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Good Morning Tuesday

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12Michael Tue 17-Mar-20 06:10:57

Good Morning Everyone,
Its daylight here in Brackley this morning , some blue sky as well.
My usual day some housework, then get buses to Buckingham,and Bicester.
I am hoping to find what I want on the shelves is in stock even if its just to get one item.

aggie Tue 17-Mar-20 06:19:15

Good Morning Mick and everyone , in isolation here , nothing happening for poor Saint Patrick!
Even the local farm shop is closed , but I have stocked up , but not over the top ,

Oopsadaisy3 Tue 17-Mar-20 06:28:54

Good morning Mick
A bit cloudy here in Oxfordshire, but dry so hopefully the lawn will be dry enough for it’s first cut.
DD is going to push the dog out of the car this morning, hopefully she will run straight to the door and not down the lane!
We will have her for the day, we should be able to have her twice a week as usual, as long as she doesn’t arrive with any of her stuff, we have collars etc. here for her to use.
Thankfully we can’t catch anything from her, it will also make us get out for a walk up the fields. Too much sitting indoors for me, whilst DH is recovering from chest infection and now an Asthma problem, I need to get out.
Have a good day everybody, special virtual hugs for those who have ongoing problems.

AllotmentLil Tue 17-Mar-20 06:33:05

Good morning Mick, good morning everybody from the North East of Scotland. I don’t often post but I just wanted to wish you all the very best in these uncertain times.

MawB Tue 17-Mar-20 06:36:14

☘️ ☘️
Good morning and Happy St Patrick’s Day!
More importantly it is littlest fella Otis’s First birthday!

I am so glad I saw the DGCs at the weekend to celebrate recent and future birthdays with a real elbow bump!

I cancelled my cinema trip to the live relay of “Fidelio” tonight and now find Covent Garden has shut anyway so it won’t be happening anyway.
Strange times ahead. I hope you all keep safe and to Mick keep your distance from others on those buses -take care!

Ginny42 Tue 17-Mar-20 06:37:00

Good morning Mick, Aggie and all who follow. It's grey but dry here in Cheshire. I have a creature in my loft and didn't sleep well. It's scratching in the corner of my bedroom so I hit the ceiling hard with a brush and it stopped, but I'll have to get someone in at the very time I'm trying to be in isolation! There are squirrels in the woods and I'm afraid it's one of them. I'll ask the advice of my neighbours.

I'll enjoy a walk in the woods and some company out in the fresh air at 9.00. We stay far apart anyway.

So here we are, in very strange times and GM friends stuck in various locations, but we must stay resolute to stay safe and well. Warm wishes to those who struggle with ill health and other troubles. flowers for all.

Scentia Tue 17-Mar-20 06:38:28

Good Morning all from East Staffordshire.

A little grey looking out there, I think it should stay dry today though.

Normal work day for me today.

After Boris’s latest speech my town has gone mad! We are the brewing capital of the world and as such we have ALOT of pubs, they are all going mad that he has told us all to stay away, they will go under I suspect which is awful. Why didn’t they enforce closure on them, that way at least they can claim on Insurance, that doesn’t help the staff but it would have been better. My DH Facebook page was awash with pubs saying we are still open, ignore Boris and come down.

I am not sure what is going to become of our business, and others as this situation unfolds, I feel a financial crisis is looming.

On a positive note, my wildflower seeds have arrived and I am all set to build my new wildflower garden over the next week or so.

Take care everyone and stay virus free.❤️

Beechnut Tue 17-Mar-20 06:39:30

Good Morning everyone. There is a dull start to the day on Severnside.

My usual homework day today. I think I’ll give swimming a swerve for a while even though the leisure centre is sending encouraging posts.

Have the best day you can everyone and take care 🌺

Ginny42 Tue 17-Mar-20 06:40:44

Thank you for your good wishes AllotmentLil.
Hope you stay well too and please pop in when you need company.

ninathenana Tue 17-Mar-20 06:42:08

Morning everyone.
Looks like another pleasant day in Kent, weather wise at least.
We have decided to postpone the UK break we had booked for next month. Fortunately we are able to transfer the cost to a other date.
Of out soon to see what supplies I can find.
Stay safe everyone.

Newquay Tue 17-Mar-20 06:42:22

Good morning to all-i’m usually a lurker, love hearing from everyone everywhere. We’ve been self isolating for a week now. V brief visit to local Coop to top up supplies. Walks outdoors with friends at arms length. All our groups/meetings/choirs either cancelled or avoided.
Don’t think I would be going on public transport Mick!
Keep safe everyone and listen-and take-advice please

Marydoll Tue 17-Mar-20 06:45:36

Good morning all from a damp Glasgow and happy St Patrick's Day, shamrock, to all our Irish grans, albeit a very subdued one.
I remember my mother's cousin used to send a box of shamrock every year for us all to wear. You don't see people wearing it much these days.

A very quiet day for me, as I put myself into splendid isolation, apart from medical appointments and the wedding.
Today, I will be contacting all the guests to say that the priority is to keep everyone safe and not to feel bad if they wish to give the wedding a by. sad

I was most impressed at the dentist yesterday. As soon as I went in, my temperature was taken and I was asked if I had been abroad in the last two weeks or had cough or cold. The whole place was spotless, with no magazines etc in the waiting room. The card machine was broken, so I had to pay with cash. I was then offered sanitiser to wash my hands, after handling the cash.
The dentist said everything had been sanitised and the surgery had never been so clean, Most impressive, especially as the hygienist slipped a face masked into my bag, saying he knew how vulnerable I was and it was difficult to buy masks. 😀.

Totally different scenario in Aldi. It was like the end of the world, empty shelves and people being greedy and selfish. Everything was restricted to four of each item. My sister in law was asked to put two yoghurts back, as she had six, which is her usual amount.
What concerned me most, was people picking up fruit and veg , examining it and then putting it back! 😡

Best wishes to the Gillybobs, Dragonfly and Ann Sixty, and anyone else, who are feeling particularly vulnerable just now.
Urmonstongran and Pantglas flowers.
So lovely to see Elizabeth1 posting, after her long period of ill health.
Good luck Megs55, for your hospital appointment today.

Have as good a day, as you can!

brook2704 Tue 17-Mar-20 06:46:12

Good morning Mick and all. It’s dry just now in Inverness but still very breezy. But it was great yesterday for drying the washing outside !
I’ve been waking up early the past few mornings, just general worrying about things I guess ...
I don’t think I’ve got any plans for today now - I did have but they’re all on hold of course ! So looking on the positive side the garden is going to be well looked after this year 🌼🌻🌹

Please take care everyone - sending virtual hugs to all 💐

SkyBird Tue 17-Mar-20 07:08:04

Good Morning from an overcast South Costa Blanca. Prior to our enforced lock down the weather was beautiful. Fortunately we are well prepared with enough food for the two of us and our moggies. I have a few friends who live alone and we have set up a WhatsApp group to keep in touch and offer help where necessary.

It is a time to pull together and follow advice. For those with health conditions and awaiting operations I wish you all the very best. flowers

Grandmafrench Tue 17-Mar-20 07:09:13

Morning everyone. Breakfast and then to the beach with the dogs before lockdown starts in France at noon ! 15 days to start and who knows after that. Heavy fines for those not on essential business. “We are at war” (apparently) sad I have to stay positive and think...well we’ve got a nice day for it! Stay strong everyone and take good care whatever you’re doing.

Yiayia4 Tue 17-Mar-20 07:11:28

I'm just popping in to wish you all well.
It all feels so unreal,we've been more or less in isolation for the last week.DH has a heart contition so important to stay home.We live near London so looks like most places have closed.My DiLs both work at schools and they think the schools will close at the end of the week.
Take care all of you.

Sar53 Tue 17-Mar-20 07:12:23

Good morning everyone from a bright and sunny Essex by the sea.
I'm off to the butchers later to buy enough meat for DH for the foreseeable future. He has to drive to Luton for work.
Nothing else planned today. I have plenty of books to read and will start a new puzzle.
A pleasant day to you all in these very uncertain times.
Stay safe x

Grannmarie Tue 17-Mar-20 07:14:44

Good morning, Mick, and all GM posters, old and new.

Just looked out of the window and we have some blue skies here in Lanarkshire, with a wee bit of sunshine peeking through the clouds! Still cold though!

This is my first GM post, although I read daily. Thank you Mick for this friendly thread, it will be a Godsend to many people in the days to come.

Take special care if you are out and about today. I am planning to go out this morning, taking all necessary precautions, then blitz my bedroom this afternoon... strip and wash bedding, clean windows, surfaces, floor, fill a charity bag or two from my choc a bloc wardrobes, tidy all the dressing table drawers... I may have to sleep in the guest room tonight!

Sending love and prayers to all who are anxious or coping with health issues.

Marydoll Tue 17-Mar-20 07:16:41

Welcome *Grannmarie to this lovely thread, glad to see you took the plunge and posted! wink.

Pantglas2 Tue 17-Mar-20 07:18:59

Morning all on St Patrick’s Day from a dry north Wales- we had plans to hop on the ferry to the Emerald Isle for lunch today but that’s been postponed (I like using postponed rather than cancelled- feels like I’m in control!)

So sad about the wedding Marydoll, haven’t been to one in ten years and have loved hearing about all your arrangements etc.

Very worrying about small businesses Scentia- DD in similar position and there’s not a lot anyone can do is there? Bit of tidying and de cluttering today and more pottering in the kitchen- I find it all quite soothing just sorting stuff out, sad little bod that I am!

Keep safe folks x

GrannyGravy13 Tue 17-Mar-20 07:21:01

Goodmorning Mick and all x

Blue Sky here in S E Essex, unfortunately my mood is still grey. I think the reality has finally set in that life as we know it has radically changed and I feel very sad.

Hopefully the antibiotics and steroids will kick in today and my chest will ease and asthma will calm down. Side effect of steroids is energy I would love to walk along the seafron, and might later today as I doubt it will be busy.

Marydoll keep safe I do,hope that your DD can get married as planned, you can have the party later.

Sending hugs to all our Goodmorningers, keep safe and well.

Gillybob Evie's room was so pretty, we need to put shelves into what we call the Grandchildrens room and that little unit with pull out baskets looks ideal.

Urmstongran keep strong.

Nannytopsy Tue 17-Mar-20 07:21:36

Morning Mick and all his followers..
Well, what strange times! We have plenty of pasta and tins of stuff, our little freezer is pretty well stocked and we have loo rolls. What more do we need?!
Broken clouds and blue skies here in Suffolk -should be a good day in the garden.
Hope everyone has as good a day as possible.

Grannmarie Tue 17-Mar-20 07:30:49

Thank you for your welcome, Marydoll!

Pantglas2, I agree with you about 'postponed'. We learned yesterday that our parish St Patrick's Night celebration is now postponed, much more positive than 'cancelled' 😊

Sark Tue 17-Mar-20 07:32:44

Good morning everyone from here in Oxfordshire
Hello to Grannmarie and I agree this friendly thread will help many of us through these uncertain times.
Off to work soon (not a job that can be done at home)
As do many I worry about all our mental health. I have never known so many usually upbeat family and friends sound so down already
Anyway sending best wishes to all flowers

Kalu Tue 17-Mar-20 07:33:00

Good morning all Mick and all. Not a pleasant weather forecast for Glasgow today. A watery sunny sky, doesn’t look promising.

A phone call from DD2 in Australia last night. I think she is feeling being so far away quite difficult at the moment. She still has bouts of homesickness and the thought that she can’t pop in to see us has heightened under these troubled times. More FaceTiming will be needed for all of us to keep in touch more.

A battery replacement is needed for my watch but rather than go into town I shall phone the shop and arrange postage.

Only 3 days to go Dragonfly. Stay well and positive. Thankfully this is your last treatment and no more appointments for this to think about after Friday.

Have the best day you can everyone.