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Solitary confinement

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watermeadow Mon 16-Mar-20 20:35:20

So we old people should be staying home, isolated, for 12 weeks.
I understand that this government has decimated the NHS and knows it can’t cope with millions of sick old people but this advice is not realistic.
I’m used to spending most of my time alone and have family nearby to help but 3 months of solitary confinement would drive me bonkers. Many others, with fewer resources, could be found dead because they ran out of food or money for the meter or the will to live.
Do you intend to spend that long cut off from humanity?

mbmb Sat 21-Mar-20 17:52:34

I've made some soup with bendy veg from the bottom of the fridge. I'm determined not to waste a thing and to eke out my stores as long as possible.

I washed my hair in a probably doomed attempt not to allow standard to fall too fair. Had phone chats and facetime with DGD. As my 16 year old GS is off school now and disappointed not to be taking exams, I sent him via Amazon a box of 48 creme eggs - his favourite

What with facebook and gransnet it feels like it's been a busy day.

Callistemon Sat 21-Mar-20 23:21:13

I did the Tai Chi that was linked to on another thread which I can't find now.

rubysong Sat 21-Mar-20 23:41:25

MamaCaz my printer isn't working at the moment either. Have you had upgrades from Windows recently? I think that is what my problem is. I'm going to attempt to uninstall printer driver tomorrow then reinstall it. I can't take it to the menders as I normally would.

Maggiemaybe Sun 22-Mar-20 00:01:41

We're officially just distancing, not isolating, but are limiting forays outside to walks and gardening. I seem to be doing more exercise than usual - apart from the yomp around the area today, skillfully avoiding dog walkers and joggers and the odd wandering child, I've done my yogalates and one of the GN exercise videos (walk a mile). I've made soup from some nearly-past-their-best tomatoes, sorted some birthday presents to be sent directly to two of the grandsons next week, tried to source one of the much-advertised Portals to make keeping in touch with the family easier (they're out of stock everywhere sad). Listened to a lot of radio, sent a few texts, did some jigsaw, read a bit. DS, DDIL, DH and I are competing against each other in a quiz posted on their local Facebook page - we've each done it separately, allowing 30 minutes, and we get the answers on Monday. We'll be doing it every weekend, and crowning an overall winner some time in the hopefully not too dim and distant future. Oh, and I've looked into downloading Hilary Mantel's latest tome as an audio book from our libraries service. As soon as I've finished my current book I'll do that, and have nearly 40 hours of entertainment to accompany a bit of cupboard and cellar sorting, etc. It's about time I did something useful. smile

MamaCaz Sun 22-Mar-20 07:40:45

MamaCaz my printer isn't working at the moment either. Have you had upgrades from Windows recently? I think that is what my problem is.

In my case, I am fairly certain that it's an ink problem, as I've hardly used it recently. I had similar problems a few months back, and eventually solved it by changing all the colour cartridges, even though they were still half full. I think it's the black cartridge at fault now. I've changed it, and am hoping that it will start working again today. Fingers crossed, as I won't be buying a new printer any time soon!

I hope you manage to sort yours out today ☺

Maggiemaybe Sun 22-Mar-20 08:33:31

MamaCaz, my printer stopped working properly when I changed the cartridges recently - printing in green and yellow only, with lines through it, making odd noises, then stopping altogether. I followed a YouTube tutorial on how to strip down and clean a printer using window spray (the clear stuff, not Windolene!) very carefully. To my surprise it worked, and we’re up and running again.

Granny23 Sun 22-Mar-20 08:42:18

Someone above asked about the Drug Dealers. I do have a contact - gardener/handyman, former user, clean 20+ years, but lives in the roughest part of nearby town. He predicts a dire situation for three main reasons.

1) The Drug Barons have a hold over their dealers/pushers, usually threat of extreme violence to the pusher or their family. The top dogs will insist that their underlings continue to sell but that will be increasingly difficult with so many punters out of work/strapped for cash.

2) Supplies of 'good stuff' from abroad will be curtailed, so the dealers will make their own, cut it with God knows what noxious substances and desperate addicts will use it anyway.

3) Stay at home policies and the closure of drug addiction related groups/clinics will mean that there is no support or rehab for those trying to quit.

My pal predicts a huge rise in drug related deaths and widespread violence among the drug cartels, the dealers and their clients.