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What are you hoping for in 2020?

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JenniferEccles Tue 31-Dec-19 10:27:09

I am thinking on a personal level.
Are you hoping for better health or continuing good health for you and your loved ones?
Maybe you wish for improved family relationships, or on a more lighthearted note, perhaps foreign travel would be welcome.
I’m not particularly thinking of New Year’s resolutions, more a kind of ‘wish list’

GrannyGravy13 Tue 31-Dec-19 10:53:08

I just hope my daughter gives birth soon, safely for both her and new GC, she was early with last one, the whole family is eagerly awaiting.

I wish that Mr.Gravy and I can get used to just us two rattling around in the family home, very quiet and tidy after 32 years.

EllanVannin Tue 31-Dec-19 10:55:49

Good health all round would be at the forefront.
Hoping to reach my 80th without too many hurdles beforehand. To remain strong of mind.

Luckily I've done all the travelling that I've wished for and hope now that the family get the same opportunities.

Pantglas2 Tue 31-Dec-19 10:59:46

On a personal note, I hope DH hip op in February goes well and my father’s health improves. Hope everyone else stays well and content with their blessings.

Good health and happiness to all x

BlueSky Tue 31-Dec-19 11:18:10

Just health of mind and body which I believe it's the most important thing!

henetha Tue 31-Dec-19 11:19:31

To avoid becoming diabetic. I'm borderline.. so I must give up even more sugary things and read labels properly.
My feet are still itchy, so I hope to get a bit more travelling done in 2020.
To stop the old black dog sitting in the corner.....go away!
Wishing health, happiness and peace to everyone.

Yiayia4 Tue 31-Dec-19 11:24:51

Good health for all and for my D.IL to get her driving licence back after a year with epilepsy,she is desperate to drive again.

GrannySomerset Tue 31-Dec-19 12:08:15

Hoping that DH doesn’t deteriorate too much as 2019 saw a real decline in his cognitive functions and I find life increasingly hard. Otherwise hope to remain fit enough to cope!

For the family just hoping that life is reasonably trouble free and that they are happy.

KatyK Tue 31-Dec-19 12:20:02

Good health for my family, especially my DH who has been in remission from cancer for 5 years. There is a possibility that it has come back. I am praying not.

JenniferEccles Tue 31-Dec-19 15:32:40

Good health will always be top of most people’s list and some sadly have not had the best year.

If we are able it’s lovely to have something positive to look forward to in the coming year.

I would like to travel more, to maybe visit far flung destinations, although I am always held back by my dislike of long haul flights.
This is where cruises come into their own though!

Anniebach Tue 31-Dec-19 15:37:50

My grandchildren are safe and happy .

To overcome the agoraphobia so I can mix with the community .

Harris27 Tue 31-Dec-19 15:46:17

Health and happiness that’s all I need.

Antonia Tue 31-Dec-19 15:56:42

Good health for my family, some kind of solution to the NHS crisis, see more places in the UK and Europe, lose a stone and get my book published. The last two may be wishful thinking, however, but I can always hope. DH and I have started eating slimming world recipes so we are making a start.

Newquay Tue 31-Dec-19 16:04:04

For a peaceful reconciliation with my dear sister after a “bust up” recently. Not sure how it can happen but, as a Christian, I await being “surprised by joy”

lemongrove Tue 31-Dec-19 16:27:16

To be able to see 2021!
Good health of course for ourselves/ family/friends
Hoping for a good long Summer
A holiday
A new cat 😺

JenniferEccles Tue 31-Dec-19 16:35:19

lemongrove Just reading about your wish for a new cat reminds me of a friend last January saying her new year wish was for a new husband 😁 !

She had been divorced for a few years and had recently joined an online dating site.

She is still waiting, but I hope you get your cat 🐈!

conor Tue 31-Dec-19 17:32:55

I wish for health, happiness and fun in 2020. Also for safe arrival of my third grandchild at the end of February.

PamelaJ1 Tue 31-Dec-19 19:21:15

I wish for a continued reduction of work.
Just at the moment I’m hoping my DD and son in laws house doesn’t burn down. This is only a passing worry we will know soon if it is going to happen or not.

lavenderzen Tue 31-Dec-19 19:28:04

Peace of mind.

merlotgran Tue 31-Dec-19 19:34:30

I'm hoping that DH's health will continue to improve albeit slowly.
Our seven DGCs stay healthy and safe - especially the ones in London.
Our Jack Russell, Peggy stops pining for her mum and soon gets back to her normal bouncy self.
DS puts a stop to the gradual estrangement that his new partner seems to be encouraging.
Our uncertain future with regard to whether or not we have to move is resolved - one way or the other.

Other than that, a lottery win would be nice. grin

farview Tue 31-Dec-19 19:50:32

Peace of mind,less stress, to Dubai tues p.m daughter there having caesarean on sat 11th..wishing for safe delivery of my new grandson..going to use my 5weeks there to try and in the pool with the 3 year old,cook,wash..etc which I actually enjoy doing for my daughter...
Wishing all gransnetters,peace,love and happiness for 2020..may all who are poorly or lonely or troubled find hope xx

threexnanny Tue 31-Dec-19 19:54:31

Nothing much for us just reasonable health if possible, but I would like the GC to grow up in a peaceful world and the UK to settle down after all the upheaval of Brexit.

BlueBelle Tue 31-Dec-19 19:59:46

Just good health for my family and a bit of happiness and not quite so many hurdles please

BBbevan Tue 31-Dec-19 20:02:58

I hope to be just as happy as I have been in 2019.

Barmeyoldbat Tue 31-Dec-19 20:28:12

I am nearly always happy but I would like to see my health problems improve in 2020 as I would love to visit friends in Cambodia and Laos again but they are not places to visit with bad health. But heres hoping.

Would also like to see peace in the middle east.