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Good Morning Wednesday

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12Michael Wed 15-Jan-20 06:09:02

Good Morning Everyone,
Its dark as usual here in Brackley this morning, but the wind has dropped a little.
Yesterdays day out , I went to the bus stop to early and caught the direct bus to Bicester which had started the previous day as a bus service , I was one of two passengers all the way.
But I did bide my time in Bicester ,and returned the way I have done for the last 3 years ,and seeing people that I have got to know as well made my day .

Ginny42 Wed 15-Jan-20 06:33:41

Good morning Mick. Glad your day turned out well yesterday. I was a hermit yesterday and had to cancel things as I felt more unwell as the day progressed. It seems to have gone this morning.

It's a clear sky here in Cheshire and a sunny day is forecast. I shall catch up with my jobs and shopping today. I will treat myself to lunch out as I missed the supper club meal last night.

Get well wishes to all feeling under the weather or caring for someone who is sick. Spring is coming! I noticed the longer day yesterday.

DoraMarr Wed 15-Jan-20 06:40:27

Good morning Micheal and everyone. Dark here in Birmingham, and dry so far. We seem to have missed the worst of storm Brendan, although I know my family in East Anglia have not been so lucky. I’m up a little earlier today, woken by the dustmen. I’m meeting a friend this morning, then it’s Architecture group this afternoon. I went shopping with my eldest daughter and the baby yesterday for her to choose something breast feeding friendly for a special event, and managed to NOT buy anything for myself, except for three bars of soap and a pencil sharpener. (There was, however, a parcel waiting for me later.)
I hope all with health worries, for themselves or those close to them, have a better day today.

Mythbirtthedragon Wed 15-Jan-20 06:47:53

Good morning from east London, where it’s been wet,wet,wet with the wind still rattling around. Off to Chichester today to drop DS back at uni so I’m hoping Brendan will have blown away before we travel. DS did ask me to wake him when I got up but I’d better wait a couple of hours as I don’t think he meant this early. Have a good day.

Mommawolf Wed 15-Jan-20 06:49:54

Goodmorning all, just back from dog walk. Very wet underfoot. Norfolk rocked and rolled in the wind last night but is now in my little corner is very still almost creepy. Another day of mopping up, son in law coming later with mini digger to enlarge the bottom ditch to improve drainage. It's handy having a builder in the family. Hope all who are under the weather soon feel better. Have a good day everyone

NannyJan53 Wed 15-Jan-20 06:54:22

Good Morning from another dark and damp Black Country.

Off to Mums later with a load of washing (our new machine should be delivered by weekend). Brother and SIL will be over for lunch, so it will be good to see them.

Beforehand I need to go over to DD's to let dog out, as SIL is in Hospital again! Was sent yesterday by Doctor, but his time with abdominal pains. They have mentioned Diverticulitis and has been kept in overnight on a drip. He had just got over his last episode in Hospital, and had been given the ok to drive again.

I am in Birmingham tomorrow DoraMarr, meeting friends for coffee, then meeting partner and his brothers and their wives about 5pm for a meal. I will have to hang around for a couple of hours between, and hoping I can avoid spending any money smile

Wishing you all a good day, especially gilly, Marydoll and anyone with worries or health issues.

Scentia Wed 15-Jan-20 06:55:50

Good Morning all it is very dark still here in East Staffordshire. I have to go to the shop at 7 to get bread so I can make sandwiches for lunch.

I have another cold, the third or fourth in two months. I feel less like going to the factory than ‘flying the air’ as my Nan used to say. But if I don’t go no one else will do the work for me and we have customers waiting for their labels!!!

I babysat for my DD and SiL as they went to the running club for the first time, I hope it continues (we are very much a running family, always have been) my DD was actually County Champion from age 7 - 12 then she just gave up😩

I do hope all of you have the very best day possible, I do think we are in for a bit of sunshine today and less wind, a good chance to get out in the fresh air and clear the mind😍

Pantglas2 Wed 15-Jan-20 07:05:30

Morning all from a dry but cold Spain where I’m hoping it will brighten later as we’re off to a market then lunch at a *Michelin restaurant - not something we often do but nice as a little treat once or twice a year!

So many folks here with the coughs etc so hope you’re all on the mend back home and at least have some sunshine after all that ‘weather’! I also noticed the days are longer Ginny42 so something to look forward to!

Beechnut Wed 15-Jan-20 07:06:30

Good Morning from what looks like a drying up Severnside.

It’s green waste bin this week so I’d like to try and get outside to put something in it.

Gilly would your son talk to his doctor about ‘Books on Prescription’ and have one on anxiety maybe?

Let’s hope for a good day for all 🌸

Marydoll Wed 15-Jan-20 07:07:24

Good morning all from a very dark Glasgow, it’s 7C, but I'm unsure what the weather is like.
I'm glad you enjoyed your day out. Mick.
A change of plan for me today. DGD was very sick yesterday afternoon when we were looking after her and she looked a peculiar shade of grey! She had a nosebleed in the morning at nursery and her croup has re-appeared, so no nursery for her today, just in case there is a repeat performance.

This puts me in a very awkward position, as I promised to take my SIL to lunch for her birthday today, but DGD will be coming here instead of nursery.
SIL was very low and anxious when she visited yesterday, she is finding life very difficult at the moment, after her bereavement .
I don’t want to let her down, but I'm feeling a bit ropey too, and I can’t expect DH to cope on his own if the wee one is very unwell.
Oh dear! sad.

Thinking of everyone, who is poorly and hoping you all have a good day.

Pittcity Wed 15-Jan-20 07:37:16

Good morning from a dark, damp Colchester. If we did have wind last night I slept through it.
Coffee meetup in town this morning. There will be puddles to negotiate on the walk in as our roads and pavements are in bad repair.

Lins1066 Wed 15-Jan-20 07:37:28

Good Morning Mick and all from a dark and dry S Welsh coast.
Stayed in yesterday so we will go out later for a walk by the sea.
Hope your GD will feel better soon Marydoll and you take care too.
Have a good day everyone and best wishes to those feeling unwell or with worries.

Bellasnana Wed 15-Jan-20 07:45:33

Good morning from Malta where it is cloudy at present. I am frozen and doing my usual procrastinating about braving the shower. 🥶

Marydoll, so sorry to hear your DGD is poorly. Hope she will feel better soon. Has she been to the doctor? It is a pity you will have to cancel lunch with your SiL, but I’m sure she will understand, under the circumstances. Sorry she’s finding life a bit of a struggle. Even after four years I still have my bad days wishing DH was here, but it does get easier to cope with in time.

Hope all who are feeling under the weather will soon feel better, and that everyone has a good a day as possible. sunshine

cornergran Wed 15-Jan-20 07:58:56

Morning Mick, morning All. Getting light in our corner of Somerset, rain spots on the window. I’m hoping the promised sun arrives later so we can get out, not sure where, see how we feel, energy needs rationing still. Hope Wednesday is kind to everyone.

Greyduster Wed 15-Jan-20 08:03:37

Good morning, Michael and all GNs. It is dry in South Yorkshire and is supposed to be a bright day. We are trying to think of somewhere to go walking that won’t involve acres of mud after all the rain we’ve had recently! It was shocking again yesterday evening. The drive home from DD’s was awful with the wipers working overtime and we still struggled to see the road. Have a good day all.

Brunette10 Wed 15-Jan-20 08:04:37

Good Morning from windy but dry Fife. Felt a sore throat and another cold come on last night and yes it's here in full blast today. Cold no. 3 since December. Feel yuk. Sorry Marydoll about your DGD hope she feels a bit better today. Can't be easy for your SIL either, it will take a long time for her feel better my Uncle is a bit the same at the moment. I'm hoping to be able to carry on today meant to be seeing DD and DGS's but we shall see. Take care all.

Marydoll Wed 15-Jan-20 08:05:50

Thanks Bellasnana. DGD is a chronic asthmatic and can be quite poorly at times, but she never complains.
I have never seen someone be sick so elegantly, as she did yesterday! grin
She saw the doctor on Friday, as her face was covered in an eczema rash, so she obviously has a flare up.
Also, she has an asthma plan and we have a stash of steroids at home, to try and settle things down, before they escalate.
We have moved on to the next stage of the plan so hopefully things will settle down.

dragonfly46 Wed 15-Jan-20 08:12:25

Good morning from Leicestershire. It is too dark to check the weather but it seems quiet.

Blood tests for both of us this morning.

So sorry to hear your SiL is in hospital again NannyJan I hope they sort him out soon.

That is a quandary Marydoll I hope you and your GD feel better soon.

Grammaretto Wed 15-Jan-20 08:12:39

Good morning all from the Scottish Borders. It's just getting light and sounds windy. My cold is at the croaky voice stage but funny, I never lose my appetite so no fading away for me.
Sorry your DGD is sick. Perhaps she will lie on the couch and sleep Marydoll? Your DSiL will understand.
Should I call off my groups with a cold? I probably should.
Have a nice day everybody.

NanKate Wed 15-Jan-20 08:17:46

Morning Mick and All. Pleased you met up with people you knew on the way back on your bus trips.

Sorry to hear NannyJ of your SinL’s continued bad health. Diverticulitis although miserable can be dealt with, with a change of diet and sometimes antibiotics when the pain is bad. When you are in B’ham tomorrow any chance you could visit one of the Museums, then you would only be tempted by the Tea Shop and the Gift Shop? When I was there with the WI a year or two back I went to see the Find of gold artefacts (maybe from Shropshire) it was fascinating. The Museum of Jewellery is excellent too.

Mary it never rains but it pours. Your DGD has to be your first priority. I think you will have to postpone your lunch with your SinL.

Taking one of our older members to Rummykub today, she is so full of fun and sparky, what a gal.

Hope that Oldgaijin gets some positive answers at the Doctor’s today and that Gillybob has a much easier day for a change.

oldgaijin Wed 15-Jan-20 08:20:07

Good morning from a dark and breezy Aberdeenshire.

Well, yesterday's visit to the oncologist didn't go as planned. I asked that he tell me exactly what's going on and the upshot is that my cancer is terminal...bugger, bugger, bugger. I could have a relatively short time or a year or task for the day is to start making lists for when I am gone. Lists of passwords etc, my will is written but need to make lists of who is to get my craft materials, sewing machine, all my possessions of little worth except to the friends who will receive them. a list of funeral instructions, who is to be contacted.
My lovely friend who drives me to clinics etc. has very kindly offered to keep the mutt...her dog is one the mutt's besties and he will continue to be adored.

Well, that's really put a dampener on the day... I shall say Goodbye each day, in case each one is my last.

GrannyGravy13 Wed 15-Jan-20 08:25:11

Good morning Mick and all x

It’s dark, wet and windy here in SE Essex, looks like one of those days that never gets light.

Cleaners here this morning, then I have the gym.

Marydoll I hope your GD is on the up today, I have been asthmatic since a baby and it is not nice to say the least!

Keep dry and safe folks smile

Alygran Wed 15-Jan-20 08:41:57

Good morning from North Yorkshire. It looks quiet and dry outside. Hope it stays that way as I need to get out for some fresh air today.
oldgaijin my heart goes out to you. I hope you have support from family and friends. Your GN pals here when you need us.
I hope everyone has the best day they can.

annsixty Wed 15-Jan-20 08:46:35

Good morning all.
I just had to pop in this morning to say heartfelt thoughts go to oldgaijin this morning after reading your post.
No words just loving good wishes to

Yiayia4 Wed 15-Jan-20 08:46:41

Morning all very wet here in Surrey.
Oldgaijin so so sorry to hear your news sending you loveflowers
Indoor jobs today at least until it stops raining,had some worrying news from my son so he's on my mind all the time.
Thinking of everyone with worries and illnesses,especially Oldgaijin