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Rare? Perhaps extinct !

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WOODMOUSE49 Mon 16-Mar-20 11:28:31

Just done an on-line search to buy/order a thermometer.

Nothing (No Stock) but I'll keep trying.

rubysong Mon 16-Mar-20 13:29:38

DH got one in Tesco this morning. It is digital and suitable for babies or adults. We are both fine but thought we should have one.

WOODMOUSE49 Wed 18-Mar-20 01:25:10

No Tesco in our closest town. Not found one yet on line and I'm reluctant to go out looking for one.

I'm 70 and trying not get too much contact with others.

OPgrndtr Wed 18-Mar-20 02:28:26

Try looking on the website. They even have toilet paper!

Davidhs Wed 18-Mar-20 06:53:50

Don’t worry about not having a thermometer if you have got C19 you will be burning hot with a dry cough, much worse than a cold or normal flu. Get on the phone to your GP!.

mumofmadboys Wed 18-Mar-20 07:43:31

The advice is to phone 111 if you need advice or help and not your GP!!

Liz46 Wed 18-Mar-20 07:50:33

I read that we should not phone 111 but go online to
NHS 111 corona virus service
I made a note because I am high risk but have not checked it out. I think you have to fill in a questionnaire but I don't know what happens then!

MerylStreep Wed 18-Mar-20 07:59:46

Amazon are not delivering non essential items. Would toilet rolls come under that bracket🤔

Missfoodlove Wed 18-Mar-20 09:24:02

The first thing you will be asked by 111 is what your temperature is!
A thermometer used to be a staple first aid kit item.
When buying gifts for newborns I often pop a thermometer in.

Missfoodlove Wed 18-Mar-20 09:27:59

EBay are awash at sensible prices still from reputable sellers.

Crazygran Wed 18-Mar-20 09:52:51

As I have no underlying health probs I am beginning to think it would be better to have it now and get it over with , sometimes the thought of something is worse than the reality.
Best wishes to all .

LizHand Wed 18-Mar-20 10:07:39

Trawled London and online for same at weekend. Baby department John Lewis has one in a firstaid kit..just to be on safe side!!!

Theoddbird Wed 18-Mar-20 10:11:25

I found one eventually on eBay at a reasonable price.

Madbird37 Wed 18-Mar-20 10:13:22


DS told me amerzon have stopped delivers, hopefully not true, local chemist is worth a try.😷

Oopsminty Wed 18-Mar-20 10:14:59

Do you have a smart phone?

There are apps that read your temperature

Authoress Wed 18-Mar-20 10:18:00

Amazon are delivering something I ordered last night - my idea of essential - some small cutters so I can make some polymer clay jewellery whilst incarcerated smile

Lancslass1 Wed 18-Mar-20 10:34:27

Sorry ,but why are people panic buying buying thermometers?
If you have a temperature you would know it without the need of a thermometer.

Notsooldat75 Wed 18-Mar-20 10:48:07

I got one of those forehead thermometers on Amazon, cost less than £3, and works a treat.

Hm999 Wed 18-Mar-20 11:15:13

I had a non-urgent delivery yesterday from Amazon

Margs Wed 18-Mar-20 11:26:03

Wonder if a culinary meat thermometer will do?

grandMattie Wed 18-Mar-20 11:27:05

My DiL tried to get one one Amazon yesterday and was quote £80! she declined...

GrandmaJan Wed 18-Mar-20 11:51:42

Just been on Amazon and there’s a perfectly good one for £9.99

rowanflower0 Wed 18-Mar-20 12:01:30

try ebay - bought a pair - but not delivered yet. Just hope they come.

Jaycee5 Wed 18-Mar-20 12:12:02

I did a Sainsbury's order a couple of days ago and I have never had so many things not available. Not things like toilet roll, just ordinary food items.
I thought I'd do another shop to be delivered tomorrow or Monday from Waitrose but their website is down.
So I tried Morrisons. I got into the website but started having trouble with it so gave up.
Then I tried Iceland. Website working and spent about 45 mins. doing an order, then clicked delivery - so slots available for the next week and you can't book delivery after that - so that was a waste of time.
I'm not feeling 100% and feel that I should self isolate and I'm ok for a few days, but it could get difficult.
There would be quite enough for everyone if people would just behave normally. Even the local shops are out of toilet paper and pasta.
There's no sign of people calming down. The supermarkets really should have started rationing people sooner, although I saw a woman in my local shop loaded up with 16 roll packs of toilet paper and she said 'I'm glad I found you because Morrisons would only let me have two' so people are doing the rounds to get what they have decided they can't live without.
Nowhere is selling paracetamol or ibuprofen and I need to take them fairly regularly. I'm sure I'll manage but it is all a bit tedious and I feel sorry for people that bit older than I am.

lulusmf Wed 18-Mar-20 12:29:12

Iceland very kindly opened our local store this morning from 9-11 am for elderly and vulnerable people to shop. However......cabinets and shelves almost empty! I think the locusts visited overnight. Nice try thougj, thank you Iceland.