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Good Morning Sunday

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12Michael Sun 15-Mar-20 06:29:52

Good Morning Everyone,
Its light but with a grey sky and dry ground here in Brackley.
Yesterday, functioned as normal despite seeing numerous products no longer on the supermarket shelves.
But I carried on as normal , met and spoke to others I knew .
Today , no cycling on TV only repeats of past races.

Oopsadaisy3 Sun 15-Mar-20 06:34:47

Good morning Mick
Blustery here in Oxfordshire, woke up very early when a picture fell off of the wall and woke me up! DH slept on......

Plan for today is a walk along the river along to the weir and lock, welly boots ready in the car as it was flooded the other day in the meadows.

DH is going stir crazy as he has been ill for nearly 2 weeks.

DDs partner is ill with signs of the virus, so we will be keeping tabs on the situation, although we are too far away to do very much apart from offer sympathy on the phone and on line.

Have a good day Mick and everyone who is following

ninathenana Sun 15-Mar-20 06:37:01

Morning Mick and all who follow.

Grey and windy in Kent it's been light since 6 am here. DH will be going to the plot after breakfast and I will be relaxing with the papers and crossword.
Have a good day. Thinking of those with troubles and ills.

QuaintIrene Sun 15-Mar-20 06:45:59

Good morning everyone.
I have been away but at home now.
Need to get some shopping, if there is anything left . Then housework and washing. My father would have been appalled, doing laundry on a Sunday! But needs must.
Big cat has settled in after her holiday at my sisters. She enjoyed having a garden to explore so we hope to visit again soon. Depending if we can, with the way things are.
Thinking of those who are ill or troubled and stay safe everyone.

Scentia Sun 15-Mar-20 06:49:38

Good Morning all from East Staffordshire. Very wet and windy here so I have texted DD and cancelled my walk with DGS along the trails near their house. I hate letting them down but I just can’t bear to go out this morning. I feel very sorry for my DH as his dream holiday is now most definitely off, he seems better about it than I am, I could cry for him. I will have to go shopping today and stock the fridge as we had to have a takeaway last night as we have no food in.

Hope you all stay safe and Marydoll I do hope you have a successful meeting at the wedding venue and it all works out ok.

MawB Sun 15-Mar-20 06:55:35

Good morning all. I have been awake since silly o’clock which I could do without.
Now it is still too early to get up and too late to go back to sleep. Grrr!
Reading the (online) paper doesn’t help much either - all too depressing.
However I hope you all have a peaceful day with whatever you have planned, commiserations for all with CV-related disappointments sad and keep well!

Beechnut Sun 15-Mar-20 06:57:57

Good Morning from Severnside where it is raining.

We went furniture shopping yesterday. Plenty of that about 😂Not sure what I will be doing today, probably get wet.

Hope you all have the best day possible 🌸

Nortsat Sun 15-Mar-20 07:04:03

Good morning Mick and the GM team, from grey but dry east London.
Quiet day for us, I think. Grocery shopping and a joint of pork to roast.

Our dear ex-stray cat is much better, to I hope his improvement continues on an upward trajectory.

Good thoughts to those in sick bay and those facing challenges. Have a nice day all 💐

Ginny42 Sun 15-Mar-20 07:07:24

Good morning Mick and everyone. It's rained in the night and it's a grey sky with clouds rolling in fast from the west in Cheshire.

A blackbird has been calling since before dawn and I thought I heard the wren a little while ago. It seemed to be reoccupying last year's nest during the recent storms. So nice to see the daffodils bobbing away out there on a gloomy morning.

A friend is coming for a meal sometime today. She's unable to visit her DH in a care home as it's in lockdown. We'll go walking in the woods and maybe stop at a coffee shop at the far end and walk back via a different path.

Take care everyone, especially those who are sick or sad. Gilly and her DH, Marydoll and Dragonfly. Hope you had a visit from the GC yesterday EllanVannin and that they're coping. flowers

flowerlover Sun 15-Mar-20 07:12:44

Good morning from a grey Co Antrim. I usually only read these posts much later but I can't sleep. My daughter in law is 10 days overdue with her third child and is being induced today. They live abroad, 8 hours ahead of us, and we are anxiously waiting for a phone call. It is times like this we miss them even more.

brook2704 Sun 15-Mar-20 07:19:57

Good morning all from a rainy and breezy Inverness
I’ve nothing planned today so am staying home, definitely a taste of things to come! Hopefully I can get out in the garden later if the rain eventually stops
We cancelled our UK holiday for next week, so like so many others feeling a bit disappointed. But health of ourselves and others must come first of course
flowerlover hope all goes well with the imminent new arrival ! Try not to worry, I was the same with my daughters first baby , awake all night frantically waiting for that phone call !
Thinking of everyone with struggles , disappointments and worries - take care everyone 💐

BlueBelle Sun 15-Mar-20 07:25:40

Good morning Mick and all who follow
Peeped out the curtains, it looks grey I m hoping to get to the allotment if only to prune the raspberry canes
Really keeping my fingers crossed for anyone who has ill family members
flowerlover I hope the baby has arrived safely by now it was very funny when my first grandchild was born in NZ my son rang to say your first grand daughter has been born on the 7th and as I was only on the 6th of the month it felt really funny to know she’d already arrived 🤔😆

GrannyGravy13 Sun 15-Mar-20 07:31:24

Good morning Mick and all x

Sounds breezy outside haven’t opened the curtains yet, still in bed!!!

Confined to “barracks “ with this chest infection.

Thinking of Urmstongran in lockdown in Spain.

Keep safe folks x

Mythbirtthedragon Sun 15-Mar-20 07:32:38

Good morning from east London, dry and grey with a bit of a breeze. Enjoyed yesterday, did everything I wanted to do with a bracing walk along the front at Southend and a nice lunch (Sunday nut roast but not on a Sunday; how decadent). Old car gone and popped into a children’s clothes sale market and picked up some bargains for GD2. However the dining room is now full of boxes we brought back from Southend which we’ll be going through today along with the boxes DP has started bringing down from our loft when we cleared the floors for the builders. I may have to go for a walk. Have a good day.

Curlywhirly Sun 15-Mar-20 07:35:56

Good morning from a dull, but thankfully dry Cheshire. Spent ages yesterday on the phone trying to get youngest DS travel insurance; hung on for an hour, then was cut off! DS did the same, to no avail. All our family have a holiday booked to Portugal, in June (the rest of us have travel insurance). Can't see it going ahead really, think we'll have to phone the tour operator today, if we can get through! We have only paid the deposit, but are due to pay the balance, so really do need to get more information p.d.q. Went shopping in Sainsbury's on Friday and was amused to see that one of the things they had sold out of was the fun size bags of chocolate bars! None at all to be had, plus they were very low on individual chocolate bars. So people are obviously determined to spoil themselves during their isolation😁😁😁 Just hope the wine doesn't sell out🙄

Quiet day today, just a long dog walk and then preparing the Sunday roast. Hope everyone has a good day. Take care.

Sar53 Sun 15-Mar-20 08:12:29

Good morning everyone from a very wet Newport. We spent part of yesterday in Cardiff, plenty of men in kilts with very cold legs !! Meal at the hotel last night.
Breakfast shortly then the long journey back to Essex by the sea. Looking forward to getting home and hopefully a good night's sleep in my own bed.
Have a pleasant day and stay safe everyone.

Marydoll Sun 15-Mar-20 08:12:34

Good morning Mick all from Glasgow, where it's raining again. Welcome flowerlover, I hope all goes well for your daughter in law.

I have woken up with a hacking cough, so have decided not to go to the wedding venue to make the final arrangements and settle the bill. I will steer clear of everyone and see what happens. 😣
As I have chronic lung conditions, this is not an unusual event, it's just a matter of playing a waiting game, as I don't have any other symptoms.

Eight of our guests are now unable to fly from USA, so DD is very disappointed. We will put out an update and say that we are happy for anyone who feels they are vulnerable to stay at home. God forbid that guests fall ill, because they didn't want to disappoint us.

On top of that, there will be no flower deliveries from Holland, as of Monday, so we may need to use silk flowers for the wedding.
DD has been so upbeat until now, I felt so upset for her yesterday.
Today, was meant to be her pre-wedding afternoon tea, so I have bought a load of cream cakes and we are going to have a wee mini hen, just DH, DD, SIL and I.
We will all just have to pull together, we are good at that as a family.
Anyway, it was all going too smoothly for me! 😉

We have told her, that all that matters is that she gets married, even if there is no fancy do. We will have a family party at a later date.
The most important thing is to keep everyone safe.

Yesterday, I planned to print out the seating plan and make the huge Scrabble board to display each individual table plan. Something stopped me, thank goodness.

On a lighter note, my future SIL asked me if I could wrap his gifts for the groomsmen, (a cast of millions,). I. have to say, I was extremely proud of my Scrabble themed crafty efforts, until I got to the end and discovered that I was missing an A tile! Help! ☹️

When my DD was a flower girl many years ago, she was given a doll, which had been made to look exactly like her in her beautiful dress. She has organised the same for my wee granddaughter. My task today is to sew a mini Pooh Bear 🐻onto the doll's hand, and make a tartan bow tie for him to match the kilts, as DGD doesn't go anywhere without her best boy.

Thank to everyone who has been so kind to me over the last few days, it is much appreciated.

Sorry for the long winded novella, I just needed to offload, GN has been my rock, recently.

For all those in a much worse position than I am, sending best wishes and hugs. Dragonfly, I hope your are looking after yourself 💐

Dear Urmstongran, stay safe. 🤗

Grammaretto Sun 15-Mar-20 08:13:00

Good morning all from the Scottish Borders. March winds are here with a vengeance. Trying to blow away all the bad news?.

DD was on the phone last night to remind us we are in the high risk zone, along with her DGP and to take proper precautions. confused
Luckily I am happy to self isolate but because the day centres are all closing, I'll have to think how to help my in-laws.
The official advice seems to change by the hour.

I am sad that DS and family have cancelled their long planned trip to Europe this Summer. Their DS was born far from us in NZ too, very late, flowerlover I hope all goes well for your d-i-l. We speak to them often on facetime and whatsapp.

Hoping our virtual community can continue to offer support to all those with anxiety and pain. Have a good day everyone.

Urmstongran Sun 15-Mar-20 08:15:41

Good morning everyone from Malaga where it’s grey, misty and eerie. Spain is in lockdown and I’m a bit scared to be honest. No one can leave their homes unless for food or medicine. All schools, parks, bars and restaurants are closed.
This seems surreal.

We have no underlying conditions but what scares me is what happens if say, one gets a urinary tract infection needing antibiotics? Will the local health centre give an appointment, can one even get a taxi now etc?

I look at Himself who is nearly 70y and think ‘will we be okay here?’. There are 6 apartments on our landing. One 84y old lady lives 2 doors from us but the other apartments are empty - like us they come out here as and when, from Belgium, Blackpool, Bradford and Denmark.

My husband makes me laugh (thank goodness!) he put the kettle on and turned to ask me if I had a ration card .....

Hope Sunday is kind to us all whether we have any plans or, like us for 15 days, none. x

Pittcity Sun 15-Mar-20 08:18:33

Good morning from a grey skied Colchester.
Walking into town to blow away the cobwebs and see if I can get the bits they don't have in our decimated Lidl.
DS works in a big supermarket and can get most things straight off the lorry, strictly rationed of course. But I need to get out while I still can.
I've joined the local Facebook group set up to help others and have signed up to free online prescription delivery as a walk to the pharmacy is a step too far at the moment.
Roast beef dinner this evening.

Urmstongran Sun 15-Mar-20 08:18:56

Thank you GG13 and Marydoll - I feel quite emotional.

Grammaretto Sun 15-Mar-20 08:19:33

MaryDoll and DD ((hugs)) oh and virtual flowers
Silk flowers may be very nice.

Greyduster Sun 15-Mar-20 08:20:32

Good morning, Michael and all GNs. A dreary, damp depressing sort of day in South Yorkshire. We got a bit of gardening done yesterday, but it looks like it is going to be an ‘in’ day today. I will be road testing my new iron! DD et al are coming this afternoon for a roast chicken dinner, maybe the last for sometime, who knows. That will cheer us up!
Have the best day you can, folks, and stay well.

Grammaretto Sun 15-Mar-20 08:23:59

Urmstongran cupcake wine cafe
It will be scary for you but advice is changing by the hour.

GrannySomerset Sun 15-Mar-20 08:24:53

Yet another grey, wet day to match the National mood. DH is having a much needed cataract op tomorrow (DV) so will be staying home and away from potential infection today just to be on the safe side.

Think I will need a project if we are to be confined to the house (but four months? Really?) or I will go mad. But what? Need to decide so that I can ensure I have whatever I need before life becomes impossible. Suggestions welcome.