub Mon 19-Aug-19 10:56:46

I love owls. Wish I could have heard them. Only hear them here in dead of a winter's night if I wake up at 3am!

HannahLoisLuke Mon 19-Aug-19 10:58:17

Oh no! I'm still waiting for summer. Two very hot days in July isn't enough.

Diggingdoris Mon 19-Aug-19 11:11:53

I had considered putting away the summer clothes as it's been chilly this last week.(cardis in full use). But the weather man says it could be back to 27 degrees by Friday, so maybe it's not quite autumn yet.

GabriellaG54 Mon 19-Aug-19 11:22:09

Another simply beautiful arrangement Lisagran, far nicer than bought flowers.
I do sometimes wish I had a bigger garden but will plant the small plot with plenty of autumn colour such as dogwood.
Can you recommend any small bushes to go in half barrel tubs? Something that looks good all year round. smile Thank you.