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Good Morning Thursday

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12Michael Thu 19-Mar-20 06:12:15

Good Morning Everyone,
Its grey skies plus wet as well here in Brackley this morning.
Today , would have been a show trip to see Tina at the Aldwych theatre but was cancelled.
So will do my usual trips to Buckingham and Bicester.
I feel better being able to get out and mix with people I have got to know .

mumofmadboys Thu 19-Mar-20 06:19:22

Good morning all! Awake early as going to a friend's funeral. Have to set off at 7 am. Take care everyone and keep well.

grandMattie Thu 19-Mar-20 06:19:44

Good morning Mick. Greetings from a grey E Kent.
My usual Thursday Spanish classes have been cancelled as most of the students are, like me, in an advanced state of decrepitude. Our tutor, bless her, is organising internet live streaming classes or whatever it’s called. I’m feeling quite excited. Nice to have something positive while “self immolating” grin

Ginny42 Thu 19-Mar-20 06:37:21

Good morning Mick and everyone. It's a bit gloomy here in Cheshire just when we need some sunshine. Perhaps it will clear later. One of my neighbours goes to work very early and with the bleeps of his remote I wake and that's it, I have to get up. I've already had my cuppa.

Mick please take care when out and about.

No painting class today so a walk in the woods later. Still wondering whether to keep my hair appointment tomorrow. I know the salon owner has made changes to seating and everyone must wash hands on arrival. Perhaps a good haircut will be my last trip out for the duration.

Got in the garden yesterday and mostly swept up leaves from the woods and scattered them back in the woods. I may mop the garden today. It's a long paved path with beds on either side and so as not have the man come to jetwash it, I have a notion to mop it. hmm

Stay safe and exercise caution if going out. Special good wishes to all with sickness or worries. The list got a rather long in recent days. Warm welcome to new GM friends. flowers

Beechnut Thu 19-Mar-20 06:42:24

Good Morning everyone from a slightly misty and wet Severnside.

Went to the bank yesterday and everyone did the big gap.

Plan to stay home today and do some housework and tidying.

Take care all of you and have the best day you can 🌺

Sark Thu 19-Mar-20 06:42:30

Good Morning everyone from a grey Oxfordshire
Hulahoop bit late but hope you had a good birthday yesterdaycupcake flowers
Thinking of you Megs36
Went to B and Q last night and got 2 rolls of lining wallpaper and dropped off a parcel of colouring pencils, craft stuff, glue, old socks to make sock puppets etc to our DD to help keep the little ones occupied next week.
Best wishes to all

Scentia Thu 19-Mar-20 06:53:36

Good Morning all from East Staffordshire. Day looks good out there and it’s not too cold out.
‘Working’ from home today do I will get started on the garden weeding. DD said she will come and help me.
Our radio station is doing a piece where you can offer or ask for help with shopping etc. It is really nice to hear.
Gilly. I have been thinking about you all night (sounds a bit odd saying that!) but I was. I do hope you can find some light at the end of this tunnel.
Please take care Mick don’t touch your face at all until you have washed your hands.❤️

Even with all that is going on please try and have the best day possible and take my big smile and pass it on grin

brook2704 Thu 19-Mar-20 06:58:51

Good morning everyone from a bright and dry Inverness , even the sun looks like it’s showing up today 😀
Nothing planned for me today, I’ll be keeping busy at home starting all those jobs I’ve been putting off for ages.
mumofmadboys hope the day goes as well as expected
Please take care everyone in these worrying times 💐

Oopsadaisy3 Thu 19-Mar-20 06:59:53

Good morning Mick
Please take care when you are out and about, spacing and all that.

I’m cross that I missed the narrow window of opportunity to cut the lawn yesterday, went out in the afternoon and it was cold a raining in the wind, then it rained...... let’s hope we soon get some consistently good weather.

DH went out for his first walk since his illness ( 3 weeks) didn’t go far, but he was exhausted afterwards, he’s going stir crazy though, heaven knows what he will be like after 12 weeks! But if was hot and sunny he’d sit in the garden all day and not feel confined, odd isn’t it?

Have a good day everybody, I know that in these Coronavirus times, some still have ordinary health burdens and will be under even more pressure, so all my best wishes and to everybody , stay safe.

MawB Thu 19-Mar-20 07:01:41

Good morning all from grey N Bucks.
Well, soon there will not be much left to say we are doing!
I have a Waitrose delivery due this morning 🎉🥳🇬🇧 (Putting the flags out) and will drop off a baby present to a friend whose son and DIL drove over to visit from Germany at the weekend to show off their 6 month old first baby to the family - well that was the plan.
When they will be able to go home is anybody’s guess and the big family gathering my friend had organised is of course cancelled. My friend will be thrilled to have them to stay but of course they shouldn’t really have set off in the first place. However, things are changing so quickly from day to day, nobody quite realised. It is a lesson to those of us who think we can just go on as before as long as we wash our hands ☹️😷
Wishing you all continued good health, thinking especially of MOMB, Megs, Marydoll, Gillybob and all with their personal mountain to climb, and for us all, as pleasant a day as conditions permit.

Grammaretto Thu 19-Mar-20 07:03:40

Good morning all from the Scottish Borders. The sun is shining through my dirty windows. I will need to be cleaning today.
Sad that even more people are getting anxious over school closures and money worries.
Tesco is offering us oldies a special hour from tomorrow.
I don't know when we'll see our DGC again but we were treated to a virtual concert by DGS who plays the piano brilliantly.
I love to hear there's less pollution already and that there are no new cases of cv in China.
Have as good a day as you can.

GrannyGravy13 Thu 19-Mar-20 07:05:04

Goodmorning Mick and all x

I have been awake since 2.30am, it's been raining through the night and now very grey (matching my mood).

After my trip out down the end of my road yesterday, that's it for the next 12 weeks (at least).

Thinking of megs36 , Gillybob you are an absolute hero.

Urmstongran good morning and our other Goodmorningers abroad.

Marydoll I hope you are well

Mick please be careful.

Take care folks and keep safe

ninathenana Thu 19-Mar-20 07:12:54

Good morning everyone.
Rain over night in Kent, now just gloomy.
My telephone appointment with GP didn't happen yesterday and when I tried to call they were permanently engaged. Eye clinic at the hospital this morning. I've checked that clinic is still happening. Looking on the bright side, parking might be a bit easier.
Take care everyone. Mick I admire your 'carry on' attitude but be careful.

Marydoll Thu 19-Mar-20 07:19:32

Good morning all from a sunny, but damp Glasgow.
Mick, I know you love your bus journeys, but I think the time has come to stay safe at home and be sensible. We don't want anything to happen to you.

I have also been wondering How Megs and her husband are.

The wedding fiasco continues. There is still no definitive info from the venue. This is a large group with prestigious hotels, but so far nothing from them.
We have cancelled the make up artist, nails etc. My future DIL, has volunteered to step in. My son has a keeper there. smile. She has remained quietly in the background, but has been amazing in the last few weeks.
The plan is that DD will get married very quietly with just us and followed by a meal. Things are changing so fast that weddings may be banned in the next week. sad

We have a panic on. DD was to pick up her dress on Saturday, instead of the following week. Last night she got a message from the bridal boutique asking
her to pick it up this morning, the owner thinks she will be closing in 24 hours!😱
There is no way DD will be able to do that, so DH and I will have to go for it. I will stay in the car, while DH goes in for it. Thankfully it is only 15 minutes away and the place has its own private car park.

I had a call from the cardiac unit yesterday saying that my cardiac appointment will now be a telephone consultation.
The doctor was asking how I was occupying myself, as they were concerned about people missing social interaction.
I told her I had GN, not to worry. wink

My plan for today is to continue playing with my new steamer, nothing was safe from atatck! I was like a child with a new toy. This is what I am reduced to! grin
My kitchen was gleaming yesterday, for all of five minutes, until DH appeared and left a trail of disaster!😡

I never read instructions, much to my regret yesterday. The pressure in the steamer increased so much, it blew the lid of. blush. A bit dangerous, as I never realised what a powerful beast it was!!! shock. A lesson learned there!

Thinking of all with worries and ill health, so many sad posts on GN from people who have no-one or despite their own ill health, are caring for seriously ill partners. I salute you, all!
My thoughts are especially with Dragonfly.💐

Keep safe everyone.

aggie Thu 19-Mar-20 07:21:44

Good morning all , there is a very pretty sky this morning , pale blue with pink washed clouds
I planted some sweet pea seeds in pots yesterday and am going to shove some in the border for comparison , hoping the slugs don’t get them or the crows !

Framilode Thu 19-Mar-20 07:27:10

Good morning everyone. Another grey day in north Oxfordshire. I'm just trying to get my grandson to get dressed (a twice weekly battle) before he is taken to school. DH will run him home to-morrow and then I don't know how long it will be until we see him again.

We should have been in Spain now, for four weeks, kitting out our holiday home. We have re-booked the ferry for June but who knows?

All the best for everyone today. If the weather would warm and settle it would make things so much better for everyone.

Pantglas2 Thu 19-Mar-20 07:28:26

Morning everyone from a dry and bright north Wales where I’m lolling abed with the chamberpot having been up to do some yoga.

Sad day for you mumofmadboys and a disappointing one for Mick and so many others - all these plans being ‘postponed’ ‘delayed’ ‘altered’ (can’t bear the ‘C’ word - it seems too final).

Not a lot planned this morning- more clearing out and I wouldn’t mind a go on marydolls steam cleaner! Stay safe everybody x

Lins1066 Thu 19-Mar-20 07:30:30

Good Morning Mick and all.
A wet morning here on the S Welsh coast.
Our cleaner phoned earlier in the week to say that she wouldn't be coming now for the foreseeable future but has offered to do a drop off shop if we are stuck, that was kind.
A quick visit to the local butcher later and that's it, too wet for a walk.
Thinking of all those with illness and difficulties, Marydoll, Gilly

Brunette10 Thu 19-Mar-20 07:38:11

Good Morning from a beautiful bright Fife. Nice weather always lifts me especially just now. House is gleaming with chores being done every day and no-one to spoil the look wink. DH and I are going to go for a picnic in the car today. Will find a spot overlooking water I hope and stare out to the sea. I can't imagine what it must be like to cancel plans for weddings and planned social gatherings, what a nightmare. However we are all in the same boat and our health remains priority. I hope all GN's are as well as can be. Missing our DGS's of course but thanks to today's technology we at least are still in virtual contact. Take care everyone and be safe.

Mythbirtthedragon Thu 19-Mar-20 07:40:09

Good morning from east London, grey and damp but starting the day with a smile on my face singing as my marvellous choir leader posted an online tutorial and it was almost as good as being at the choir. Tonight we’re trying to all sing together. Just hope the internet doesn’t go down. Everything is just closing down (apart from the food shoppers it seems). I’m seeing a lot more runners out, hearing a lot of police sirens going off and more vehicles jumping red lights. (3 cars and a bus at a main road crossing yesterday). Or am I just going mad. I have got a tennis session this morning but as it’s damp, it may get cancelled if people don’t want to play inside. DD’s partner said there were big queues yesterday outside the building site he’s working on as the fingerprint security turnstile has been disabled and admittance is the old fashioned way - paper registration. Have the best day you can.

Whitewavemark2 Thu 19-Mar-20 07:40:40

Good morning

Just back from morning dog walk. I this part of Suffolk has more dogs per square meter than an6 other part of the U.K. my dog thinks it’s wonderful.

We’ve decided to go home today - it seems the right thing to do.

mary how does a steamer work? I have a floor steamer but nothing else.

Enjoy your day one and all.

NanKate Thu 19-Mar-20 07:41:37

Good morning Mick and All.

Mary your story of the steamer has had DH and myself in fits of laughter. Thank you for lifting our spirits at this very difficult time.

The important thing for your DD Mary is to marry the man she loves and she can celebrate with her friends and family when normality returns to this very troubled world.

Mick I agree with others that you need to take great care of yourself. We rely on you to get us up and about in the morning.

Our grandchildren 9 and 7 FaceTimed us last night as they were worried about us, how lovely. We put on a bit of a show to put their minds at rest.

Thinking of those going through particular difficult times such as our Mary and Gillybob and others. 💐💐💐

Sar53 Thu 19-Mar-20 07:45:35

Good morning everyone from a wet Essex by the sea.
I am having my hair cut this morning, I've thought long and hard about going, but it is in a annexe on the side of a house and my lovely hairdresser is self employed and I can imagine is really worried about the future. I will take all precautions.
Nothing else planned today but I have lots of things to do indoors.
Have the best day you can and stay safe . Xx

Marydoll Thu 19-Mar-20 07:51:48

Whitewavemark it's a hand steamer. It sterilises everything using steama nd brilliant for getting those tight corners clean.

I have had a hand held one for years, but it gave up the ghost the other day. This one is hundred times better. I do love a gadget.

Thank you for reminding me of the floor steamer. I must go and rake in the garage for the missing bit for ours. I may never come out again, as it's stacked high with furniture from DD's old flat. I may change my user name to , Dora the Explorer.grin

Nannytopsy Thu 19-Mar-20 07:54:17

Morning Mick and all his followers.
Cloudy but dry here in Suffolk, although the forecast looks better for next week. We are unpacking the last boxes, now that the building work is finished, and beginning the job of sorting out the shed. By the end of this, we shall be the tidiest we have ever been!
Hope today is kind to everyone.