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Thank you to supermarket staff who are really in the front line.

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fatgran57 Thu 19-Mar-20 01:04:26

Both my daughters work in a local supermarket and we know many of the staff also.

They are doing a great job and working all sorts of hours to keep things going.

The abuse from some customers is dreadful and this is happening all day long to these staff members.

In a lighter note my daughter sent me this - "In an unsettling reversal of my teenage years I am now yelling at my parents for going out"

Davidhs Thu 19-Mar-20 07:26:14

Are supermarkets staff “ key workers” able to send the kids to school

Oopsadaisy3 Thu 19-Mar-20 07:36:51

Not forgetting the truck drivers who are delivering the stocks to the stores, although they don’t have to face angry customers.

The list of ‘essential’ workers is very long

Sark Thu 19-Mar-20 07:38:23

I was talking to a lady behind the counter in our local shop and she was telling me how rude some people are, both to the staff and other customers...unbelievable!
Love the message from your daughter fatgran57

Pittcity Thu 19-Mar-20 07:43:51

DS is working on the back door of a large supermarket unloading the lorries and has all the overtime he can do right now. He is young and fit but we worry all the time.
Our bins have just been emptied so there are lots of people who have to keep us going.
Full of praise for all of them.

12Michael Thu 19-Mar-20 08:07:45

A few years ago I did a short period doing nights shelf stacking in a local one .
And you appreciate it , but today's climate , where they struggle to restock in the day .
The panic as to the demands some not really necessary, if you are living in a rural area with travel restrictions its understandable if a village does not have a small shop for the basics .
But this panic buying is not needed , a little common sense as to what you buy do I need how long will it last .
The current situation is causing panic with daily updates by the government and certain TV programmes , everyone by know is aware so why panic .

eazybee Thu 19-Mar-20 08:09:43

I am grateful to supermarket staff who are working flat out to reload the shelves and maintain politeness in the face of abuse from a limited number of unreasonable customers. They must be on the front line for exposure to germs with no protective clothing or regular sanitisation of their work place.

sodapop Thu 19-Mar-20 08:50:25

Yes we should be grateful to all the retail staff who are on the front line. I can imagine how difficult some customers are being. Thanks to all the staff working against these odds.

Teetime Thu 19-Mar-20 09:30:40

A lovely assistant in the garage/M & S flowers yesterday gave me a bunch of pink roses ' would you like these she said, we have to throw them away after a certain date'. On a very gloomy rainy day these brightened up my hallway.

Mamissimo Thu 19-Mar-20 09:39:24

My DS is a manager for Sainsbugs and was ‘running’ the introduction of the shopping hour for the elderly and vulnerable this morning.......and I received from him
“Help! It’s like I’m managing the D Day landings here....and I reckon most of them were at the first one.....”
I will give him a clip round the ear when he gets home 🙂

nipsmum Thu 19-Mar-20 10:19:06

I was in Morrison's at about 9 am today. It was like a circus. People with huge trolleys full and overflowing, one couple with 2 full trolleys including flowers and Easter eggs. Only 4 till operates and long queues at every one and also the self service checkouts. Its nonsense. Who in a crisis needs 20 family sized bags of Quavers and crisps.????

Aepgirl Thu 19-Mar-20 10:20:03

There is absolutely no excuse to be rude to anybody, but why are supermarkets allowing younger people in when the ‘hour’ has been designated for us oldies?

kwest Thu 19-Mar-20 10:22:08

We are very grateful to all supermarket staff. Baffled by placing online (or click and collect, happy with either one) but no acknowledgement if or when we can receive or collect shopping. I think we will have to send my husband to the early morning pensioners shopping with list and cancel order. However I have now paid for a delivery pass for a year. I am not really used to doing online shopping and I think Asda site is very confusing.

b1zzle Thu 19-Mar-20 10:22:21

Went to Sainsbury's at 7 am this morning - and it was madness. I'd rather take my chances and go during normal hours.

(So many people buying 'human' food and admitting it's for their cat/dog).

Where/when will it all end?

WOODMOUSE49 Thu 19-Mar-20 10:36:25


Can't you just wash them as you need them?

I've always washed fruit and veg. If they are in a packet/bag instructions are on to wash. Just a habit for me now.

I haven't washed all packets, tins etc. They will sit for long enough before I use them.

Final words and I'll keep posting and saying this over and over again. My anger at those who have panic bought is getting huge. Supermarkets are doing their best. Staff are brilliant. BUT some general public are ignorant, selfish, thoughtless and narrow minded and just plain greedy especially if they are selling it on for massive profits.

We're in our 70s and live in a very isolated area. OK in this current situation but I rely on line shopping. Now I'm having to travel quite a way to try and get necessities as these are the ones not on my on-line shopping. Spent three hours driving from one supermarket to another. My wood turning Face mask on all the time. smile

NannyMags Thu 19-Mar-20 10:41:39

My daughter works in Aldi and one of her colleagues was smacked in the face by a customer because she tried to take two packs of nappies from her to give to another lady who had none. This lady had taken all the nappies of that make and size off the shelf! What is the matter with people?

Saggi Thu 19-Mar-20 10:50:22

As for nappies ..... but some terry nappies.... there’s lots of us older women could show you how to use them.

emmasnan Thu 19-Mar-20 10:58:13

My son and his partner are both supermarket managers. In the last few weeks they have worked so hard to keep things going. Have unfortunately taken endless abuse themselves and had to defend their staff from it.
All staff are also exposed to the virus from hundreds of people every day, my son may not visit until this is over as he is worried about passing it on to us.

Florida12 Thu 19-Mar-20 11:01:23

Yes the shop workers, lorry drivers, Am***n delivery, nursery worker looking after NHS workers children. They don’t have protective clothing, maybe a pair of gloves. Raj from our corner shop making up delivery parcels and dropping them at the sheltered accommodation over the road.
These are the true heroes.

Kryptonite Thu 19-Mar-20 11:08:40

The behaviour of some people is completely disgusting, especially the physical assault above. Hopefully it was caught on camera and the customer can be barred at the very least. I haven't been in any shops for nearly a week but my husband has. He says it is unbelievable. Either people are not listening, not understanding or not believing the message: only buy what you need. He also noticed a run on cookery books, presumably because all the eateries are closing. There are just two of us here, and we can subsist on homemade bread/cookies/cake if necessary.

Griselda Thu 19-Mar-20 11:11:10

woodmouse49 like you I began with anger and incomprehension. I just don't understand what is wrong with all these selfish panic buyers.
Now I'm settling into a kind of sad disappointment.

Rosina Thu 19-Mar-20 11:14:11

I know this won't happen but people who abuse any front line service worker, be they shop assistants, paramedics, police etc. should be denied any help. Presumably the panic buying must calm down when the greedy run out of money and storage space at home.
I have read some very uplifting articles today about young people volunteering to help those less able because evidently they are as likely to catch CV as they are to win the lottery.

inishowen Thu 19-Mar-20 11:15:36

We went to tesco at 7 pm. Plenty of bread and they were just putting out toilet rolls. The shop was empty.

felice Thu 19-Mar-20 11:16:11

A woman I know recently posted on FB that anyone at all who went outside were "selfish assholes, and putting her at risk" and even if you need medication and food you must stay at home, and she did not care if you died anyway, her post was really horrible. What really rankled me was how many agreed with her.
We are in lockdown here but my SIL works for a food distribution company and is working 12 hours a day to ensure there is food on the shelves. I am disabled but not at high risk but my DD has Crohns disease and is very vulnerable so I have been doing bits of shopping and going to the Pharmacy.
Online shopping is not common here only the posh UK 'supermarkets' do it so going out is a must.
I keep wanting to give the woman a piece of my mind but do not want to get into an online spat.

emmasnan Thu 19-Mar-20 11:21:36

Felice is it possible to report this woman to facebook and have the post removed?
I'm shocked and saddened at the way some people are behaving. They should be denied help if they need it themselves.