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can i get a divorce over a lettuce (lighthearted)

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petunia Wed 11-Mar-20 11:33:36

Oh and I agreed some years ago that the amount of money we spent on food shopping was outrageous and the subsequent waste was not acceptable. So we overhauled our shopping habits. Making a list, checking the cupboards before we left to shop, using leftovers, planning meals, all the good stuff. The amount of money and waste saved was amazing. Great, we were both on board.

Fast forward a number of years to retirement.

Today we have a food shop coming mid-afternoon. Cue OH scanning the fridge for something for lunch. He decides that he just must have a particular lettuce. He just cant have lunch today without his lettuce. So into the car he gets and drive the mile and a half to the local shop and comes back with a pack of lettuce plus a number of other items(all of which will turn up in the shopping this afternoon).

So now we have double salad in the fridge by tea time, most of which he just wont fancy and will end up wasted.

Would divorce be in order here??

Mamma66 Mon 16-Mar-20 01:13:01

Miss Adventure shouldn’t that be, ‘kos you love him...’ 😂