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Friday exercise - it's nice and sunny!

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Riverwalk Fri 27-Mar-20 09:31:47

I did an hour's river walk at 07.30 - a bit nippy at 4C but felt warmer than yesterday as not so breezy.

Shake a leg all those still in yer nighties!

tanith Fri 27-Mar-20 10:13:50

Did a nice long walk before 8am no one about just a few cars it was a bit nippy though the sun was shining.

EllanVannin Fri 27-Mar-20 10:20:14

I've got my patio door wide open--does that count as being outside while you get on with chores ? Sea breeze is blowing in.

Teetime Fri 27-Mar-20 10:20:21

Going soon and have invited DH to come today - he usually goes after me but as we are allowed to go together I thought it would be nice - hope he can keep up its a fast walk.

gillybob Fri 27-Mar-20 10:21:03

Not here it isn't ! Its a balmy 3 degrees and thick fog !

EllanVannin Fri 27-Mar-20 10:39:08

Though beautifully sunny here that breeze is quite keen. I still have a thick cardigan on over a thick jumper grin

EllanVannin Fri 27-Mar-20 10:40:15

>>>>>>>coffee time now.

M0nica Fri 27-Mar-20 10:41:06

Up and out at 6.30 for my daily walk. Instead of going up on the downs I went off through the woods, which are awash with primroses. This is a recent phenomenon, we have always had a few primroses around but over the last 5 years they havesuddenly colonised evry bit of rough ground and many gardens in the village

BlueBelle Fri 27-Mar-20 10:45:35

Lovey sun but cold as whatsit now going for half an hours walk on the beach with my daughter we stay well apart from each and shout but it breaks up the day for us Both

Jane10 Fri 27-Mar-20 10:55:11

Miserable drippy fog here. Will probably give our daily route march a miss today. Its not much fun with DH who just wants the exercise and isn't interested in looking at interesting trees, other people's gardens or signs of spring. Social distance maintained at all times but passers by seem very friendly. An unexpected bonus.

Craftycat Fri 27-Mar-20 11:18:27

My Yoga teacher did an online session yesterday which I streamed onto my TV screen. I am taking a walk every day but great to do some proper Yoga.
It is glorious Spring still here but I heard on news that snow expected all over country this weekend so all those lovely Spring flowers will die! What a shame.

Canalboatgranma Fri 27-Mar-20 11:18:59

Joe Wicks exercise first thing, then a walk along the sea front. Sunny here but quite windy. Just started cleaning, we are going to do the skirting boards and windows today. With all that exercise I'm looking forward to my Friday night glass of wine.

moggie Fri 27-Mar-20 11:27:10

Just done Zumba gold class via Zoom, livened me up a bit.

Luckylegs Fri 27-Mar-20 11:29:05

Oh good Moggie you’ve finally realised that it’s not all a mountain out of a molehill and you really have to stay in! Well, thank goodness for small mercies!

Aepgirl Fri 27-Mar-20 11:31:05

Did a ‘golden oldie shop’ at 8am - can’t believe I got so excited about seeing fresh fruit and vegetables.

Coconut Fri 27-Mar-20 11:57:01

We’ve been power walking mainly but yesterday we cleared a big double garage out, so lifting and moving heavy boxes and stuff. We found a mini trampoline, dumbbell weights, dart board, skipping ropes, swing ball and various ball games. So we’ve decided to make an assault course in our front field so we can vary our exercises 🤸‍♂️🤾‍♀️⛹️‍♀️🏋🏻‍♀️🥅🏏 and not get bored !

polnan Fri 27-Mar-20 12:01:28

wish I could do a shop, even though classified as vulnerable our local Morrisons does not have a dedicated time
friend told me queues all round the carpark this am.

mind you lovely walk 7.30am. round the little stream, so I am very fortunate ... lovely sunny morning here in Swindon,cold but good.

Nanabanana1 Fri 27-Mar-20 12:07:52

Took dog for a walk through the woods this morning, only saw 2 people in the distance so it was nice and quiet.
Lovely and sunny but a cold wind.

marpau Fri 27-Mar-20 12:13:34

My exercise today is cleaning kitchen cupboards being vertically challenged Im hoping all the climbing up and down step ladder will equate to a step class. Tomorrow's task will be to use up all foodstuff dated before 2000.😂😂

TwiceAsNice Fri 27-Mar-20 12:21:50

I will go for a walk at lunchtime. At the moment I am sat outside in the sunshine on Gransnet . It’s supposed to be much colder as from tomorrow so I’m making the most of it

downtoearth Fri 27-Mar-20 12:55:30

Might drag the hula hoop out later, the flesh is strong but the spirit is weak,my armchair and book are calling me with a few forbidden goodies, might do a few arm raises and lever up and out out of chair to top up wine later,with a quick jog to the fridge .

lizzypopbottle Fri 27-Mar-20 13:02:20

I've done two karate classes of an hour each this morning. Our instructor has set up a ZOOM account so we can train at home and everyone can see each other. I worked up a proper sweat and now I'm lying on the settee pooped!

Barmeyoldbat Fri 27-Mar-20 13:34:47

I got out of bed this morning. That was my exercise for the, oh, plus a bit of weight lifting picking up my cup of coffee, Actually I overdid it yesterday and I am still pooped today.

Vintagegirl Fri 27-Mar-20 13:47:17

I have podcasts to listen to on phone so take one for a 'walk'..... just try and work out halfway point and get back to house in time for it to finish!

Carol54 Fri 27-Mar-20 14:12:06

I have moved my morning walk to middayish so I can get a dose of vitamin D at the same time. Plus it's slightly warmer!!