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Have you ever had a day .......

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travelsafar Sun 26-Jan-20 21:02:08

Ever had a day where you have not done much, eaten all the wrong things and generally felt disconbobulated!!!!! I feel like i have wasted the whole day today and feel really guilty about it hmm

Bathsheba Sun 26-Jan-20 21:03:55

Oh I have loads of them grin

merlotgran Sun 26-Jan-20 21:04:14

Sounds like a good day to me. grin

Buffybee Sun 26-Jan-20 21:08:18

Lots of times but I never feel guilty about it!😊

Grannybags Sun 26-Jan-20 21:15:54

Sounds like my day today! 🍰☕️🍷

Jimjam1 Sun 26-Jan-20 21:16:07

Usually this happens when I’ve demolished a bottle of wine the night before. Feel really sluggish next day. Eat the wrong things, just want to sit in the chair all snug with a blanket, dog watching telly. Doesn’t hurt now and again.

DillytheGardener Sun 26-Jan-20 21:19:51

Yes to all of the above. Today I ate a 6 pack of crisps, had a terrible migraine for the 2nd day in a row and achieved none of my to do list as I was languishing in bed sad

Sara65 Sun 26-Jan-20 21:23:45

Awful wet day, cancelled our outdoors plans, watched a film which I bought about five years ago, read my book, ate a packet of mini chocolate eggs I’d bought for my grandchildren, now watching Vera eating toast.

Esther1 Sun 26-Jan-20 22:21:04

Absolutely- I have wasted days, just not motivated to do anything and eaten rubbish food and then felt bloated and even more sluggish. The only thing to be done is draw a line under it. Tomorrow’s another day.

Happygirl79 Sun 26-Jan-20 22:23:25

Does it really matter if you've eaten too much of what you fancy, slobbed around, watched TV etc?
Its good to do whatever you want now and again
Don't feel guilty
Feel cosseted and happy

CoolioC Sun 26-Jan-20 22:26:12

Today was one, scoffed a left over from Xmas box of Thornton’s, looking down at my fat belly and thinking better avoid Waitrose cafe when i am over!

Hetty58 Sun 26-Jan-20 22:27:14

Yes, quite often I have those days.

I'm 66 but still 'hear' my late mother telling me to buck up my ideas and make myself useful. I can disobey, though, and view my quiet days as a time to recharge my batteries. Why not? I'm retired, after all!

annodomini Sun 26-Jan-20 22:48:02

A whole weekend - doing nothing much; eating everything in sight. shock

brook2704 Sun 26-Jan-20 23:05:25

Definitely ! Lazy Sunday afternoons in front of the TV with coffee and a chocolate or two - Bliss !! I try not to feel guilty but I always do ..... 😟

BBbevan Sun 26-Jan-20 23:14:23

Oh yes. Have done nothing but read, do a crossword and watch television today. . I eat low carb. Today I have had,2 crumpets, a ciabatta roll, 2slices of rye toast and a steak and kidney pie. Oh and 1 Gaviscon. Good day eh ?

graninthemist Sun 26-Jan-20 23:21:28

Not just me then?

Buffybee Sun 26-Jan-20 23:24:45

Ha! I'm on the same Low Carb diet BBbevan!
And I'll raise you, Chocolate Fingers and a kit-kat!😂

travelsafar Mon 27-Jan-20 06:37:22

Ha Ha Glad to hear I am not the only one. Determined to have a more productive day to day!!!!

Sara65 Mon 27-Jan-20 07:32:35

Back to normal today, I’ve already done more this morning than I did all day yesterday.

M0nica Mon 27-Jan-20 07:38:51

Don't we all?

Jane10 Mon 27-Jan-20 07:43:34

You are all such a tremendous relief to me!

Witzend Mon 27-Jan-20 09:56:29

I quite often have days like that! However they usually come after a very busy time, when I know that another very busy time is coming up.

I will probably have a more or less complete-slob day today, since I have a one-day window before the next onslaught of busy-ness.
Might just go and find a 70th birthday card for a friend, but that will be It - dinner will be whatever is easiest out of the freezer/whatever needs using up out of the fridge.

gmarie Mon 27-Jan-20 10:05:42

Yes. Today. Yesterday. Probably tomorrow, too. grin

Aepgirl Mon 27-Jan-20 10:36:03

Yes, on Saturday. All I did all day was the weekend shop and a pile of ironing. Apart from that I watched loads of catch-up on TV and snacked. When I got to bed my main thought was ‘what a waste of a day’. Will I do it again - most probably.

NannyG123 Mon 27-Jan-20 10:49:34

I occasionally have what a pyjamas day. Get up sit around do hardly anything other than watch rubbish tv. don't think it hurts as long as it's not don't to often. But most days I like to get up and keep busy.