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Good Morning Saturday

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12Michael Sat 23-Nov-19 06:11:27

Good Morning Everyone,
Its dark, wet and windy here in Brackley this morning.
Today, will be visits to Bicester and Buckingham on the bus , with a possible flea market in Buckingham to browse.
Key aim today is to start getting Xmas presents in gift card form.

Beechnut Sat 23-Nov-19 06:21:12

Good Morning Mick and all who follow.
Dark and damp outside on Severnside.

Wonderful news yesterday gilly.

Awake unusually early this morning. Perhaps I’m excited 😂as I am seeing DD later and I haven’t seen her in person for a few weeks.

Hope you all have a good day and and not get trampled if doing Christmas shopping. 🎄

Nanabanana1 Sat 23-Nov-19 06:28:37

Good morning everyone I am in Truro this morning at DD3, off to see DGD at ballet class this morning then back home this afternoon, it’s very wet today.

BlueSapphire Sat 23-Nov-19 06:53:15

Good morning; raining here in Northampton today too.

And my third attempt in as many days to get my hair done! Phone call yesterday to say my girl was still sick, but they could get someone to do my colour yesterday, and cut today. Otherwise it was a wait till the middle of next week. So that's what I went for. Had a good discount off my colour and a complimentary blowdry. And have an early appointment this morning for cut and style. So third time lucky I hope!

Then home for lunch and out to the cinema this afternoon to see 'The Good Liar'. Will get a few things in town while I'm out.

So pleased to hear Gilly's good news yesterday. Hope MrG continues to improve.
And that everyone's day goes well.

Sillygrandma5GK Sat 23-Nov-19 06:55:22

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

DoraMarr Sat 23-Nov-19 07:03:09

Good morning from a dark, rainy Birmingham. I was hoping for a lie-in this morning, after a busy couple of days, but I was wide awake just after six. We all managed to go to the Edgbaston lights switch- on yesterday: the rain stopped, the two year old perked up, and it wasn’t too cold for the baby. The two toddlers enjoyed their first roundabout ride so much they went round again, and the hot- dogs from the Michelin starred restaurant were delicious.
A bit of housework today, a rainy walk in the park, some Italian homework, then to my partner’s this evening.
I hope everyone has as good a day as they can.

Nannytopsy Sat 23-Nov-19 07:06:10

Good morning to Mick and to everyone else. We are up atypically early as our elderly cat decided to do a wee on our bed while we were in it! You just have to ask Why?? I am afraid that a one way trip to the vet is on the horizon.

Urmstongran Sat 23-Nov-19 07:17:15

Good morning everyone from Malaga where it is DRY! It’s rained non stop since Wednesday afternoon.

Hello to you SillyGrandma
Well done you, that’s 2 things - you’ve come on here instead of ‘lurking’ (we don’t bite!) and you’re off to craft for the day - bet you really enjoy it too!

No plans for us but we will go OUT as we’ve been cooped up and my husband is getting cabin fever in our small apartment!

Hope Saturday is good to us all, with a special shout out to the gillybobs Marydoll and *dragonfly, whether we have plans or none. x

cornergran Sat 23-Nov-19 07:18:20

Morning Mick, morning All from a dark and very damp corner of Somerset. No idea what we’ll do today, yesterday was a busy one so perhaps not very much, I could get to grips with that photo book or finish sorting the spare bedroom. Notice I said could! Hello sillygrandma, enjoy your day, you can do it smile. gillys news yesterday triggered a big smile here, I know a long road ahead but so hopeful, sending love to you all. Hope Saturday is kind to everyone.

NanKate Sat 23-Nov-19 07:29:06

Morning Mick and All.

Back home after our GP duties. Need a day or two to recover.

DoraMarr you have taken me back in time I used to go to the High School in Edgbaston.

So pleased for Gilly that she had some better news yesterday, long may it continue.

Sorry to hear about your moggie NannyT.

ninathenana Sat 23-Nov-19 07:31:44

Good morning everyone
Grey start in Kent but dry so far.
My Black Friday bargain yesterday was a new TV. We went food shopping in Asda and came out with the TV. (We did need it)
Glad it's chilly not bl***y freezing, roll on Monday.
Have a good day everyone. Wishing peace to the troubled and good health to the poorly.

dragonfly46 Sat 23-Nov-19 07:38:59

Good morning from a dark Leicestershire. I am told it is going to rain so may just venture to the local Waitrose, you can always park there and the coffee is free!

Welcome Sillygrandma enjoy your day.

Hoping for more good news from Gilly.

Sar53 Sat 23-Nov-19 07:54:14

Good morning everyone from a wet Essex by the sea. I've had a bad night, seem to have been awake for a lot of it.
We are off to Lakeside shortly, we like to arrive when it opens, have breakfast, do what we need to do and leave before it gets too busy. We are mainly toy shop shopping for 2 1/2 year old twins, their mum doesn't like a lot of plastic so looking for something wooden. I also have a 20% off voucher for M&S and need some new boots, so will have a look for those.
Gillybobs post yesterday was very uplifting, upwards and onwards flowers.
I hope you all have a peaceful Saturday.

Marydoll Sat 23-Nov-19 08:02:29

Good morning all from a damp Glasgow. For Rufus' benefit, its 8C/46F.
Sillygrandma, you are very welcome on here. I like the idea of the wreath making,

I'm feeling a bit out of sorts today, probably overdid things yesterday. I went to a cleaner, refurbished LIDL (our local one is very tired ) and as usual got carried away, forgetting I was on my own and would have difficulty packing the bags.
I did get all my Christmas cards written, before DH filched all the best ones, that is a first!

A faffing about day and cooking the small turkey I bought in Lidl as a treat for DH, he loves turkey.

Bluesapphire, that must be the longest hair appointment on record! Good luck today!!! grin

So pleased to see Gilly more upbeat, wishing you the strength to get through the coming weeks. You must be exhausted. flowers

Enjoy your day, whatever your plans.

NfkDumpling Sat 23-Nov-19 08:03:29

Morning All

Damp and drizzly outside here in the north of Norfolk

Nothing planned for today so I have no excuse and will have to clean the house. It needs it.

Hopefully things are looking up for all those languishing with horrible health problems and especially Mr Gillybob.

Have a lovely time Sillygrandma, the wreath making sounds like a super idea. I have a rather boring plastic affair which I have to take in when the wind gets up as it has to be tied to the door knocker!

Marydoll Sat 23-Nov-19 08:10:57

ninathenana, yesterday, DH thought our TV was broken. I of course got the blame, despite being upstairs.

He was already planning the purchase of his new, super, state of the art, all singing, all dancing TV, which would necessitate changing the furniture, (too big to fit around the present furniture) decorating, new carpet etc. sad

He had actually loosened a lead when he was dusting for me!. grin.
What a lucky escape!!!

Brunette10 Sat 23-Nov-19 08:13:05

Good Morning from a damp Fife. Firstly to gilly good news from yesterday we shall all hope for improvements over the coming days. Today we are off in the bus to the city of Edin where hopefully I shall get the certain lipstick my DD has hinted for Christmas. We are also booked into HN's for lunch courtesy of our lovely DD a lovely treat from her. So looking forward to it. Bluesapphire hope you get your hair complete today, long time wink. Mardoll well done for yesterday's turkey hope DH enjoyed it. Have a great day everyone, take care.

Brunette10 Sat 23-Nov-19 08:13:52

Sorry! - welcome sillygrandma enjoy this thread we are all nice.

NannyJan53 Sat 23-Nov-19 08:22:07

Good Morning from a very rainy Black Country.

Had a lovely day yesterday with two friends. The one friend was so surprised and overjoyed to see our friend from Lincs appear. We were in the café for 4 hours! The two of us came back here to have a lovely steak dinner cooked by my partner. She will have breakfast with us, then off back to Lincs later this morning. So lovely to have some time with her.

This afternoon I am taking 3 of my DGD's to see The Snow Queen at the Theatre. Then taking two of them home to babysit whilst my DD and her DH go out.

Welcome to the thread Sillygrandma lots of lovely posters here in the mornings.

So pleased the news yesterday was more positive gilly hoping it continues.

vena11 Sat 23-Nov-19 08:24:42

Good Morning from a damp cold and wet Bristol.
I don't think I will be going out today , yesterday I got some parcels wrapped as DGC visiting tomorrow and they always have a rummage in the rooms, don't want to spoil their surprize.
I hope everyone has a peaceful Saturday and Gillybob Dh has had a good night.

Urmstongran Sat 23-Nov-19 08:25:21

Regards televisions - our 84y old neighbour knocked on yesterday to ask if my husband could have a look at hers.

He went in and at first checked all the leads and after a bit realised it might be the remote. BINGO! It needed 2 new batteries (which of course he had in his tool box!)

kittylester Sat 23-Nov-19 08:28:03

Morning all from a drizzly North Leicestershire.

Feeling slightly off kilter this morning as we got a call from DD3 at 4pm saying she was going to A and E with excruciating stomach pain, could we meet them there and have the children. We met her partner in the car park, collected the children and took them home (via a drive through MacDonalds blush) Wolfie cried the whole way home but stopped when I fed him!grin

They got home about 11.30 - way past our bedtime! DD was diagnosed with gastritis. They had a really good experience until it came to getting the drugs, which took ages!

Hoping for continued good news from gillybob.

Yiayia4 Sat 23-Nov-19 08:28:12

Morning all from a very grey Surrey.
Plan to write Christmas cards today,I always buy them from Cats Protection and they are really nice this year.
Such good news from Gillybob yesterday hope for more of the same today.
Welcome Sillygrandma enjoy your craft day.
Have a good Saturday everyone.

mumofmadboys Sat 23-Nov-19 08:29:41

Unusually I couldn't sleep last night. Still awake at 4 am! Fortunately quiet day planned today. Just back from holiday yesterday. So pleased that Gilly's DH is hopefully turning the corner. Gilly you must be exhausted. Don't try and do too much and try and look after your wellbeing too.

Como2020 Sat 23-Nov-19 08:31:08

Good morning & hello to all.

All good wishes to Gillybob that progress continues for Mr Gillybob. flowers

I’m not a newbie, but after a testing and sad time for the past couple of years, I decided to return refreshed . I’ve always enjoyed reading this thread.

Windy, chilly and damp in the Somerset/Devon borderlands.