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Old Jamaican rum raisin chocolate bar

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TrendyNannie6 Sun 05-Jan-20 08:00:28

Just seen that the rum raisin chocolate is being brought back into circulation and I for one are delighted, which choc bar do you miss from the past

BradfordLass72 Mon 06-Jan-20 08:06:44

Since 2012, there have been many international bodies working to find palm oil for sustainable sources.

"Today the maker of Nutella, Ferraro, was the latest company to announced a commitment to only use palm oil that is traceable to zero deforestation."

Nutritionally, Harvard say it is better for you that a trans-fat.

grannypiper Mon 06-Jan-20 09:11:35

Cabana bars were my favourite, full of coconut and cherries, i think they stopped making them in the early 90s, new favourite in Twix white

Auntieflo Mon 06-Jan-20 09:15:38

ALDI do a very nice Rum, Raisin and Nut bar. 200 gms.

annsixty Mon 06-Jan-20 10:03:54

The mention of Ovaltine chocolate reminds me of the time of Ovaltine and Horlicks tablets which came in small time during the war when sweets and chocolate was rationed.
My friends loved them, I couldn't take to them at all, they made me nauseous.

annsixty Mon 06-Jan-20 10:04:48

Far finger there, small tins.

annsixty Mon 06-Jan-20 10:06:57

And yet again, fat not far.
I shall give up soon.

Willow500 Mon 06-Jan-20 10:14:05

No one seems to remember my favourite chocolate bar from when I was a child - it was a triple layer of white, dark and milk chocolate. I can't remember who made it. I also loved the lime barrel in Dairy Box and Lucky Numbers sweets!