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Irrationally excited about the milk delivery.

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littleflo Sat 07-Mar-20 12:00:42

We have gone back to having our milk delivered in bottles. It comes 3 times a week and I find myself ridiculously on a high when I bring it in from the doorstep. I can’t explain it, but there is something so costly reassuring about it.

Chewbacca Sat 07-Mar-20 12:06:19

It's like finding a nice little surprise on your doorstep isn't it! I've had my milk delivered in glass bottles for a long time and could never understand why people chose to lug heavy litres of milk home from the supermarket instead of having it delivered fresh to their door. But now that people are more ecology conscious, more and more are going back to the daily milk delivery. Much better for the environment.

EllanVannin Sat 07-Mar-20 12:08:48

On the odd occasion that I wake early I can hear the familiar sound of the milk delivery and rattle of bottles as he drives along in his milk float. I'm then taken back years smile I can understand how you feel.

paddyanne Sat 07-Mar-20 12:11:49

ours arrives about 2am ,so we're often still up .We get it from a farm I can see from my front windows .Its in plastic for now but they are talking about going back to glass .We've had our milk from the same farm for the 45 years we've been married

eazybee Sat 07-Mar-20 12:14:23

I have had milk delivered to my doorstep all my life.
I can understand why people buy it in the supermarkets though: so much cheaper!

Dottynan Sat 07-Mar-20 12:15:14

We have never stopped milk deliveries to the door step and proud that we have helped keep someone employed and a lovely tradition alive. Do you remember when milkmen delivered seven days a week. Dustmen came weekly, to collect the household rubbish and postmen delivered twice a day. We never knew what a lucky lot we were

Anniebach Sat 07-Mar-20 12:41:04

I have only had milk bottles ,my milkman is 3rd generation ,
I can remember his grandparents delivering milk

grannysyb Sat 07-Mar-20 13:01:51

We have it delivered, as I don't have milk it saves me having to remember to buy it!

Oopsadaisy3 Sat 07-Mar-20 14:32:43

We’ve just stopped it, in the Summer the milk is on the doorstep from 1am and goes off too quickly for us, plus we don’t think it’s as creamy as supermarket milk, even though we tried the various types.
The real problem was that he came on the nights we have the dog and he would set her off in the middle of the night with his bright lights and clanking bottles.

Xander Sat 07-Mar-20 14:45:03

Sad to say many years ago stopped my milk delivery. EVERY morning woken at 3 am by sound of milk float and clanking of milk bottles as being delivered to my door. Non of my neighbours had milk delivery.I was sorry to do this. I know milk delivery people deliver more than milk so are a link for may and have on many many occasions been instrumental in discovering problems related to vulnerable clients. Because of this would have wanted to support service but I needed my sleep!!!!!

Millie22 Sat 07-Mar-20 15:13:08

I so miss having our milk delivered by an actual milkman. When he retired a few years ago the round was taken over by another company who only delivered 3 times a week and almost doubled the price. They used a noisy van and not a milkfloat so we now have all our milk from the supermarket.

Maggiemaybe Sat 07-Mar-20 15:55:08

We've always had our milk delivered in glass bottles from local farms. Our younger generation are now embracing it as well. It is somehow comforting to see the milk bottles lined up on doorsteps again.

Grannybags Sat 07-Mar-20 15:55:26

I'd love to go back to having milk delivered in bottles but sadly our local dairy closed a long time ago as not enough people wanted it.

Maggiemaybe Sat 07-Mar-20 15:58:03

About 20 years ago our milkman reported to police that lots of bottles were being stolen from the steps on our street. A policeman came round the next morning and hid out in our backyard shed to nab the culprit (the paperboy). The next day he was marched round all the houses by his dad to apologise to us all.

This seems so Enid Blyton now - how times have changed!

TrendyNannie6 Sat 07-Mar-20 16:07:27

Your post makes me laugh, as we decided to have our milk delivered around 2 years ago after buying for years from supermarket in the plastic cartons. I must admit when I hear the clink of the milk being delivered it makes me happy and reminds me of when I lived at home as a teenager,

TrendyNannie6 Sat 07-Mar-20 16:10:05

I wish the milkman still sold the little bottles of orange that I remember I had when in primary school though

tessagee Sat 07-Mar-20 16:21:21

I switched to daily milk delivery about 18 months ago and am still pleased that I did so though I must say at nearly three times the cost of supermarket milk it would be too much for a family to pay. Still I do hope to keep it up.

HurdyGurdy Sat 07-Mar-20 19:17:29

littleflo - I am EXACTLY the same with our new doorstep delivery. It's been about five weeks now, and I still get a thrill when I go outside on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and finding the fresh milk on the step.

I also love putting clean milk bottles out on the doorstep.

I do find it odd, however, that the milk is delivered - by car!! - at between midnight and 2am

HurdyGurdy Sat 07-Mar-20 19:22:37

ps - I agree with those commenting on the price. £1 a pint from the milkman, against a similar amount for a four pint bottle from a supermarket. However our doorstep milk is organic, so it would probably be more per pint buying organic from a supermarket

Willow500 Sat 07-Mar-20 19:37:28

We tried this a couple of years ago but unfortunately we found the milk was usually just in date when it was delivered and consequently went off too quickly so had to cancel it. We don't use that much (I don't use it at all) and as there are just the two of us we threw more out than we used!

SpringyChicken Sat 07-Mar-20 19:38:46

Reluctantly, we gave up the milkman when the children were small. He kept forgetting to deliver to our house and despite two warnings, he didn’t improve. I used to have to run to the shops before school when he let me down.

GrannySomerset Sat 07-Mar-20 19:44:44

Our milk delivery (three times a week, plastic 2 pint bottles) stopped recently as there were insufficient customers to justify it. I find it a real pain to have to keep an eye on supplies and lug it back from village or supermarket, and I felt I was keeping someone in a job. Could only get organic milk in glass bottles, though, just a price increase too far.

May7 Sat 07-Mar-20 20:04:51

Me too Xander noise drove me insane in early hrs of the morning. Then after he'd delivered he would stack all the crates for 10mins engine running before moving off. Dont know anyone that has milk delivered now but we all have a good nights sleep😴

BradfordLass73 Sun 08-Mar-20 06:16:13

We don't have a choice in New Zealand. It's supermarket or nowt.

We used to have local contractors delivering. We'd leave a message in the clean bottles about anything special we wanted the next day: extra milk, cream, eggs, orange juice.

Weekly payment was left (can you believe it) atop a fence post by the gate, or in the mailbox. No one ever stole it.

Personally, I long for the days when the horse and cart came trundling up the street in Bradford, with churns on the back.
The milkman had long handled ladles with half pint, pint and gill measures on the end.
We used to stand at the gate with a jug and he'd pour in the amount we needed.

Our milkman was Welsh; he told us to call him Eddie Egg.

He had a lovely daughter called Gwynneth whose horse ran away with me when I visited their farm one day. Heehee

Grandmafrench Sun 08-Mar-20 15:45:26

Lovely post, BradfordLass73 and only this morning I was telling my DH how our milkman, centuries ago when I was a child, used to have two big churns on his cart and a nosebag for his horse. He'd walk up the steps to my Grandma's house and open the door. Inside she kept a big china jug with one of those muslin covers with little bead weights hanging from it. The milkman would take the just, fill it and then replace the cover and close the door. No rattly plastic crates, or the whine of any motor, just the clip clop of his horses hooves as they moved down the street. If we ran out of milk, I could walk across the field to his milking parlour at the farm and ask for a top up for our jug. As someone said in an earlier post, very Enid Blyton. But a lovely memory just the same!