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Good Morning Sunday

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Beechnut Sun 27-Oct-19 07:26:46

Anyone up?

Julesw Sun 27-Oct-19 07:28:32

I'm up and enjoying a beautiful sunrise.

dragonfly46 Sun 27-Oct-19 07:29:35

Good morning from sunny Leicestershire.

Just waiting for some one to open up!

Not much planned today.

Hoping for better news from Gilly and that Mary is well-rested.

Pantglas2 Sun 27-Oct-19 07:31:24

Yes beechnut what happened to the extra hour in bed I was meant to have? I always seem to miss the autumn benefit then somehow cop it in spring when I could do with it!

I’m up early to prep a full monty while we cheer Wales on - let’s hope the play better than last game!

I’d forgotten Mick is on his mystery trip - be interesting to see where he ended up!

Hope everyone has a lovely day - health and weather wise x

cornergran Sun 27-Oct-19 07:33:21

Morning All. Cloudy and dry in our corner of Somerset. Promised a dry day, hope so as would be good to have a walk at our local NT. Thinking of gilly and all carrying a weight, hope Sunday is kind to everyone.

kittylester Sun 27-Oct-19 07:34:01

Morning all. I'm about 4 miles from dragonfly in sunny North Leicestershire. It's very cold though.

DH seems to be recovered from the cold that laid him low and is waiting for the rugby to start.

Not much on the agenda today apart from the papers and roast pork.

Beechnut Sun 27-Oct-19 07:37:28

I was waiting too dragonfly 😃
It’s a much brighter start to the day on Severnside I’m pleased to tell you.

I think I’ll do the things I intended to do yesterday. I sat down with my lunch, put the tele on and saw that Brokenwood was on so I binge watched those all afternoon.

I hope you are all feeling ok or better and enjoy the day 🌻

Sar53 Sun 27-Oct-19 07:37:51

Good morning everyone from a bright and cold Essex by the sea . The heating has just come on thank goodness.
DH takes his two DGS to rugby on Sunday mornings, they will need to wrap up very warmly and I shall stay in the warm and prepare a casserole for dinner.
I will probably have the Wales v South Africa match on. Hopefully it will be just as exciting as the game yesterday.
I hope there is better news from Gillybobs today.
Have a very pleasant Sunday.

Ginny42 Sun 27-Oct-19 07:40:00

Good morning Beechnut, Julesw and all who follow. Wonderful sky here in Cheshire too this morning. The leaves on the trees in the wood are golden in the sunlight against the vivid blue sky.

Hope Mick has ended up where he thought he was going to be waking up this morning!

My DD is coming later for a few hours before flying home after her friend's wedding. Have got together many things she left here on her last visit, as she had to fit GS's birthday presents in the suitcase and had to leave lots of her stuff.

Sending warm wishes to the Gillybobsand hoping the microbiologist has made a breakthrough with the antibiotics. Best wishes too to Marydoll that you have a better day today. What's to be done about your meds?

Enjoy Sunday everyone whatever you may have planned. xx

NfkDumpling Sun 27-Oct-19 07:41:45

Morning All

Bright and sunny here in Norfolk.

I've been up since five which is really six o'clock. I hate the clock change, it's worse with the fall back and takes ages to get my body clock right. Added to that the depressingly dark evenings which make winter even more noticeable. Enough! It's a lovely day! Be happy!

I'm off into town to help change the summer bedding plants to winter wall flowers this morning and then we're having lunch at our old winter sailing club. (More of a gathering in a shed by the river really.)

NanKate Sun 27-Oct-19 07:42:32

Morning Beechnutand All.

Lovely clear day here in South Bucks.

My mild chest infection is clearing up thanks to hot lemon and honey.

Kitty do you do lovely crisp crackling ? If so I’ll drop by. 😉

Rugby for us too.

If only Gilly could have some respite from the sad situation with her poor husband. Love and hugs from the Good Morning Club. 💐

NanKate Sun 27-Oct-19 07:45:04

Hello to Ginny too. Have a lovely day with your daughter.

Alygran Sun 27-Oct-19 07:45:41

Good morning from North Yorkshire. I am home after a fabulous holiday with DD2 in California and Nevada. Getting north from London was very tricky for her due to the flooding. Her train took 6 hours to Stockport. We hadn’t realised just how bad the weather has been here while we were enjoying some lovely sunshine.
I must start my washing this morning and go out for some food shopping.
Sending huge good wishes to Gilly, hope there is better news today. Hugs to all those who need one. Hope today is kind to you.

Grammaretto Sun 27-Oct-19 07:45:42

Good morning all from the Scottish Borders. Sunshine streaming in. I've been up and made a pot of tea but came back to bed with it to get my extra hour.
Not sure how today will turn out but I really hope for good news from Gilly

Marydoll Sun 27-Oct-19 07:47:41

Good morning all from a chilly (6 degrees) and very windy Glasgow. The bed will be stripped and the sheets out on the line (DH will do it with my guidance grin )My late mother would be shocked, no washing on a Sunday allowed! blush.

I have been awake early, ( a wee angina attack) , and couldn't remember if Mick was going to able to post this morning. Beechnut, thanks for opening the shop!

I'm planning to drive along for the papers, despite DH offering, I am afraid I'm losing my confidence driving and my battery will be going flat. sad
Chilling and reading the papers, is a luxury I don't usually enjoy, so I'm looking forward to that.
No visitors today, I hope!! We had a full house yesterday. grin
If I feel Ok, I will make Chicken Maryland, a favourite of DH's. We haven't had it for ages, as I couldn't summon up the energy!

Dragonfly, I hope your treatment hasn't left you feeling too unwell.
The Gillybobs are constantly in my thoughts and prayers. I keep checking GN in the hope of some better news.

I'm sure many of you will be glued to the rugby, so enjoy!

Have as pleasant Sunday as you can.

Brunette10 Sun 27-Oct-19 07:50:28

Good Morning from a beautiful sunny Fife, albeit very cold, still beautiful with the colours of the leaves outside. DH spent a lot of time yesterday changing our leaking radiator in our bedroom, he did a sterling job having to go under floor, drain whole system and lift new heavy radiator inset on our bedroom wall. . He loves doing jobs like this, today he is a bit sore so will have an easy day. Thinking of gilly and of course anyone else feeling under the weather. Hopefully Marydoll too is beginning to feel more herself again. Enjoy Sunday everyone.

aggie Sun 27-Oct-19 07:58:25

Good Morning all , lovely bright day here
I have stripped the bed ,the washing on and was thinking of my Mum tutting too Marydoll 😳 I hope you are taking it easy today
Thoughts of Gillybobs are never far from my mind ,hope things are better today
I have the bread maker on , my sis is visiting and she likes a fresh loaf to take home
Wonder what happened to that extra hour ?

Susan56 Sun 27-Oct-19 08:07:07

Good morning from Shropshire.Quite a heavy frost this morning but brightening up now.
Feeling slightly better than yesterday so a day of catching up with laundry,housework and accounts.
Wishing everyone under the weather a better day.
Thinking of Gilly and her husband and hoping to hear better news today.Sending love Gilly.x

Lins1066 Sun 27-Oct-19 08:08:43

Good Morning from a sunny S Welsh coast. My mother would not normally do any washing on a Sunday either when I was growing up. I visited once and saw her doing just that, when she saw my quizzical look she announced " Better the day, better the deed!"

Hope that gilly has better news of her husband today.
Have a pleasant day everyone.

harrigran Sun 27-Oct-19 08:15:58

Good morning from a dry and bright NE. It has been windy all night and being northerly is still blowing on the front of the house, very noisy.
Shopping today in readiness for GD arriving tomorrow.
Praying that today is the day we get good news from gilly.

Anniebach Sun 27-Oct-19 08:17:22

Good morning Auntyflo and all

gillybob thinking of you x

Hope everyone has a good day x

Greyduster Sun 27-Oct-19 08:20:39

Good morning from dry, cold, but sunny South Yorkshire. DH is still not well, but Wales is on the tele, so that will cheer him up (unless they lose!). No junior football today - the pitch is like chocolate pudding. GS will be grumpy I expect.
Wondering how things are with Gilly. Welcome home Alygran! Have a good day folks.

EllanVannin Sun 27-Oct-19 08:21:50

Good Morning All x
A lovely sunny morning. What a difference to the last couple of days.
Our trip to friends in North Wales yesterday was frought with road closures due to flooding and twice we went round in circles back to where we'd began. It was hilarious in a way.

Driving through rivers when we hit the countryside was a bit hairy when we were behind a learner driver creeping along and we were aware that if we came to a sudden halt we were done for.

However, friend put her foot down and overtook him so we had a clear run.
What a fabulous day we all had, a lovely lunch and plenty to talk about. We've been firm friends since the 80's when working for the NHS. Five of us including myself.

Marydoll what are you like ? " a wee angina attack " indeed !
You're a tough nut to crack but you really should slow down x.
Hope Gillybob has managed to get some proper sleep to face the day or she'll be knocked sideways herself and that Mr G is more restful than of late and showing some positive signs.
Anyone else under the weather I hope there's some improvement as the day goes on. A good day to you all.

JanaNana Sun 27-Oct-19 08:23:39

Good morning everyone. Thinking of Gillybob and so hoping she has some good news to give regarding her husband, also good wishes to anyone else who is struggling with illness or other difficulties. x

NannyJan53 Sun 27-Oct-19 08:30:36

Good Morning from a Black Country with bright blue skies and cars covered in frost! Rained non stop all day yesterday till about 5pm. Weather looks set to improve over the next few days, which is good as half term has now started here.

Hope Mick is enjoying his weekend away, will be interested to find out where he ended up.

No real plans today. Partner will watch the Rugby again and he is planning a cycle ride ready for his first ride with a cycling club next week. I am not keen on cycling especially if on the roads.

Please get some rest today Marydoll sounds like your body is telling you to !

Gillybob is constantly on my mind, and I hope and pray for better news soon.