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Dates - not the edible kind!

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Willow500 Fri 23-Aug-19 06:40:05

When I was working I always knew what date it was but now I find I'm constantly trying to work it out. I do have a calendar/phone etc to refer to but never used to need them - is this a retirement thing?

Yesterday I bought cards for all the September birthdays (it must've been a busy Christmas grin ) and anniversaries, sat and wrote them out and will now have to try to make sure they get posted on time as I often find the date has crept up on me and I've missed it.

I've just realised yesterday was also the anniversary of my dad's passing which I'd missed - sorry Dad sad

Thankfully I do still know what day of the week it is - just! grin

Sara65 Fri 23-Aug-19 06:50:19

I still work, but I have the same problem, constantly glancing at my screen to see the date, and weekends and holidays, I completely lose track!

Pantglas1 Fri 23-Aug-19 06:59:39

I find I still plan things around the weekend, as if it’s any different to mid week now that I’m retired. I’m often heard to say oh shame it’s not on the weekend, and then remembering, I can go to the ball!

kittylester Fri 23-Aug-19 07:01:15

I'm the same! I try to work it out from a specific date in the previous few days. For example - Dh's birthday was Wednesday 7th August therefore I know the date of all the other Wednessays in August. All i need now is a method of recalling which week we are in and which day it is!! confused

The advantage of my method is that puzzles are supposed to help keep dementia at bay. grin

dragonfly46 Fri 23-Aug-19 07:08:08

I am the same. For some reason recently I think Fridays are Saturdays. DH and I have a shared online calendar and that is the only reason I know the date.

Urmstongran Fri 23-Aug-19 07:16:18

I loved my job but like being retired better! My mum used to remind me at the start of it ‘every day is Sunday!’

It still gives me a thrill to know I can stay up late, lie in if I want to, go out mid week and have no days of ‘routine stuff’.


NannyJan53 Fri 23-Aug-19 07:36:33

I feel the same Urmstongran. Mum always used to say 'I don't have Bank Holidays now'! For me now every day is a Bank Holiday smile

I have a few birthdays in September and October too Willow in fact mine is in September! My brothers is next week, and I ordered him a customised card from Funky Pigeon, you put the date in and they post it for you! Cost £3.00 which isn't bad really, considering the cost of postage and cards these days.

I also love Sunday evenings now, as there is no work tomorrow to think of, and it is sooooo good to come back from a holiday and know there is no work the next day too!

I put everything in my calendar on my phone, and it pops up with a reminder. So I always put the week before the date in the calendar, remember to buy/post x's card.

sodapop Fri 23-Aug-19 07:55:39

It's the same for me Willow500 I usually have no idea what date it is, often the day escapes me as well. Birthdays writ large on the calendar, thank goodness for the card postal services. Whilst on this subject does anyone else find the year is disappearing too quickly again, I had intended to organise a holiday but what has happened to the time yet again.

CaroDane Fri 23-Aug-19 07:57:25

My OH and I can't remember what day it is at the best of times, he's always one day ahead, I seem to be one behind.
We bought four sets of those calendar blocks that you turn over and it tells you the month day and date.
I think they were cheap from Home and Bargain.
They are really handy and useful in the kitchen to see if food is still in date.
Only problem is remembering to turn over the blocks. Sometimes he turns it over at night, sometimes I think he hasn't so I turn it over again in the morning, and sometimes we both forget!

Urmstongran Fri 23-Aug-19 07:58:24

That made me giggle CaroDane!

ninathenana Fri 23-Aug-19 08:53:43

Willow if you have dates in your phone, set an alert a couple of days before a birth date. "Post card" frequently pops up on my screen.
I too have to check the date since retirement.

MiniMoon Fri 23-Aug-19 09:31:06

nina, I do that, but with my Amazon echo. We went swimming yesterday to a new private pool. I asked Alexa to remind me, which she does the day before the event.
I'm pretty good with what day it is, but DH is still working part time, and our son comes for lunch on his day off, a Thursday. He came yesterday, but had forgotten about our swimming, there was no lunch as we'd eaten out! He's coming again today. 😃

luluaugust Fri 23-Aug-19 09:35:20

We know when Thursday comes round as everyone puts their bins out and we follow suit.

dragonfly46 Fri 23-Aug-19 09:38:17

Funny you should say that about Sundays Urmstongran. I have always hated Sundays and still do and I cannot think why. I love Fridays that is why it is so upsetting at the moment thinking every Friday is Saturday!!

b1zzle Fri 23-Aug-19 10:16:34

My diary/calendar are now essential life-support - especially when I'm not sure what day/date it is!

jaylucy Fri 23-Aug-19 10:17:38

I found even when at work that when my job meant that I had to write the date on things I was fine - as soon as it was computerised, and done automatically it was strictly need to know basis!
Now I'm not working - even realising what day of the week it is sometimes is a struggle! But then I reckon that I no longer have to work to a routine if I don't want to, so why do I need to ???

GrandmasueUK Fri 23-Aug-19 10:19:24

I spent ages yesterday wondering when they had changed the GCSE results to Wednesday instead of Thursday. I'm now wondering what happened to Tuesday!

Rosyanne Fri 23-Aug-19 10:22:14

Thank goodness for All birthdays, anniversaries,etc are listed, I get reminders beforehand and no matter where I am in the world, I can send cards and gifts and know they will arrive on time.

Diggingdoris Fri 23-Aug-19 10:24:09

Yes I often wonder what the date or day is, though I check my calendar near the kettle every morning so I don't miss birthdays.
When I write cards in advance I write the date in top right corner to remind me. Then it gets covered with the stamp .
Saw this yesterday-
'What do you call someone who doesn't care that it's Monday?


maryhoffman37 Fri 23-Aug-19 10:25:45

I have always kept a physical diary for appointments and still always carry it in my handbag. I am self-employed and have no intention of ever retiring but there isn't that sharp difference between a workplace and home, because home is also my workplace.

BlueBelle Fri 23-Aug-19 10:31:22

I hate retirement there’s no structure I knew where I was when sat and Sunday we my time, now every day is like Saturday or Sunday so there’s no looking forward to a break
Today Friday I was convince it was Saturday all week I ve been one day ahead and no idea why ??

EllanVannin Fri 23-Aug-19 10:49:02

I have a large numbered calendar in the kitchen on which I always copy Birthday dates,etc from the old calendar, so that helps for starters. Then as each day/date ends I cross it out leaving me with the present day's date so I always remember.
It's my jumbo diary.

frankie74 Fri 23-Aug-19 10:49:40

Instead of only being marked "Today" at the top of these posts, perhaps I could suggest that Gransnet put eg "Today Friday". Probably a very techno idea!?

Boolya Fri 23-Aug-19 11:09:25

I like to get birthday cards ahead of time. I write them then write in tiny letters where the stamp goes, the posting date. It hasn't failed me ...... yet......

Barmeyoldbat Fri 23-Aug-19 11:24:17

Willow, we must be twins. Today is Friday and I thought it was Saturday and only know the date because my work pension went into my account yesterday. After today I will lose track of the dates and Mr B is the same, in fact he went out to buy the Saturday paper and it was him that discovered it was Friday. I think the reason is at our age we have so much stored in our brains, especially memories, that it is hard to drag out the most needed facts.

Also put send the card I bought for my niece.