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Fav perfumes past or present

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TrendyNannie6 Sun 24-Nov-19 17:55:44

I used to love Jovian musk oil as a teenager but my favs at the moment are black opium YSL Sensual by Estée Lauder
.Midnight Rose by Lancôme

NanaPlenty Sun 24-Nov-19 18:02:47

Who remembers Kiki? Used to love it as a teenager and also Rive Gauche.

BBbevan Sun 24-Nov-19 18:06:26

I used to like Aqua Manda when younger. Now I always use Jo Malone Lime Basil,and Mandarin .

Chewbacca Sun 24-Nov-19 18:07:10

Loved both of those NanaPlenty. When I was a teenager I had a boyfriend who brought me a bottle of Eau Sauvage perfume back from Paris. I thought it was the most beautiful scent and I felt very grown up and sophisticated wearing that. I never saw it for many years until quite recently. But either that perfume has changed, or I have, because it was awful! Yuck!
Now, my go to perfume is Channel 5. Every time.

loopylou Sun 24-Nov-19 18:10:44

I remember Kiki, Aqua Manda and Blue Grass, Panache and Coty's Jade.
I love Cabochard by Grès and Miss Dior (not to mention at least another dozen or so!)

Ginny42 Sun 24-Nov-19 18:11:41

Oh yes Kiki! I loved that too. I wish I could remember the smell. I liked one called Hot Couture by Givenchy, but it doesn't seem to be available in the UK.

My favourite for some time has been Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel. I also like Ellie Saab and Guerlain's Little Black Dress.

grannyticktock Sun 24-Nov-19 18:19:11

In my student days, there was a spray called Luv Mist by Yardley that we all liked. It was sweet and unsophisticated, but if I could sniff it now I would be right back there. Since then I don't use scent, I don't really like the smell of it on anyone.

Sara65 Sun 24-Nov-19 18:28:59

Loved aqua manda, moved on to opium then poison, since being pregnant for third time, can’t bear to wear any perfume, or anything scenty at all.

TrendyNannie6 Sun 24-Nov-19 18:31:49

I remember also I used to buy tweed think it was a yardley one but not sure, used to as a teenager it was my first perfume, also youth dew which really gives me a headache now if I smell it

gallusquine Sun 24-Nov-19 18:40:24

Cacharel Anais Anais when I was a teenager
Viktor&Rolf Flowerbomb is my favourite now

GrannyLaine Sun 24-Nov-19 18:48:57

I've used many over the years but my absolute favourite is Lancome Mille et one Roses, I get so many compliments when I wear it. Its very expensive but so lovely.

sharon103 Sun 24-Nov-19 18:50:16

Ambergris by Alyssa Ashley was my favourite in the early 70's. I wore it on my wedding day. I used to buy Musk by her too.
My favourite now and what I always wear is The Body Shop White Musk Oil.
My mum's all time favourite was Californian Poppy. My dad used to buy her it when they were courting.

phoenix Sun 24-Nov-19 18:56:32

Love Mitsouko by Guerlain, unfortunately Mr P can't stand it!

Some perfumes are day scents, some evening ones.

On a few occasions I have had men ask what perfume I was wearing when using Ester Lauder Cinnabar, for me not just an evening perfume, but a winter one.

Channel Christalle (sp) used to be a favourite for daytime/summer.

rosenoir Sun 24-Nov-19 19:01:52

I remember Aqua Manda, just looked for it and it is on ebay. Also wore Tweed and Charlie.

Grannycool52 Sun 24-Nov-19 19:34:39

Guerlain's Shalamar.
Chanel No 5.

Curlywhirly Sun 24-Nov-19 19:47:50

Started off with Avon's Pretty Peach when I was 11, then Tabu when I was 14, then Coty L'aimont, then progressed to Estee Lauder Youth Dew, then Charlie, Intimate, then Estee Lauder's Cinnabar, White Linen and Private Collection. Love Dior's Dioressence and Clinique's Wrappings (which is very hard to get hold of). But all time favourite is Chanel No 5.

LadyGracie Sun 24-Nov-19 19:48:20

Fleur musc
Burberry Weekend

NotAGran55 Sun 24-Nov-19 19:53:50

In chronological order :-

Aqua Manda of coursesmile
Madame Rocha
Aviance Night
Chanel No 5 / Mademoiselle
Oud Wood by Tom Ford
Currently Aesop Marrakech

All the above bought many times over the years .

I have tried various Jo Malones that are pleasant for the summer but they have no staying power.
Jo Loves Pomello I like but it’s not one that I have repeat purchased .

NotAGran55 Sun 24-Nov-19 19:56:30

I think it was Kiku perfume not Kiki ? I seem to remember buying it for my younger sister along with Charlie .
She was 5 years younger than me , born in 1960.

rafichagran Sun 24-Nov-19 20:06:03

Coco is my favourite now. Used to like Brut.

Hetty58 Sun 24-Nov-19 20:11:01

I still like Ghost and Light Blue!

Joelsnan Sun 24-Nov-19 20:20:36

Estee Lauder Youth Dew in my youth
Clinique Aromatics Elixir now

Calendargirl Sun 24-Nov-19 20:24:45

Khadine by Yardley. I bought the perfume, soap and talc when going into hospital to have DD in 1974, then again when DS was born in 1976. Years later, I was whisked back to those times whenever I got a whiff of it.

Jessity Sun 24-Nov-19 20:30:38

Givenchy III for nearly 40 years, got more and more difficult to find, now alas discontinued.

I now wear Dior’s Diorella or Yves St Laurent Y which are from the same chypre perfume family.

ayse Sun 24-Nov-19 20:31:10

Mum had a perfume called Madras d’Orient. Red door and another perfume had a similar fragrance which I loved. I still use L’air du Temps and Lumiere but Chanel perfumes and Poison smell rather like cat’s p* on me.

Perfume is so individual and I find looking for a new one can be really hard work. I’m not a great fan of more modern perfumes as they seem rather tinny. Is that just me ......?