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Oh my poor little boobie!!!!

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Gonegirl Sat 16-Nov-19 11:17:31

Was just getting out of the bath, reached over to grab my towel of the rail. and both feet slipped out from under me. I went down flat on my front, full length, boob crushed on the flat corner bit of the bath, and hip crushed against somewhere else.

Not got a rapidly expanding bruise on said boob, and a bleeding cut on hip. Otherwise unharmed apart from shakiness.

Son was in house so had to come and drag me upright in all my nekked glory. shock

Poor son.

midgey Sat 16-Nov-19 11:21:58

Ow ow ow! flowers Hope you feel better soon.

Calendargirl Sat 16-Nov-19 11:23:23

Oh, how awful! Falls happen in a second, but the ‘fallout’ sadly lasts much longer.
Hope you feel better soon.

SueDonim Sat 16-Nov-19 13:20:58

shock What a fright you must have had. sad I know this is a bit grandma and eggs, but do you have one of those non-slip bath mats?

I hope the bruising isn't too painful. Quiet day in for you? flowers

Oopsminty Sat 16-Nov-19 13:25:49

Poor you

Poor son

I hope you're both feeling better

Nothing worse than landing on your boobie. I did it once in the woods.

Went down as if I'd been felled by a sniper

merlotgran Sat 16-Nov-19 13:32:37

Thank goodness you weren't alone in the house. I no longer risk trying to get out of the bath as my knees are too dodgy.

Hope the soreness doesn't last too long. Take care xx

Smileless2012 Sat 16-Nov-19 13:33:01

You poor thing Gonegirl, thank goodness you son was in to get you to your feet.

More than likely you'll feel even more tender in the morning, which is usually the case after a bad fall and a night in bed. You need to take it easy for the rest of the day and tomorrow too.

Hope you'll soon feel betterflowers.

Bathsheba Sat 16-Nov-19 13:42:55

Oh you poor thing 😨. It's so easily done isn't it? But so hard to get over, sadly. I hope you feel better soon, and the bruising isn't too bad flowers

Callistemon Sat 16-Nov-19 13:45:49

Oh dear, poor you
and poor son blush

Take it easy and enjoy some pampering. flowers

At least you were getting out of the bath and not into it, so you smell nice smile

(I was going to have a bath this afternoon, the first one for months but this has put me off.)

EllanVannin Sat 16-Nov-19 14:18:41

Oooooh, falls are terrifying and shake you up more than the hurt they do.
I think I'm glad I no longer have a bath, just a shower, but I make sure I hang on for grim death and also stand on a towel. I'd be petrified of breaking something.

Hope you don't suffer many after-aches Gonegirl. Take it easy.

rockgran Sat 16-Nov-19 14:25:41

Oh, dear I feel your pain! I fell back into the bath in a hotel room recently as I had forgotten to leave the soap within reach. I bruised my arm and hip but yours sounds much more painful. ( I also sloshed the water all over my awaiting clean underwear!)

grapefruitpip Sat 16-Nov-19 14:30:22

Maybe get yourself a check up? Sounds nasty.

BlueBelle Sat 16-Nov-19 14:44:11

Sorry to hear that Gonegirl so easily done you may have a purple boob in a day or two My dearest friend turned as she came out the supermarket and fell with her face going on the iron handrail she has broken about 8 bones in her face including jaw, eye socket, cheekbone and teeth (but not her nose) She’s about 8weeks in and has healed beautifully without any surgery (her choice) just got to get her teeth sorted by a specialist now She’s 9 years older than me so done so well
I ve had a few falls they happen before you know it and usually I m up before I m down sort of thing but they do shake you up and it’s not nice if there’s something solid in the way

PamelaJ1 Sat 16-Nov-19 14:59:33

I had a similar slip, cracked a couple of ribs.
Next time I went out I bought a longer bath mat.
Hope you are feeling less fragile soon.🛀

jura2 Sat 16-Nov-19 15:01:54

oh my, poor you- oh and poor son...

janeainsworth Sat 16-Nov-19 15:14:13

Hope you mend soon, gonegirl flowers

Alima Sat 16-Nov-19 15:38:20

Oh no Gg, do take care. (I notice you didn’t bite your tongue).

timetogo2016 Sat 16-Nov-19 15:40:56

I hope your son is ok he may need therapy.
Oh and hope you heal soon .

Calendargirl Sat 16-Nov-19 15:41:47

Talking about falls. My dear old mum once fell over outside the baker’s shop. A man passing by stopped and said “Are you all right, are you hurt? to which she replied, “No, I’m fine thank you, I’m not hurt”. He said, “ No, no one ever is!”
Funny, isn’t it, how we all jump up, unless really hurt, and proclaim we are absolutely fine, even if our hands and knees are grazed and bleeding, and we feel all shaken up.....

hulahoop Sat 16-Nov-19 15:45:51

Oh you poor thing like others have said take it easy for a day or two 😱💐

harrigran Sat 16-Nov-19 15:49:16

Ooo, I feel for you, painful. I went full length in the shower a year or two ago and the bruises took a long time to fade.

sodapop Sat 16-Nov-19 16:03:40

That sounds so painful Gonegirl, hope you recover soon,thankswine or maybe not the wine grin

Have you arranged counselling for your son, 😨

Saxifrage Sat 16-Nov-19 16:15:13

Did something similar on stone steps in the garden a couple of months ago. Nice pharmacist sold me extra strong Ibuprofen gel which was excellent on knees, ribs and chest. But don't put it on cut skin.

Gonegirl Sat 16-Nov-19 16:27:32

Thank you all. I do seem to be fine now apart from a slight acheyness now the ibuprofen is wearing off. Falls are very scary. You lie there thinking, which bits hurt.

callustemon yes I did smell nice. I think it was putting too much smelly stuff in the water made the bath slippery. hmm

nanaK54 Sat 16-Nov-19 16:52:48

Oh ouch poor you, take care flowers