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Who are we really?

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Artdecogran Mon 09-Mar-20 11:20:33

Having been on forums for a while now, I have noticed that there are a few people who always seem to disrupt a discussion. That led me to wonder if people are who they are purporting to be. After all I could be a 6’8” , 400 pound hairy rugby player aged 22. You would never know. What do you think?

tanith Mon 09-Mar-20 11:24:52

We will never know 👽unless we meet in person which I do with 3 other Gransnetters.

GrannyGravy13 Mon 09-Mar-20 11:27:18

I agree tanith I have met up with other GN members.
Forums are open to abuse.

Jane10 Mon 09-Mar-20 11:29:50

Lots of us Grans meet up in Scotland and Grans from elsewhere join us as welcome launchers.

Jane10 Mon 09-Mar-20 11:30:07


GrannySomerset Mon 09-Mar-20 11:31:28

Always a risk with people using pseudonyms but still worth persevering. There are certain posters whose input I don’t read because they will always subvert a thread to their particular ends. You get to recognise them and ignore their contributions. Mostly I find the threads I follow interesting and positive.

lemongrove Mon 09-Mar-20 11:31:31

I’ve met quite a few GNers Artdeco who are all the genuine article’ but I know what you mean, and think from time to time any forum, even ones for seniors do get infiltrated by goodness knows who.grin

BlueBelle Mon 09-Mar-20 11:36:04

I could be anyone of course but at least one poster on here can vouch that I am who I am
I d love to join you Jane10 but a long way to come for a lunch 😂😂

Greyduster Mon 09-Mar-20 11:39:25

Here too! I have met some super Gransnetter. I think I fall into the “once seen, never forgotten!” category😏!

EllanVannin Mon 09-Mar-20 11:43:42

I'm at an advantage because both Glammanana and I know each other and live about 5 minutes away, so we both know who we are as we have done for a number of years.

Grammaretto Mon 09-Mar-20 11:52:36

I am another who is watchful especially on the political threads. You have to be in the mood for an argument.

Quite soon after I discovered GN I was invited to join a Scottish meet-up. I have been to quite a few and people are even nicer in real life.

The only drawback could be that you lose your anonymity so can't bitch about your loved ones or others on here!.

Riverwalk Mon 09-Mar-20 12:04:36

Indeed forums are open to abuse and sometimes it's obvious.

I think it's best not to get too involved - I'm surprised how many members are so caught up in others' online life.

It's all very nice having chats and being supportive but I can see there are some who take on the woes and worries of complete strangers, even to the point of saying they've been thinking of nothing else but someone's latest sad tale.

Fretting about someone who you wouldn't recognise if you passed them in the street is an unnecessary drain on your emotions.

rosenoir Mon 09-Mar-20 12:12:21

I am surprised by people that ask for medical advice on a forum.

Just because somebody says they are or were a doctor does not mean it is true.

JenniferEccles Mon 09-Mar-20 12:24:00

This is a very timely thread!

I agree with the general sentiments expressed by Riverwalk

annodomini Mon 09-Mar-20 12:46:34

I have withdrawn a post only today because I realised I had included details that could identify me. I have met quite a few gransnet members and regularly have coffee (well, tea) with one.

Nannylovesshopping Mon 09-Mar-20 12:51:59

I can definitely vouch for lovely BlueBelle😀

Rainwashed Mon 09-Mar-20 12:54:12

I also agree with Riverwalk and as*Jennifer Eccles*;says a timely thread indeed!

grandMattie Mon 09-Mar-20 12:56:47

I'm pathalogically truthful! But have tried to keep my identity quiet. I don't think anyone I know is on here...

Lucca Mon 09-Mar-20 12:58:48

Am I being thick? Why is it timely?

GagaJo Mon 09-Mar-20 13:05:33

Dunno if anyone on here is anyone I know. I know there is a friend of a friend on here because she once mentioned our mutual acquaintance by name. But I have no idea who the GNer is.

I'm a Granny/teacher, just like I portray myself. Nothing exciting.

Bridgeit Mon 09-Mar-20 13:06:54

No you are not being thick , It more or less means - just at at the right moment

BlueSky Mon 09-Mar-20 13:13:39

Rosenoir people on here who ask for medical advice are usually looking for reassurance. I've done it many times myself and it does help reading of people who went through the same issue. Obviously you still need to see your GP/consultant and follow their advice.

farview Mon 09-Mar-20 13:13:45

Yes it is definitely a timely thread!..

Namsnanny Mon 09-Mar-20 13:21:40

Can anyone PM me with the names of the disruptors please?
Maybe I'm one of them and dont know it????shockblushgrin

Marydoll Mon 09-Mar-20 13:30:12

We actually don't know who we are speaking to, unless we meet the posters in real life. As Gramaretto says, the Scottish grans are as nice in real life.

I have been to the Edinburgh and Glasgow meet ups and thoroughly enjoyed myself.
I have got to know a few posters very well and we have exchanged email addresses, but that took a long time for us to get to know and trust each other.

Recent events have made me very suspicious of some posters and that is awful!
I'm very wary of posters who parachute into a thread, disrupt it and then vanish, leaving posters very upset.
How can anyone enjoy doing something like that?

However, I have to say that I have been overwhelmed recently by the number of kind messages I have received. Thank you lovely grans! 💐

grandMattie, I have a close friend with the same name, I hope you are not her! wink